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For the latest on the water grab issue to go the San Augustin Water Report Website
Vote no on the Public-Private Partnership Act (HB 299), or any legislative attempts toward privatization.
This bill has passed the House Committee on Transportation and Public Works and we need to STOP it!!!
For exmaple: if a person cannot afford to pay his or her water bill, they would be charged with a crime and could be jailed for up to 6 months or pay a fine of up to $500!

More information here       Please sign the petition here

San Augustin Water Coalition Board meeting on TUESDAY, MARCH 10th at 6.p.m. at the Datil Baptist Church meeting hall.

The public is invited. Agenda items include finalization of the program for the annual meeting scheduled for April 11th.

(NEW) Two NM bills to watch that could effect water and public rights in this region:   HB 199, HB 366 and SB 421 would take away the power of local governments to regulate oil and gas development in response to concerns over water contamination and health risks.

Where they stand now: HB199 was tabled in HEENR last week. However, a similar bill (HB366) passed and is now headed to Judiciary. You are right that this vote went down on party lines. Rep Egolf voted against the bill and believes strongly that local governments should have the authority to manage their air, land and water.

Feb 11 - Citizens mobilize against water grabs   (or go to web link here)

Feb 5- Update on SB 276:
With regard to Senate Bill 276, the bill received a "do pass" recommendation from the Committee, and the vote was unanimous.

February 3 -
Senate Bill 276 needs the support of the water grab community.
Visit the Senate website to read it.
Or download the bill here

There is a bill pending in the State Legislature (Senate Bill 276) that would require the State Engineer to hold hearings on contested water rights applications in the county in which the water right at issue is located unless the parties to the proceeding agreed to have the
hearing elsewhere. The assumption is that the bill would make it easier for people protesting applications to deal with those applications.

ASAP, please let Doug Meiklejohn, the head of the NM Environmental Law Center, of your support for the bill SB 276 as soon as possible. His email is:

January 21, 2015
The battle goes on ... and on ....
Why? Well, the Augustin Plains Ranch thinks we will quit and go away. If we do, they win.

Bruce Frederick, attorney defending us in battle, has won the first two rounds for us: two applications submitted to the Office of the State Engineer have been rejected.

Now there’s a third application.

The State Engineer has the application, but is not publishing it as he must do before it can be acted upon. He can sit on it indefinitely (and maybe hope we’ll go away?) and until it is noticed in local papers we cannot take any action. So here’s what we have to do: 1) watch the local papers for an announcement of the new application and 2) protest at that time.

Meanwhile, don’t give up. We can win if we hang in and work together. So far that’s what has happened; you have all been great through seven years of protests, court cases and games playing by the APR LLC.

December 11 - Water grab application sent back (Chieftain)  

Questioning Augustin Plains water grab
(letter to Chieftain)

Office of State Engineer to launch updated website  (Chieftain)

State engineer website:

More Water Grab News Here >>


Report the conduct of an attorney at the Disciplinary Board of the NM Supreme Court Website- The form

Consumer complaints with the NM Attorney General - Utilities problems
Website - Form & instructions

NM Attorney General Open Meeting Act  

NM PRC (Public Regulation Commission) - Your rep is probably Ben L Hall.
Website  - Online Complaint Page
Please read instructions and FAQs
download a copy

Submit a complaint about Open Meetings and Inspection of Public Records Act or here

Contact Wiggins law firm
Letter to the editor Chieftain  
Letter to the editor Abq Journal  
Letter to the Informed Cynic  

Complaints to Agencies:
Nat'l Rural Electric Co-op Association
NM Rural Electric Co-ops  
New Mexico RUS
NM Rural Electric Coop Act [2013]   
Cooperative Finance Corp. (CFC)  


American Kestrel - Magdalena, Jan 2, 2015

Oct. 16 -  Military study looks at area needs  (Chieftain)  [new]

August 26 -
Re: the CO2 pipeline proposed to cross Catron County. Representatives from Kinder Morgan will be hosting a series of public presentations that will provide a detailed overview of the Lobos Pipeline project, as well as address questions and concerns from the general public.

Tuesday, September 9
La Promesa Elementary School
898 HWY 304 Veguita, NM 6PM

Thursday, September 11 -
Quemado High School 3484 US HWY 60
Quemado, NM 6PM

August 21, 2014 - Water Grab Oral Argument hearing  

072514-Groundwater in SW (Colorado basin) disappearing  

072414-Augustin Plains submits new application (Cheiftain)     [new]




May 6 - "Governor Martinez has vetoed any and everything that has to do with solar power." The rest of the story here.   (see climate change report just out under Climate Change, lower left column)

- Solar halted by Hawaii Power  
- Conservative group ALEC pushes stealth tax on homeowners who install solar panels

- NM Legislature deals a blow to the State's renewable energy laws
- How one small community is going
big on solar
- Top 10 Signs Solar is rapidly Winning

- PRC Renewable Energy in NM
- Solar power in New Mexico (Wiki)
- BBC Report on Germany's efforts. mp3
- The Cost of not Using Renewable Energy



Wiggins, Lorna Wiggins, Wiggins


February 28 -
SEC comments in the March Enchantment  
February 27 -
Legislative efforts to squelch net metering abound
February 26 -
Co-op members should carefull (sic) read proposal  
(Chieftain Letter)
Special co-op members’ meeting slated (Chieftain)
February 17 -
City Council Meeting public comments.wmv

February 22 -

Letters, letters, letters----so you think the members might have the monthly billings of the SEC as a forum for their opinions someday? Not while the current pathway as set forth by the trustee majority, management and lawyers are running the show. Pres. Dorough's letter in the monthly billing refers to the proposed new by-laws (with the up and down only vote) as "a golden opportunity to overhaul Socorro Electric from the ground up." The only gold in this opportunity is "Fool's Gold" which runs counter to the 4 main issues set forth by Mr. Christensen. These are RATES, SERVICE, TRANSPARENCY AND DEMOCRATIC CONTROL BY THE MEMBERS.

What do the members lose in the way of transparency and democratic control by the members. The following is not a complete list although we hope to have a complete list available before the March 25, 2015 vote on the bylaws.

On April 17, 2010, members passed bylaws setting:
1. Term limits for trustees,

2. A yearly monetary cap of $10,000 per trustee, $15,000 for president,

3. One monthly meeting for the Board of Trustees open to member/owners and press with timely notice of the meeting...a section of the meting agenda shall be reserved for member participation during with member...may address the Board without prior approval of the Board.

4. SEC Board of trustees and Management shall guarantee transparency of Action with open access to SEC Books, Records, and Audits....

5. SEC Board of Trustees and Management will account for and notify Members of their Patronage Capital annually as required by existing Bylaws (but disregarded until 7/2009)

6. SEC Board shall make adequate arrangements for and assure fair elections which include VOTING BY MAIL and election administration by a third party accounting firm.

7. The SEC Board of Trustees shall voluntarily agree to abide by the New Mexico Open Meetings Act and the Inspection of Public Records Act.

Before the end of May, 2010 the Board of Trustees with the exception of Charlie Wagner voted to sue the SEC members to overthrow the newly passed bylaws. Judge Mitchell agreed with the members and awarded judgment to the members as state law gives members the right to pass bylaws. THIS IS A STATE LAW. Remember this as we will return to this law on amending bylaws.

The bylaws of April 17, 2010 are missing from Christensen's proposals. So much for DEMOCRATIC CONTROL BY MEMBERS AND TRANSPARENCY. Passed by the members, approved by a judge, discarded by Ms. Dorough's "expert."

Another court case brought by Charlene West and Charlie Wagner regarded access to the SEC Membership List. A prior ruling by the New Mexico Supreme Court gives members the right to the list for a proper purpose. Our present lawyers ignored that ruling and Number 4 in blue ink above forcing another hearing, this one before Judge Reynolds. Judge Reynolds ruled for Mrs. West and after a delay, she did receive the list. A search of the Christensen bylaws turns up the attachment SECTION 4.05 which severely limits easy access to the SEC Membership List for all members especially candidates running for the office of trustee. No Inspection of Public Records or member passed bylaw to protect SEC rights.

Back to members passing amendments to bylaw. This is not being allowed on March 25, 2015. The Christensen bylaws speak to the issue as follows. SECTION 4.03 Notice of Member Meetings. (attached). "When notifying Members of any Member Meeting, the Cooperative shall include notice of any matter which a Member may raise or discuss, and intends to raise or discuss, at the Member Meeting if:

1. Requested in writing, by a percentage of the Total Membership entitled to call a Special Member Meeting (this totals not less than ten percent 10% of the cooperative's total non-suspended Members. See attachment SECTION 4.02) and the Cooperative receives the written request satisfying the member-identification standards set forth in SECTION 4.02 at least thirty (30) days prior to delivering notice of the Member Meeting..........

The Cooperative shall also notice any matter that the Board of Directors intends to raise or discuss at the Member Meeting."

Now the actual amending contained in SECTION 10.01 (attached.) After fulfilling the requirements in the paragraph above a member or "any group of members may by petition containing the names, authenticated signatures, addresses and account numbers of 500 members have a proposed Bylaw amendment included in the agenda and put to vote at the next Annual Meeting, so long as the petition is received by the Cooperative not less than 180 days ("that's 6 months") prior to the to the Annual Meeting.

Are there enough hoops for the members to jump through? Enough hard won rights lost? Enough "Democratic Control" and Transparency vanished?

NOTE; SECTION 10.01 mentions "an official written ballot by mail to vote." Vote by mail is mentioned in a few other places in the Bylaws and Bylaw Analysis but there is no bylaw codifying VOTE BY MAIL. This could present a large problem down the road and member amendment is rendered almost impossible by the Christensen Bylaws. Others are doing an analysis of Mr. Christensen proposed Bylaws which will b made public for the member's information.

Related Documents:
Section 4.02 cont. at Section 4.03.pdf 
Section 4.03 Notice of Member Meetings.pdf 
Section 4.05 Member Meeting List.pdf  
Section 10.01 Bylaw amendments.pdf  

February 22 - Commentary for downloading  

February 21 -

These days the board meetings run like clockwork with pre-planning and scripts all written out in advance. Of course it gets funny when a trustee loses his place and the chair and/or lawyer has to straighten out the script. The vote will always be 2 to 2 with the chair voting to break the tie in favor of Trustees Wade and Cordova. Trustee Wade will nominate Trustee Cordova to a office and Trustee Cordova will have to second his own nomination (is that even legal?) rather than have Trustee Wagner or Amaro fill the position. The tapes of the meeting broken into sections is invaluable in charting the pattern. The chair has stepped up the action by limiting discussion and attempting to stifle any dissension. Take a few minutes to watch and to the videos below. Especially to "Consideration & Approval of new board policies" Part 1. and "Special meeting to vote on proposed by-laws."

"Special meeting to vote on proposed by-laws." came up first with the "President's Report - Call for a special meeting of the members for the purpose of voting on bylaws as proposed by Aaron Christensen." This will be an up or down vote with no debate and no discussion by the members. No matter that the lawyer refuse to allow properly passed propositions by the members to be voted upon without being held over a year for "consideration" by the members which means as explained by lawyers - debate and discussion." The Christensen Report is sacrosanct. This vote will be held at a special meeting on April 25, 2015, Finley Gym with registration and voting from 1 to 3 p.m., business meeting from 3 p.m. Mail in ballots will be sent out. This process is idiotic. There is good in the Report but that good is heavily outweighed by the elimination of member's rights. Watch the video!

Consideration & Approval of new board policies is in direct contrast to the proposed up or down handling of the bylaws by the members. The trustees amended the Christensen Policies to give themselves more power. The members deserve the same rights as the trustees to pick and choose, discuss and debate. Again, watch the tape.

Three weeks after the Special Meeting takes place, the 2015 Annual Members Meeting is scheduled for May 16, 2015 at the Macey Center.
022115-Comments on 2/18/15 board meeting  

February 20 - New attorney fees in right column

February 19 -
Anne Dorough letter to the editor (scroll down the page)
February billing insert on Christensen report  

February 18 - Board Meeting

The new board proposals passed along party lines as expected. Videos will be up tomorrow (Thurs). Obvious there was a pre-meeting agenda to get them passed.

Consideration & Approval of New Board Policies.wmv Pt 1 of 4
Consideration & Approval of New Board Policies.wmv Pt 2 of 4
Consideration & Approval of New Board Policies.wmv Pt 3 of 4
Consideration & Approval of New Board Policies.wmv Pt 4 of 4

Recinding the old by-laws.wmv
Public Comments.wmv
Special meeting to vote on proposed by-laws.wmv
Open Meetings Act annual resolution.wmv
Agenda Approval.wmv
RUS (Form 7) Report.wmv
NMRECA - Statewide Report.wmv
Tri-State Report.wmv

February 13 - Prediction: Prediction  

February 6 -
Critique of New By-law and Policies

February 5, 2015 -

Co-op hears recommended bylaw changes

Trustee Wagner letter to Chieftain (scroll down)

How Nebraska Took Its Energy out of Corporate Hands and Made It Affordable for Everyone

February 4, 2015 -
Comments on the potential new board policies
February 3, 2015 - The Good vs The Bad





March 25, 2015 - 2PM
(Note new time)

310 Abeyta Ave. NE. Socorro
(Across from the DAV Hall) Map
SEC Website

SEC Website video link  
SEC's Special report Webpage

Registration 1-3pm then business meeting

NRECA Co-op Facts & Figures  



Feb 22 - Commentary on by-laws
Feb 19 - Dorough letter to the editor
Feb 13 - Prediction  
Feb. billing insert on Christensen report  
Feb 2 - Prediction  
Feb 4 - Critique of By-law & Policies

New By-law proposal   
New Board Policy Proposal  

Find your district  
2014 District Meetings
District 2 unapproved minutes & props.
District 3 unapproved minutes & props 


Wiggins, Wilson, Christensen Detail

Wiggins lawfirm -
2010 - $14,619.12 (5 payments)
2011 - $3,1355.83 (6 payments)
2012 - $5,5980.00 (6 payments)
2013 - $139,163.90 (full year)
2014 - $100,550.83) (full year) (revised)
Jan - $1,990.19

Smith and Christensen (Board Audit)
2014 - $32,668.82 (Indluds $30K retainer)
Jan - $45,587.50

Bryce Wilson, Accountant
2013 - $108,075.26 (full year)
2014 - $131,780.31 (full year)
Jan - $14,202.41

Cordova PR Firm 2014
2013 - $25,094.61 (July thru December)
2014- May through Dec $9,563.96

Socorro City and SEC Franchise Issue
Socorro Council Webcast  
City Council meets on 1st and 3rd Mondays at 111 School of Mines Road.
Latest Agenda: (Pending)
Special buy-out webpage click here

Click here for more news, and videos

(New district numbers)

WARNING... on the use of e-mail addresses ending in These are reviewed by management staff, and saved. Never assume privacy. The Ipads issued to the trustees are a way of controlling what trustees say, read, and correspond to everybody.

District 1: Leo Cordova
District 2: Charlie Wagner (safe to use)
District 3: Melissa Amaro

District 4: Dave Wade
Distgroct 5: Anne Dorough -

Wiggins, Lorna Wiggins, Wiggins


Feb. 26 -
Co-op members should carefull (sic) read proposal

Special co-op members’ meeting slated

February 19 - Chieftain-
Anne Dorough letter to the editor

Feburary 4 - Chieftain:
Co-op hears recommended bylaw changes

Trustee Wagner letter to Chieftain
(scroll down)

Dec. 25 -
Co-op insurance policy in question  (Chieftain)

More SEC Co-op News >>>
Wiggins, Lorna Wiggins, Wiggins


How Nebraska Took Its Energy out of Corporate Hands and Made It Affordable for Everyone


More >>>



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