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August 18-20, 2017
1965 Operation Starlite marks the beginning of major U.S. ground combat operations in Vietnam.

Weekend Read:
Darkness At Noon, by Arthur Koestler, about “how totalitarianisms brainwash people into caving in.” It’s “not exactly consoling, but forewarned is sometimes forearmed.” Amazon (original issue 1940, then 2006 and 2010)

Son of Israeli prime minister says leftists worse than Nazis. ... His comments represent a concerning trend among Israeli officials, who have failed to denounce global anti-Semitism. ThinkProgress

Pentagon Ready for "Full Range" of Options, Despite South Korea's Pleas to Rule Out War. TruthOut

The North Korea Standoff, Like the Cuban Missile Crisis, Exposes the Reckless U.S. Worldview. Intercept

The Dangers of American Exceptionalism. ...
The problem with Americans thinking America is, at its heart, good. Slate

Pence's Indiana 'Cautionary Tale' for Privatizing Infrastructure Projects. White House plan touts partnerships with private sector while Indiana residents navigate aftermath of roadway privatization approved by Pence, their former governor. CommonDreams

Reclaiming Public Services. ... How cities and citizens are turning back privatisation. TNI

Why Is the Justice Department Targeting an Online Audience of Over 1 Million Anarchists? ... Anti-Trump website balks as Washington demands names, addresses and bank information of their users. AlterNet

Longtime Trump business partner ‘told family he knows he and POTUS are going to prison’: report. RawStory

Prediction: Trump Will Resign In Disgrace… Soon – The Young Turks. Ring of Fire

Preparing for an "all out war": Why anti-Government Militias are Taking up Arms for Trump. Haaretz

Donald Trump removes law protecting buildings from floods and sea-level rise. ... 'It's going to be quick. It's going to be a very streamlined process. And by the way, if it doesn't met environmental safeguards, we're going to approve it - very simple'

August 17, 2017
1960 American Francis Gary Powers
pleads guilty at his Moscow trial for spying
over the Soviet Union in a U-2 plane.

The 16 Year War in Afghanistan: Headlines Tell the Story. CounterPunch

Fox News website features story glorifying running over liberal protesters with cars
"Study the technique; it may prove useful in the next four years.". ThinkProgress

Department of Justice Uses Search Warrant To Get Data On Visitors to Anti-Trump Site. PopeHat

Antifa: A Look at the Anti-Fascist Movement Confronting White Supremacists in the Streets. Democracy Now

Journalism Under Assault: Trump’s Crackdown on the News, and Where We Go From Here.

Backed by Police Unions, Legislators Stand by Laws to Protect Drivers Who Kill Protesters. Intercept

Trump's Neo-Nazis and the Rise of Illiberal Democracy. TruthOut

Journalism Under Assault: Trump’s Crackdown on the News, and Where We Go From Here. CounterPunch

“Mad Dog” Mattis Making Life Interesting for Pentagon Stenographers. Intercept

August 16, 2017
1965 The Watts riots end in south-central Los Angeles after six days.

Trump and the Christian Fascists.

Backed by Police Unions, Legislators Stand by Laws to Protect Drivers Who Kill Protesters. Intercept

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Given Trump & GOP History of Racism, Violence in Charlottesville was Predictable. Democracy Now

Fascism Here We Come: the Rise of the Reactionary Right and the Collapse of “The Left”.

Ahead of Charlottesville, Trump Cut Funds for Group Fighting White Supremacy. CommonDreams

Trump DOJ Wants Info on Every Person Who Visited Anti-Trump Protest Site. ... Web hosting company vows to protect users from 'overreach' and 'abuse of government authority'. CommonDreams

‘Bernie Bros’ and ‘Alt-Left’ Are Propaganda Terms Meant to Disempower. CounterPunch

Azhar Ahmed – charged with treason over Facebook comments? ... Comments about the army on a Yorkshire teenager's Facebook page seem to be too much for the new 'total policing' state. Guardian

Americans, Irish, Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Pakistanis – They All Have More Balls Than We Scots. (About public statues) Craig Murray

French high court: BDS activists guilty of discrimination. ... Judges upholds ruling against activists who called to boycott Israeli products; French law prohibits targeting of nations for discrimination. The Times of Israel

August 15, 2017
1969 Over 400,000 young people attend
a weekend of rock music at Woodstock, NY.

DNC Fraud Suit Exposes Anti-Democratic Views in Democratic Party. TruthDig

Unity With the Right? A Deplorable Idea. CounterPunch

Creating an Educational Alternative Front to the Neoliberal Academy. CounterPunch

With New D.C. Policy Group, Dems Continue to Rehabilitate and Unify With Bush-Era Neocons. Intercept

Robert Scheer on Corporate Influence in the Democratic Party. TruthDig

Former DOJ Civil Rights Head: Jeff Sessions Is Implementing an Anti-Civil Rights Agenda. Democracy Now

The Dark Prince of Voter Fraud Alarmism is Joining the Trump Administration. Slatest

The Details About the CIA's Deal With Amazon. ... A $600 million computing cloud built by an outside company is a "radical departure" for the risk-averse intelligence community. The Atlantic

More Than Half of Republicans Would Support Postponing the 2020 Election: Poll
A whopping 86 percent believe millions of immigrants voted illegally in 2016. AlterNet

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August 17, 2017 -
Pence's Indiana 'Cautionary Tale' for Privatizing Infrastructure Projects. White House plan touts partnerships with private sector while Indiana residents navigate aftermath of roadway privatization approved by Pence, their former governor. CommonDreams

Reclaiming Public Services. ... How cities and citizens are turning back privatisation. TNI

August 11, 2017 -
New Mexico State Engineer Schedualing Order. issued August 10, 2017. Download .pdf

August 10, 2017 -
Would you support a City of Cororro buyout of the SEC? Vote here

August 3, 2017 -

Mayor proposes buyout of SEC: Options outlined at Co-op board meeting - Chieftain .pdf version


October 2012 - Groundwater in NM Report

August 4, 2017 -
Rural residents continue decade-long battle against San Augustin Ranch water project.
NM Political Report .pdf version

Related: 1994 USGS Report: Geohydrology of the San Agustin Basin, Alamosa Creek Basin upstream from Monticello Box, and upper Gila Basin in parts of Catron, Socorro, and Sierra Counties, NM. Download

Next stop for Texas-NM water dispute: Supreme Court. NM Political Report .pdf version

City (Jal, NM) gave ranch million-dollar water discount, documents show. NM Political Report .pdf version (See related articles at the bottom of the NM Political Report website)

Maps of declared groundwater basins home page - home page

Map of NM Basins (takes a few seconds to load. when done there is an outline of basins in NM)

Over view of basins in NM.

As readers no doubt notice, the national news items rely heavily on several "progressive" (meaning truth to power) websites. Now Google is censoring access to those specific websites we use from their search engine. Aggressive censorship started long before Trump, as censorship was considerably ramped up under Obama.
Read more here

Private Prison Demands New Mexico and Feds Find 300 More Prisoners in 60 Days or It Will Close. ... Core Civic isn't making enough money after sentencing reforms.

August 2, 2017 -
Socorro Electric Co-op member survey -
In the upcoming months, SEC will be conducting a phone survey with members to received input on a variety of issues. We are interested in how we are doing as your provider. The SEC has hired a professional firm to conduct this survey, with the hopes of giving honest feedback about the service. The survey will ask questions on a variety of topics, such as the price of electricity, renewable energy, responsiveness to inquires, and internet service.

July 27, 2017 -
Letter from Socorro Mayor, Ravi Bhasker, to the
SEC board

Call to the Wild - Mexican gray wolf recovery program faces challenges. Chieftain

Landowners support (SunZiaw) road restructions -

July 21, 2017 -
Goals discussed at wolf recovery meeting ... If the Mexican gray wolf population averages 320 in the wild in the United States over an eight-year period, the animal could be removed from the endangered species list.

July 17, 2017 -
Speak up for Wolves - Attend upcoming meetings:

July 20th - T of C - 6 - 9pm
Civic Center, Ralph Edwards Auditorium, 400 W 4th

July 22nd - Albuquerque, NM (Facebook Event) -
Crowne Plaza Albuquerque 1901 University Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102
(Prep at the Wolf Den: 11 am - 12:45 pm
Rally: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm
FWS Meeting: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

July 16, 2017 -

25 Percent of Australian Homes Have Switched to Solar, and Other Green Triumphs This Week TruthDig

July 13, 2017 -

Co-op defends situation with TDS - Chieftain or downlaod pdf version

July 7, 2017 -

Mexican Wolf Draft Revised Recovery Plan released Chieftain PDF version

Release range and spotting map:

Recovery information website     

Could SunZia supply SEC? Chieftain
pdf version

Albuquerque Journal - Boarder Aquifers
Two Nations - One Aquifger

Border Water at Risk - Border wall can’t keep groundwater from draining away
Albuquerque Journal

Biggest Pump Wins - Albuquerque Journal

Mexico’s largest conglomerate profits from pipeline, Albuquerque Journal

Pipeline skips area’s poorest.
Albuquerque Journal

The River Pays For All of It Albuquerque Journal

'I am going to be out of water’
Albuquerque Journal

Picking up the slack in chile cultivation.
Albuquerque Journal

Video: A Race to the Bottom YouTube

Why Killing Coyotes Doesn't Make Livestock Safer. TruthOut

July 6, 2017 -

Court Throws Out Feds’ Misguided Policy Limiting Prosecution of Killers of Endangered Wildlife. ... Late yesterday, a federal judge threw out the Department of Justice’s flawed ‘McKittrick Policy’ under which the government only prosecuted killers of animals on the Endangered Species Act’s (ESA) list of imperiled species when it could prove the killer knew the exact biological identity of the species s/he was harming. The decision came as a result of a challenge brought by WildEarth Guardians and the
New Mexico Wilderness Alliance in 2013.

July 5, 2017 -

The new west: why Republicans blocked public land management . ... As ‘permanent tourists’ move to the western US, the oil and gas-captured Republican party is fighting to keep locals out of managing public lands. Guardian

Private Money Goes After Trump’s Public Infrastructure Projects TruthDig (Note: this is not the infrastructure list that incluses the APR)

July 4, 2017 -

Water and National Security - Council on Foreign Relations Discussion Paper. Note: CFR is a neo-liberal "think tank" (sic). These are not supporters of honorable values.

June 29, 2017 -

City releases electric utility feasibility study -

In light of the Socorro City Council's recent release of its long awaited electric feasibility study, Mayor Ravi Bhasker issued a formal letter to the Socorro Electric Cooperative at its regular bi-monthly meeting. Chieftain

Download the full report or visit the Socorro city website. City website.

Navajo power plant likely to close despite Trump’s promises to save coal. Raw Story

Climate change is shrinking the West’s water supply ... Three new studies show dry times ahead.
High Country News  

Can private money solve public water problems?
As facilities age and public funding declines, private companies may step in.
High Country News

June 26, 2017 -

Hundreds file protests against water application.

I would like to post a reminder of a meeting of the San Augustin Water Coalition (SAWC) in Datil on June 27th at 6:00pm at the Datil Baptist Church. Everyone is welcome.
Thank you, Linn Kennedy Chair
As you are aware from the recent meeting of the San Augustin Water Coalition, well monitoring is a good idea for all of us. Monitoring will give us data that we will need to show "impairment" if the APR get their project approved (heaven forbid!). Below is a message from the folks in the East Mountains who are also fighting a water grab attempt. I thought you might like to know their take on monitoring. Note that the Office of the State Engineer is reluctant to use the data. By joining the well-monitoring effort we become added pressure to force the OSE to pay attention.
Carol Pittman P.S. If you need another copy of the Well Monitoring flyer from NM Tech, let me know and I will send it.

From the Deep Well Project: -
Sara Chudnoff was with Bernalillo County, hired by Dan McGregor to expand the well monitoring program here - and expand it she did. She is great to work with and I'm really glad she will be putting together a well monitoring program around the state. Here, she expanded the program to 200 wells, which are monitored at least twice a year using proper methods. And that program has documented a reduction in water levels all over the area of about 2 feet per year - a number which should qualify us for being a Critical Management area, according to the Morrison Criteria.

In any case, I hope many people in your area will get their wells monitored - it's really good data to have (although we find that the OSE is still reluctant to use the data. They would rather use well drilling data, which may be very old and is certainly from a wide variety of dates. Janet Winchester Silbaugh. Download this accouncement

NMT - Aquifer Maping Program
Well monitoring brochure
North 14 Deep Well Protest (E. Mountains)

The schedule hearing on July 19, 2017 at the Office of State Engineer re: APR, has been postponed.

[NEW] Border Water at Risk - Report on aquifers along the US/Mexico Border. Albuquerque Journal
or Download the report

Building on Regional Trend, Reading, Pa. Passes Anti-Privatization Measure. Food & Water Watch.

June 21, 2017 -
How privatization could spell the end of democracy. ... Between Trump and tech, never before have so many powerful people been so intent on transforming government into a business. Guardian

Neoliberalism turned our world into a business. And there are two big winners. ... Fearmongering Donald Trump and optimistic Silicon Valley seem to epitomize opposing ideologies. But the two have far more in common than you think. Guardian

(June 9, 2017) Congressional Progressive Cacus white paper on "21 Century New Deal for Jobs" including concerns regarding infrastructure. Download

Proposed House Bill by Juan Lujuan: "To rebuild and modernize the Nation’s infrastructure to expand access to broadband internet, rehabilitate drinking water infrastructure, modernize the electric grid and energy supply infrastructure, redevelop brownfields, strengthen health care infrastructure, create jobs, protect public health and the environment, and for other purposes"

March 21, 21017 - New Mexico Lobbyists report spending nearly $292K during session. New Mexico In Depth

Water Grab Archive: 2017 - 2016


Fire Information and Alerts:
GeoMac- Fire Map
National Weather
Smoke Monitoring Fire Restrictions
NM Public Health - Smoke information.
National News

Democracy Now - The Intercept - Free Speech
Public Integrity - FAIR - Independent/Cockburn
Real News Net - Common DreamsGreenwald

Magdalena CofC
Magdalena Villlage Calendar



San Augustin Water Report Website
San Augustin Water Coalition
San Augustin Water Coalition (Facebook)
Food and Water Watch
New Mexico Environmental Law Center
North 14 Deep Well Protest (E. Mountains)
NM Water & Natural Resouces Comm.

Conservation Voters New Mexico 
San Augustin LLC website
New Mexico Wilderneess Alliance  
The Candle Publishing  
Water Grabbing (Wiki)  

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2017 - 53rd Legislaton:
Senate Mail List    -  House Mail List  
Webcase of hearings
Upcoming Session Calendar


2014-2017 - NM Wildlife plan  
Summary version

February 6, 2016 -
The Battle to Save NM's Last Wild River  

January 12, 2026 - Department of the Interior and NM Central AZ Project Entity Sign Agreement to Further Evaluate a Gila River Water Project

2013 - Assessment of Climate Change
in the Southwest United States Click here

1968 - Public Law 90-537 - 90th Congress, S. 1004 - September 30, 1968:
Colorado River Basin Project: Objectives  

More Gila information here
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