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Augustin Plains Water Socorro Electric Co-op Wolf Release Private-Public Partnerships
New Well Application:
The state engineer is in the process of cancelling the previous applications before he will accept a new one from APR

January 7, 2016 - The Battle to Save New Mexico's last Wild River   

Feb 2016 - [NEW] Catron County Courier article - Water for the future: will we have enough? Or, how will we change our water demand and our water supplies so they match?
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Feb. 7, 2016 - New geological report on the APR water. Click here

Humans Are Pushing The Southwest Into An Even Drier Climate  Click here 

Contra Santolina - coalition of organizations opposing the Santoline development in Albuquerque  

Jan 20, 2016 - Are NM Legislators Quietly Pushing the San Augustin Plains Ranch (APR) Water Deal? Who is the APR lobbyist - Click here    The story references this article from News Week here    or here 

2014 SB007 - RELATING TO WATER; Requiring additional procedures in the application process for the diversion and use of water from the basin of origin for use outside that basin: providing for exceptions.  Click Here
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Related website: UNM "Water Matters"  

January 13 - From the Green Fire Times: 
“Return of New Mexico’s most highly contested water grab. The Office of the State Engineer is considering a third application from Italian billionaire Bruno Modena to speculatively appropriate more than 17 billion gallons of water every year – more than half of what Albuquerque used in 2013. The billionaire has already pulled his first two applications, but we’ll have to see if the third time’s the charm under State Engineer Tom Blaine. The NMELC   will continue to represent nearly 100 residents of west-central New Mexico in their bid to keep water in the public trust in this hugely important water case.”

If you feel inclined to do so, please let NMELC know how much we appreciate their efforts to stop the water grab, efforts that so far have been successful.

New Mexico Environmental Law Center  
OR email
1405 Luisa Street, Suite #5
Santa Fe NM 87505

Current issue of Green Fire Times  

November 30 -
Speech by APR CEO Michel Jichlinksi in 2013 to the Drought Sub-committee in Las Cruces -
- Jichlinski Report to the Drought Committee 
- Jichlinski APR project - "private-public partnership".pdf
- SWAC report to the Sub-Committee

November 12 - we "won" the court case. The original 2008 application rejected by the state engineer stands. Albuquerque Channel 7, KOAT, was there with video and interviews.
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The issue from the NM Environmental Law Center: :
The New York-based company seeks to pump 54,000 acre-feet of water annually through thirty-seven 20” wells. The Law Center represents approx. 80 individuals and organizations in this case; our clients are concerned about the impacts of pumping on their water, on wildlife, springs, and on the Rio Grande and Gila Rivers, which are hydrologically connected to the San Augustin Plains—and which is the last undammed river in the Southwest.

Rest of the legal story here

Judge stands by ruling on water use

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Nov 26 - Let wolf lovers raise wolves  

Nov 18 -
Wildlife folks were missing

Channel 7 Commission meeting video   

November 13 -
OR wolves delisted, but the protection remains  

November 11 -
County Passes Wolf Ordinance

November 10 - Oregon Wolves Lose Endangered Species Protections
Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife  

Jan 16, 2015 - Wolf release ruling

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NM Fire information website
Gila National Forest Home Page 
InciWeb NM fire information
Fire locations in Google Maps  

Weather Radar and Fire Map  











Feb 8, 2016 - Water Privatizers Have Their Eye on Flint’s Lead Crisis - To disaster capitalists, Flint’s sick children present an opportunity for privatization and profit Click here 

P3 will increasingly crop up in the future as the federal government on down to state level, sell or give away, resources that belong to the public to be managed by private enterprises for profit. If profits fail, and/or services deteriorate, the tax payer will pick up the tab. P3 is the road to privatization.

"P3s are contractual agreements between a government agency and a private entity that typically involve the renovation, construction, operation, maintenance, or management of a facility or system. The agency generally retains ownership in the facility or system, but the private entity has additional decision rights in determining how the project or task is completed.
More here:

Special P3 webpage here (or link at the top)

Wiki Definition of P3 here

P3 Commentary and news stories:

The 5 Step Process to Privatize Everything  

A House bill refining guidelines for public-private partnerships was signed into law. .. More

Exclusive Dispatch: Private Water Industry Says Water Bills "Have to Go Up" ... More  

April 4 2015 - Gov Martinez Signs Property Rights Protection into Law  









Socorro Council Webcast  
Council meets on 1st & 3rd Mondays
111 School of Mines Road.

Franchise issue with Electric Co-op
August 17, 2015 Socorro City Council agenda item: Electricity Utility Feasibility Study  

Special buy-out/sell-out webpage
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County & Commission Website  

Wolf Release Issue:
Jan 16, 2015 - Wolf release ruling
County Passes Wolf Ordinance
Ch. 7 Commission meeting video   

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Feb. 4, 2016 - Another Trustee Resigns  

The SEC board decided that January 4, 2016 to begin declaration of candidacy for District I, IV and V.  

2016 Annual Meeting
April 16th at Macy Center

Visit SEC website for meeting information

December 16, 2015 Board Videos   
SEC Website
Board of Trustees  
SECs own video link  

New By-laws adopted April 25, 2015  
Special New By-law web page click here

September 10 - Wagner a martyr for integrity (Chieftain) 

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