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072514-Groundwater in SW (Colorado basin) disappearing     [new]

072414-Augustin Plains submits new application (Cheiftain)     [new]

071714- Augustin Plains Ranch Files New Application for NM Water Permit  

071514 - Company tries again to tap New Mexico plains for water  

071714-Augustin Plains Ranch press

0714134 - Augustin Plains Ranch

Bosque 2013 Habitat News
Bosque July 2014 Newsletter  

2014 Sevilleta Summer News Letter



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July 31 - Important -
The law firm of Smith & Christensen was hired by the SEC to conduct an independent audit. See contract below.

Among Services to be performed are:

"1. Firm is to review Socorro's current written and unwritten policies, practices, and procedures, including those of Socorro's Board. This review will include but not be limited to issues surrounding Socorro's management practices, Board governance, Board compensation, reimbursement of Board Members' expenses, Board benefits, and such other issues as may be raised by the members, employees or Trustees during the investigatory phase of the audit."

"3. Firm will require a means by which its membership, Board members, and employees may communicate confidentially with Firm about any issues of concern. Socorro will provide a link on its website......for interested persons to communicate confidentially with Firm via e-mail."

This contract was approved by the Board of Trustees at the June 25, 2014 Board of Trustees meeting. The Firm link is still not up on the SEC website but we have given an alternate secure and direct email Use this address to let the Firm know of your opinions, complaints, treatment by the SEC, etc. All methods will be utilized to publicize this contact link so that a broad range of experience of members with the SEC can present a accurate picture of conditions throughout the SEC service area. Please find free to forward this information.
073114-law firm email address  
Smith/Christiansen agreement  

July 31 -
The articles (below) are from this morning’s Chieftain and all deal with the SEC coop. Trustees Wade and Cordova have voted to censure Trustee Wagner again. Read this article carefully as it says more about the Board of Trustee’s majority than about Trustee Wagner. Trustee Wagner was also the only trustee who voted against suing the members in 2010 among other acts that the Board considered “disloyal,” etc. Trustee Wagner’s letter to the editor refutes Trustee Dorough’s letter in the last two issues of the Chieftain and inserts in SEC’s billing and Greg Miller’s letter covers the positives in selling the whole coop.

July 31 - Chieftain articles:
- Trustee calls for recall of SEC chair Dorough  (Letter)
- Co-op board censures Wagner  
Letter to editor from Greg Miller on Socorro buy-out  

July 30 - June board meeting minutes

July 29 - Comments on July 23rd meeting videos -

CENSURE LETTER - Audrie Clifford requested that since Trustee Wagner was not present that the agenda item dealing with censure be delayed until his return in the interest of fairness. (video below)

Illegal basis (action cited by Ms. Dorough legal and proper) for censure with no authority for censure in bylaws or state law, but passed on a 2 to 1 vote. The conversation covered the issue of trustee absence by claiming non-notification of absence. See Trustee Wade act all insulted. It is funny and obviously scripted. However, notification WAS given by telephone to the SEC office Wednesday morning that Trustee Wagner would not be able to attend the meeting due medical problem. See Ms. Latasa remain silent as to the fact that notification was given. See the Board decide on a 2 to 1 vote to go ahead with censure in his absence. That decision could have waited.

See Attorney Wiggins tell Trustee Amaro that "you are wrong" when Trustee Amaro quoted a legal opinion on the matter of the email, a subject of the censure.

CHANGE LOCATION OF DISTRICT 2 MEETING: Trustee Wagner had requested that the date of November 15, 2014 be approved for the District 2 meeting as both Macey Center and Fidel Bldg. in Socorro were available for those dates. He was well aware that the District 3 (Socorro) meeting was also on that date but that should not have been an issue and could have been an advantage with most of the city at one or the other of the meetings. However, they used that fact to not only deny his request but change the location of the meeting to the Fine Arts Center in Magdalena. Remember last year at the District 2 meeting and election when then Trustee Wolberg moved to set the meeting at the Alamo Reservation which would make the round trip from Socorro over 120 miles. Wolberg had the votes so it was done. The people of Socorro turned out and voted Trustee Wagner a new term. The changing of the meeting location could have waited until the next board meeting.

PUBLIC COMMENTS: Marie Watkins and Santos Aragon.

Marie Watkins: Remarked on the snide comment by Ms Dorough in the Chieftain Letters to the Editor in which "open forum of Council meetings with its audience of supporters" is intended as an insult. Ms. Watkins contrasts that statement with the problems arising from the SEC culture of secrecy and lack of supporters.

Santos Aragon: Raised a question that has been a very sore point with many members that of unfairness in the awarding of scholarships and Youth Tour trips. (If you only have time to watch one video, watch this one.) He researched the awards and discovered that the two scholarships awarded in his district were given to relatives of the district trustee and that the GPA of one was inferior to that of other students, his own son included. This is the type of thing that Trustee Wagner has been fighting for the past eight years and the reason that the members distrust the Board of Trustees.

Doug May: Mr. May is continuing to advocate for reform in the managing of Capital Credits and his ideas have a great deal of validity. (072914-comments on July 23 meeting videos )  

July 24 - Mayor wants to see a co-op quorum (Chieftain)

Ruth White letter to the editor re: buy-out  

July 23 Board Meeting -

Public Comment re: Censure Letter (see Agenda).wmv  35 sec)  

Censure by the board.wmv (11 min) Censure Letter
July 23, 2014 Trustee Wagner censure letter  

June 14, 2014- The Wagner-Dorough email triggering
the censure.

The letter was read during a City Council meeting.

Change location of District 2 Meeting Location.wmv  (3 min)
(Oct 11, Magdalena Fine Art Center at the School)  Note, this decision could have been put off to the next meeting, but as we know, the district 2 trustee is as often as not, but out of any decisions concerning his district.

Accountant Consultant Report part 1 of 2.wmv  (16min)
Accountant Consultant Report part 2 of 2.wmv (16min)

Public Comments:
Marie Watkins and Santos Arago.wmv  (5 min)
Doug May and Dave Brockensette.wmv (4min)

NMRECA Report to the board.wmv  (5min)
NMRECA regional meeting delegate selection.wmv  (3min)

Managers Report to the baord.wmv  (5min)

Related Documents:
July 23rd Foundation Meeting Agenda   
July 23rd Board Meeting Agenda   
Note under new business "censure of trustee". This refers to the letter Anne Dorough sent to all board members related to meeting with the Socorro Mayor. It is important to realize that this email was cc:'d to all trustees and management thus constituting a quorum and is therefore public information.
June 14, 2014 Email from board chair Anne Dorough to the board on meeting with Socorro Mayor  

061614-public comments-Marie Watkins & Dorough e-mail.wmv 
 This is where the Mayor reads Dorough's email

July 22 - Please note that in the video below, the Mayor refers to a meeting with the law firm hired by the SEC to conduct an audit of the SEC activities. (Consulting agreement ) The contract was approved by the Board of Trustees at the June 25, 2014 Board meeting. Members have been awaiting the link on the SEC website to send in their stories about the SEC and its treatment of members. Manager Joseph Herrera was questioned as to whether the contract had been signed yesterday prior to the City of Socorro meeting. His answer was that he didn’t know if it was signed and that the contract might be in the mail. Two hours later Mayor Bhasker is talking about a meeting with the law firm on 8/27/2014 arranged by Mrs. Eileen Latasa on behalf of the SEC. Draw your own conclusions.
Comments on July 21 City Council Meeting  

July 22 - Last nights video of SEC Resolution at the Socorro City Council meeting.wmv (22min)   or .avi version

Full meeting video on YouTube  

July 21, 2014 - Socorro City Council agenda  

Related documents:
July 21 - Resolution on acquisition of SEC 14-07-21  
June 16 - Socorro resolution to: receive complaints about the SEC and investigate feasibility study  

Seven Principles of Co-ops - From SEC website  

July 20 -

Who knows what else will arise at the SEC Board of Trustee meeting on July 23, 2014, 2 P.M., 310 Abeyta but the Agenda is listing a couple of eyebrow raisers.

H. CONSULTANT ACCOUNTANT PRESENTATION. This presentation was requested by Trustee Wagner because of the extraordinary sums paid to this accountant in the past year although we have a full accounting staff at the SEC and an auditing firm. There has never been a clear answer from Manager Herrera as to the accountant’s duties but here is a clear add up of the amounts paid to Mr. Wilson.
June 2013 to December 2013 ------ $ 97,146.07
January 2014 to June 4, 2014 ------- 86,663.74

TOTAL - June 2013 to June 4, 2014 $ 183,809.81 total amount paid to Mr. Wilson for approximately 1 year’s work.

M. NEW BUSINESS: 2. CENSURE OF TRUSTEE. Trustees Dorough, Wade and Cordova voted last week to censure Trustee Wagner. They will vote on the censure this week. Actually a censure from these three can be considered a compliment.

July 19 -

July 23rd Foundation Meeting Agenda   
July 23rd Board Meeting Agenda   
Note under new business "censure of trustee"
And there will be a "consultant accountant report"

For services from June 2013 to June 4, 2014, Mr. Bryce Wilson was paid $183,809.81 for Accounting Services!

Most recent payments:
Wiggins law firm - June - $2,954.84
Bryce Wilson consultant - $14,289.60 - 5/11 to 6/4
Cordova PR firm - $1,081.53 6/13/14

July 18 - Commentary

See the letter from Anne Dorough (unfortunately mistitled by the Chieftain) concerning the feasibility study by the City of Socorro on the take over of the SEC. The same Dorough letter is contained in the latest billing of the SEC. (Link below)

The feasibility study was authorized by RESOLUTION 14-06-16 (Link below) and cites the reasons for such action among them, "constituent complaints regarding SEC's rates and service quality" and SEC's unresponsive attitude toward complaints. The Catron County Commission is also being contacted for help with similar complaints especially in regard to billing "estimates" and is considering their response to the problem. Many SEC member complaints have also been addressed to the PRC.'

Trustee Dorough's letter properly titled "Who Wants a Lose-Lose Deal" is focused on scare tactics and does not address the root of the member's problems with the SEC Broad of Trustees, the SEC management and their bullying treatment of members and the extraordinary power and actions of the SEC's law firm. The off focus of content and tone is all the more astonishing as it has lately been revealed that the SEC is paying a Public Relations Firm for services. Please refer to the video tapes of the June 25, 2014 (Link below) meeting entitled "Payments to Cordova Agency." A trustee asks about a check entry dated 5/09/14 in the amount of $2,889.00 paid to Cordova Public Relations Inc. Manager Herrera's answer cites help in drafting the billing inserts and the back page of Enchantment Magazine.

Also look at the "Cordova PR billing" (link below) which was discovered within the incomplete records of the Wiggins, Williams and Wiggins firm supplied by that firm under the Inspection of Public Records Act requested by a member. There are probably other billings that we have not been able to locate. Think about it; the SEC has a public relations firm working for it and we are paying for it!

There is a meeting of the SEC Board of Trustees this coming Wed., July 23, 2014 at 2 p.m. 310 Abeyta. Please attend.

Related documents:
Link to video on Cordova PR firm
Cordova billing in 2013  
SEC billing insert
Socorro City resolution on SEC complaints  

July 18, 2014 comments  

July 18 - SEC billing insert      (This is a duplicate of the letter to the editor in the Chieftain July 17th).   Note: nowhere in the commentary does it mention a key factor related to obtaining a new franchise agreement and that is, the SEC management wants secret meetings with the city. The city want public meetings.  As owners have seen over and over, keeping things secret is really a corporate policy.  

July 18 -
Socorro City Council meeting Monday 21st -

"Resolution No. 14-07-21 - Encouraging a Decision by SEC Member/Owners Regarding Municipal Acquisition
July 21, 2014 - Full Council agenda  

Co-op takeover costly, bad idea (Chieftain Letter)  
(Note - title of the letter to the editor was a Chieftain error and should be corrected)

More on this ludicrous PR piece later... meanwhile, some resources on the subject:

Community Power Network  
Gallop Solar  
060214- Microgrids Create Municipalization Benefits   
NY Times -Cities Weigh Taking Over From Private Utilities  
Q&A on public power option  
2012 Number of cities with own power   
Renegotiating a franchise  
Public Power is Hometown Power  
Boulder CO story   
Xcel energy on Boulder  
Boulder Energy Future  
How Boulder did it    
Boulder feasibility study  




Next Meeting Wed Aug. 27 at 2pm
310 Abeyta Ave. NE. Socorro
(Across from the DAV Hall) Map
SEC Website

Find your district  

Important -
Below is a secure email address set up by Smith-Christensen law firm conducting the audit of the co-op. You can use this address to lodge complaints, concerns, etc. SEC nor this website can read your email:

District 5 Recall Petition

Recent meeting agendas and minutes:

June 25 - Board Agenda

June 25 - meeting minutes
May 21st Meeting Agenda
May 21 Board minutes  
April 23, 2014 Agenda

April 23, 2014 meeting minutes


GPS Mapping of SEC Territory 
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Recent payments to outside consutants

Wiggins lawfirm - 2014
Jan - $21,458.56    
Feb - $12,498.76
Mar - $16,154.77
Apr - $7,438.05
May - $11,901.14 (Includes Annual Meeting)
June - $2,954.84
Years 2010 to end of 2013 at least $209,626.29

Bryce Wilson, Accountant - in 2014
Jan - $16,202.56   
Feb - $13,687.22   
Mar - $13,212.39
Apr - $11,335.74 (Mar 9-22)
May - $17,936.23 (March 30 to May 13)
June - $14,289.60 (5/11 to 6/4)
At least $105,000 in 2013

Cordova PR Firm 2014
5/9/14 - $2,889.00
6/13/14 - $1,081.53

Cordova PR Firm billing in 2013  

Socorro/SEC Franchise Issue
Socorro Council Webcast  
City Council meets on 1st and 3rd Mondays at 111 School of Mines Road.
Latest Agenda: July 21st

Special buy-out webpage click here
July 21, 2014 - Socorro City Council agenda  
Latest news:

May 23 and June 5, 2014 Letters SEC to

June 16 - Socorro resolution to: receive complaints about the SEC and investigate feasibility study  

June 14 - Email from Trustee Wagner to Mayor Bhasker re: June 16 council meeting  
Dec 16, 2013 City council minutes
Feb 3, 2014 City council minutes  
Docs. given to the council at 3/4/14 meeting
Socorro and SEC franchise agreement explained

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District 1: Leo Cordova
District 2: Charlie Wagner (safe to use)
District 3: Melissa Amaro

District 4: Dave Wade
Distgroct 5: Anne Dorough -

District Meetings for 2014  
Wiggins, Lorna Wiggins, Wiggins


July 31 - Chieftain:
- Trustee calls for recall of SEC chair Dorough
- Co-op board censures Wagner  

July 24 -
Mayor wants to see a co-op quorum (Chieftain)
Ruth White letter to the editor re: buy-

July 3 - Legal, consulting firm to review co-op board  (Chieftain)  

May 22 - City serious about SEC acquisition  
May 22 -
County residents better off with PNM

May 15 - SEC takeover idea unrealistic  (Letter)  

May 8 - City embarks on route to acquire co-op
May 8 - Co-op meetings need revamping   

May 1 - SEC meeting lacks necessary turnout

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