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"A Slow Genocide of the People": Uranium Mining Leaves Toxic Nuclear Legacy on Indigenous Land (video and text)   [new]

UT State Plots Massive Tar Sands & Oil Shale Projects [new] This may have influence on the water grab, and/or pipe lines through
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New Mexico: Where Polluting Groundwater Is Legal (Magdalena mentioned, but misinformation about the cause of the water shortage) Related article here form 2013

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Toxic Legacy: Uranium Mining in NM
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April 17 -

Below is a letter from The Informed Cynic to SEC members published in today’s “Chieftain.” Pay particular attention to the last two sentences which note the total from the incomplete records is $388,574.15 for the three years, 2010-2013. A rough guess or estimate places the real total at double this amount or more. Verification will have to wait for the rest of the records from SEC manager and/or attorney. Add this sum to amounts paid to mysterious accountant, Bryce Wilson, who received at least $105,000 in 2013, $16,202.56 from 12/8/13 to 1/4/14, and $13,687.22 on 2/25/14 although he is not on the SEC regular payroll and there is no logical explanation for whatever duties he carries out. (See "Attorney Documents" link above for more information)

Letter to the Chieftain - in the print edition only:

Several years ago I set up a website, The Informed Cynic, dealing with issues affecting the citizens of Socorro County and the surrounding area. I also began filming the meetings of the Socorro Electric Cooperative in an attempt to present a unbiased record of events to the membership. News archives, commentary, the meeting videos, etc. are all posted on the website.

On January 23, 2014, I began my first attempt at an Inspection of Public Records Act request with a letter to Mr. Joseph Herrera, SEC General Manager soliciting documents relating to fees paid to SEC attorneys from 2010 through 2013 and all contracts between the SEC and those attorneys. On February 26, 2014, I picked up a packet of documents for which I was charged $1 per page for a total of $344. On examination, I discovered that the file of documents was incomplete with entire years missing and gaps within years furnished. Invoices were heavily redacted. Only one attorney contract was included. I detailed the lack of compliance in another letter to Mr. Herrera dated March 31, 2014. That letter has not been answered.

The received information though incomplete is very interesting and it is important that those facts and figures be made know to SEC members. If additional records are received, they will be added to existing data posted on the website.

The records from Dennis Francish are complete and his contract is included. $113, 818.06 was billed to the SEC from 2010 through 2012.

Kennedy & Han: Only 7 months of billing supplied, Feb, 2012 – Sept, 2012 in the amount of $53,534.11 although the firm was hired in June, 2010 for the case in which the SEC sued the members. No contracts supplied.
Foster & Moss: Sept,2012 to Oct, 20 13 billings $11,605.69. No contracts or other documents.

Wiggins, Williams & Wiggins: At least $209,616.29 billed from 2010 to 2013 as there are gaps in years 2010 and 2011. One of the most intriguing items billed by the Wiggins firm deals with the “Investigation” by Ira Bolnick. This action was taken against Trustee Wagner and authorized by the SEC Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of Attorney Lorna Wiggins. Part one of the “investigation” which cost the SEC $11,789.61 is posted. Part two of the report has been kept from the members. Ms. Wiggins hired and paid Mr. Bolnick and then billed the SEC for that amount. The second item lists Cordova Public Relations to which the Wiggins firm paid $25,094.61 from July, 2013 to December, 2013 and billed back to the SEC. There is no indication as to why the PR firm was engaged. No contracts pertaining to the Wiggins firm, Mr. Bolnick or Cordova Public Relations provided. The total derived from these incomplete records is $388,574.15 for the 3 years, 2010 -2013. The actual total is higher but unknown due to the noncompliance of the SEC general manager.
041714-Letter to The Chieftian  

April 16 - Q&A With Trutee Dorough -

When Trustee Anne Dorough did not attend the meeting that she arranged with members of her District, the members held the meeting without her and asked people in attendance to compose questions that they wished Ms. Dorough to answer. The attachment contains both questions and answers arranged by topics. The "Topic: Direct to Anne" which starts on page 4 will be of special interest to members of the Reform Group who were largely responsible for her election. It also explains why many members in District V are talking recall and members from other SEC districts are cheering them on.

Answers to questions to Trustee Dorough at Dist 5 meeting on 3/26/14    

March 31 -
Three trustees of the Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative board, which serves a portion of Santa Fe County, voted to fire the utility’s manager and to remove the board president. Rest of the story here...
Mora website   Mora by-laws  
Mora Board Policies
Mora march 31, 2014 special meeting agenda

March 26 - Commentary

Monday was an important day for the SEC. Two meetings took place – one in District V (Quemado) and another at the Board of Trustees meeting room in Socorro. The District V meeting was requested by members wanting to discuss SEC issues and events with their trustee, Anne Dorough. Negotiation on the date with Ms. Dorough began in late January and on February 7, the date was set for March 24, 2014. The meeting was advertised and articles about it submitted to the local newspaper when Pres. Dorough rescheduled the regular March meeting of the trustees for the same date and time as the prior scheduled meeting with District V members. A handout detailing the timeline of these events was handed out at the March 24 meeting in Quemado which went on without Ms. Dorough’s presence. This attached handout which also lists members concerns is posted below.

The Quemado meeting was well attended filling the Senior Center with interested, courteous members most from District V but with several members from other SEC districts. Ben Hall, who represents the area on the Public Regulation Commission attended with his assistant and was very helpful in addressing issues raised by members. Questions from the floor were recorded on cards to be sent on to Ms. Dorough for her answers. A copy of these questions is also posted below as they are of interest to all members concerning as they do: The doubling of the amount for several past bills, the lack of proper response to member problems, the lawyer’s actions in regard to member sponsored amendments to the bylaws, the misuse of quorum, improper rulings, questions about capital credits, etc. Where is the 19 million dollars of capital credits that belongs to the membership? The members were particularly troubled by the Colette Foard Trails End case wherein the SEC attorneys and trustee three majority are ignoring a ruling from the New Mexico Attorney General’s office ruling in favor of Ms. Foard. The proposed takeover of part of the co-op by the City of Socorro led to many questions about what would happen to the rest of the co-op. Mr. Hall was particularly helpful on this issue. It was obvious that the behavior of SEC management, legal advisors and some trustees has eroded confidence among SEC members. Firing and recall were mentioned by several members. This will be an ongoing story. The SEC Board of Trustee meeting is another but related story.

The first two video clips of the SEC Board of Trustee meeting are named “Bylaw Committee Meeting” but they move rapidly from that trustee committee to the District V propositions passed at the district meeting in 2012 but not voted upon at the 2013 Annual Meeting because of a really, really questionable action by the SEC attorney backed by management and board majority. On the tape, Pres. Anne Dorough explains that those propositions have “fallen to the ground.” This phrase means that they are dead. But it should be obvious to the members that they didn’t fall; they were tripped and kicked. The same has happened to all member propositions raised from the floor at the 2013 Annual Meeting and the District II meeting. Pres. Dorough informed the board that they would not appear on the 2014 ballot for a vote. This is contrary to the SEC bylaws. You have to see the tapes to believe what is happening within the co-op. Please be sure to watch the last tape entitled “Encore” for a display of bad behavior from one of the trustee majority.

Melissa Amaro was unable to attend this board meeting due to the requirements of her job. The new time for the meetings is enforcing a hardship for members who cannot attend due to their work and to a trustee who has the same problem. What awful behavior from trustees who are supposed to be working for the members instead of against them. 032614-comments on march 24th meeting   Scroll down for videos

Additional comments -

In January, correspondence began with District 5 trustee Ms Dorough, with regard to scheduling an informational meeting with her constituents. Below is a file which contains a series of emails denoting efforts made to achieve that goal. Ms Dorough did not attend the meeting.

At the meeting there was a discussion of the issues. Attendees were offered the opportunity to submit individual questions and concerns to Ms Dorough which were sent on to her via email.  A response by April 15th was requested so the members can be fully informed before the annual meeting On April 26th.
Those questions are in this file:
Questions for Dist 5 Trustee Anne Dorough
District 5 informational meeting emails and handout

March 25 - Board meeting videos:

- By-law committee report 1 of 2 (7 min)
- By-law committee report 2 of 2 (4 min)
- Discussion about the 2014 annual meeting  (6 min)
- Public comments (1 min)
- Post meeting encore bonus movie  (1 min)




Next Meeting Wed April 23 2pm
310 Abeyta Ave. NE. Socorro
(Across from the DAV Hall) Map

2014 Annual Meeting - April 26 - 1pm registration and 3pm business meeting at the Finley Gym

Special 2014 Annual Meeting webpage

Recent meeting agendas and minutes:
March 24, 2014 Meeting Agenda
Feb 26, 2014 Agenda

Feb 26, 2014 Meeting Minutes  
January 29, 2014 - Board Mintues  
Jan 17 Reorganization meeting minutes

Socorro/SEC Franchise Issue

Dec 16, 2013 City council minutes  
Feb 3, 2014 City council minutes  
Docs. given to the council at 3/4/14 meeting

SEC Website
2012 Satisfaction Survey
Map of New Districts
Current 2012 By-laws  
Current Board members
2013 Annual Meeting
NM Rural Electric Co-ops  
New Mexico RUS
NM Rural Electric Coop Act [2013]   
Robers Rules of Order website  

Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) 

Socorro and SEC franchise
agreement explained
Co-op franchise hearings continue
Energy Efficiency & Conservation Loan Program
GPS Mapping of SEC Territory 

Recent payments to the Wiggins law firm:
Years 2010 to end of 2013 at least $209,626.29
January 7 2014 - $21,458.56
Feburary 25, 2014 - $12,498.76

Payments to special accountant Bryce Wilson
At least $105,000 in 2013
12/8/13 to 1/4/14 $16,202.56
2/25/14 $13,687.22

(New district numbers)

WARNING... on the use of email addresses ending in These are reviewd by management staff, and saved. Never assume privacy.

District 1: Leo Cordova
District 2: Charlie Wagner (safe to use)
District 3: Melissa Amaro

District 4: Dave Wade
Distgroct 5: Anne Dorough -

Wiggins, Lorna Wiggins, Wiggins


Mar 31 - Trustees vote to oust co-op's leaders

Mar 27 - Co-op meeting conducts regular business Monday

Mar 20 - Board turns Meeting over to RUS official -

Mar 6 - City eyes SEC alternative (Chieftain)

Feb 6 - Co-op meeting adjourns amid shouting

Jan 30 - FBI has hotline for corruption
            (Letter - Chieftain)

Jan 3 - Co-op elects board officers (Cheiftain)

Jan 16 - Aguilar should not promote own agenda in electric bills (Letter - Chieftain)

Jan 1 - Attorney blames Wagner for fees (Chieftain)
My View: Trustee Wagner comments on SEC suit against members  

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Wiggins, Lorna Wiggins, Wiggins


NM Statutes and Court Rules

No active cases. Links to previous cases at the top.


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