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San Augustin Water Report Website

March 23 -

There is a huge development plan going before the Bernalillo County Commission this week. It's called "Santolina" and would use 20 million gallons of water a day when completed. It would be a place the Augustine Plains water grabbers could point to for beneficial use of OUR water. I think it would be good to call and send messages to the county commissioners about why this development would be bad for us too and urge them to reject the plan. People in Abq don't want it either.

The Chairman of the County Commission and has been very responsive and helpful with our concerns. A brief message from a lot of people would be helpful.

The Planning commission has already approved the plan. Here is the info about the upcoming County Commission hearing:

What: Santolina Master Plan Hearing
When: Wednesday, March 25th 1:30 PM
Where:Vincent E. Griego Chambers - 1 Civic Plaza

Sign up to testify and have your voice heard at !
The Bernalillo County Planning Commission. Tell them to deny the Santolina Master Plan based on the community's concerns for water, transportation, increased taxes, urban sprawl, overcrowded schools, etc.

Call the Bernalillo County Commission: (505) 468-7000

Send a message to Commissioners:

Website: (we've already missed a town hall meeting, but that's ok, the Commission hearing is this week.)

Click here for Santolina Fact Sheet.jpg

Download this announcement  

March 18 -
Water Grab update-
As you know, the Legislature has been meeting for the past two months, and there have been several bills that could have hurt our protest against the Augustin Plains Ranch's attempt to mine water here in northern Catron County. We have been very fortunate in having a few people go to bat for us to stop any bill that would be against our interests, and one of those people is Mike Loya, a long-time supporter of our cause. Mike has talked with a number of legislators on our behalf and furthered our cause considerably. He did this for our benefit and has had access to members of the Legislature that we would not have been able to see. We probably would not even have been successful in seeing the staff of these legislators. Thanks to Mike, we are now in positive territory with legislators who did not know much about us before this, and who can now be aware of the danger we face in the attempt by the APR to take our water. Mike has rendered us an invaluable service.

Mike is offering to continue his efforts with legislators by attending Legislative Interim Committee meetings. He plans to draft a sustainable water strategy overview to present and discuss at those meetings.

Mike is engaged in sustainable research, "making green mainstream" and works in the fields of water resource management, alternative energy, green building, permaculture, and sustainable living. Please go to his website at
to see what Mike does. If you find it in your heart to help his work, that will be a nice way to say thank you for his efforts on our behalf.
Download this announcement  

March 6, 2015 - HB 299 Update
The bill has passed the House Committee on Transportation and Public Works and the House Judiciary Committee, not a surprise. What was a surprise was that there was little substantive discussion among those who voted to approve. It seems that those in favor liked the concept of public/private partnerships but weren’t concerned about the details of this bill. As we know, the devil is in the details, and this bill is flawed, needing careful scrutiny before it becomes law. Let’s hope it doesn’t become law.

Vote no on the Public-Private Partnership Act (HB 299), or any legislative attempts toward privatization.

This bill has passed the House Committee on Transportation and Public Works and we need to STOP it!!!

For exmaple: if a person cannot afford to pay his or her water bill, they would be charged with a crime and could be jailed for up to 6 months or pay a fine of up to $500!

More information here       Please sign the petition here

More Water Grab News Here >>


American Kestrel - Magdalena, Jan 2, 2015

Oct. 16 -  Military study looks at area needs  (Chieftain)  

August 26 -
Re: the CO2 pipeline proposed to cross Catron County. Representatives from Kinder Morgan will be hosting a series of public presentations that will provide a detailed overview of the Lobos Pipeline project, as well as address questions and concerns from the general public.

Tuesday, September 9
La Promesa Elementary School
898 HWY 304 Veguita, NM 6PM

Thursday, September 11 -
Quemado High School 3484 US HWY 60
Quemado, NM 6PM




May 6 - "Governor Martinez has vetoed any and everything that has to do with solar power." The rest of the story here.   (see climate change report just out under Climate Change, lower left column)

- Solar halted by Hawaii Power  
- Conservative group ALEC pushes stealth tax on homeowners who install solar panels

- NM Legislature deals a blow to the State's renewable energy laws
- How one small community is going
big on solar
- Top 10 Signs Solar is rapidly Winning

- PRC Renewable Energy in NM
- Solar power in New Mexico (Wiki)
- BBC Report on Germany's efforts. mp3
- The Cost of not Using Renewable Energy

March 19, 2015- Zombie Attacks on Rooftop Solar

March 7, 2015 - Utilities wage campaign against rooftop solar

March 6, 2015 Solar Will Dominate World Energy Supply in Just 15 Years

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baggerdad, baggerdadd, baggerville, shitsophrenick



Wiggins, Lorna

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Wiggins, Wiggins



"Democracy is a threat to any power system" - Chomsky

April 16 -
Five letters to the editor in the Chieftain today
1 - SEC Board doesn’t deserve support
2 - Co-op should be controlled by members
3 -
Adversarial behavior about SEC needs to stop
4 - Proposed bylaws take away member control
5 - Not happy with co-op spending

Note: How many letters to the editor in favor of the new
by-laws? Zero so far.

April 15 - New by-law, section 2.09 .....

Skim the net metering article  here  and think of the long term implications for our co-op. Gradually, our distribution system is going to have less and less intrinsic value as more and more people opt-out and the co-op tries to pay its bills using "an attempt to desperately cling to an outdated business model".

Do you sell your buggy-whip factory before or after the Model-T is announced?  Before, because after it has only scrap value. It is extremely conservative to say that within 10 years you would not build a rural new electricity-using-facility or home hooked to the co-op, unless you like flushing money down the loo.

That's why you should never vote for the new by-laws. Section 2.09 (see below) states that if you substantially reduce your electricity use or disconnect from the co-op that you are on the hook for whatever income the co-op thinks they were going to get from you - forever. Say your current summertime bills are $200. If you conserve and with alternate power that bill is half of what it is today, the co-op can still charge you the full bill - forever.

What a great idea, the co-op that is dying administratively, financially, and democratically is signing us up against our will to pay them - forever. Even if management, and the market forces that the Board refuses to acknowledge, run the buggy-whip factory in the ground - you pay forever. How in the world is that reasonable, fair, or appropriate for a 70 year old co-op? How can that fly under contract law?

Here is new by-law Section 2.09 - (quote) Reduction in Cooperative Services: - As required or allowed by Law, and as determined by the Board, if a Member substantially reduces or ceases the use, receipt or purchase of electricity from the Cooperative, then the Cooperative may charge the Member, and the Member shall pay to the Cooperative, the reasonable costs and expenses incurred by the Cooperative in reliance on prior assurances regarding the anticipated future use of electric service by the Member.

041515-New-By-law 2.09 comments
The net metering article mention above


Below are links to the three letters in Thursday's edition of the "Chieftain." They are very good and each hits on a different aspect of the controversial proposal. Unfortunately the "Chieftain" chose to delete the last two lines of Bill Fuller's letter, which was "Don't make old people mad. We don't like being old in the first place and it doesn't take much to piss us off."

We need more people to express their opinion on this SEC issue so write to the editor of the "Chieftain," talk to your neighbors, post the fliers below, vote no and attend the special April 25th meeting.

A question has arisen about the timing of the Special Meeting on the 25th. There is only three weeks from the April 25, 2015 meeting to the May 16, 2015 Annual Members Meeting. There were several bylaw amendments passed at district meetings that are scheduled for a vote at this Members meeting. What happens to these legally passed proposals if the Christensen proposed bylaws are voted down at the Special Meeting? There would not seem to be enough time to get vote by mail ballots out to the members nor to publish the amendment proposals up for a vote. People would also be worn out with meetings and the large cost of the Special meeting. Disregarding these members proposals would be illegal but the timing creates a lot of difficulties. Something to think about.
April 10 - comments

Members vote no poster (print in color if you can)
Vote NO Flyer  

Poison Pill by-laws

April 9 - Letters to the Chieftain:
SEC spending members' money for meeting  
Vote ‘no’ on new SEC bylaws
Against the SEC bylaws

April 6th - Socorro City Council Meeting.wmv
The segment concerning the SEC

April 8 - Commentary -
Several years ago the membership of the Socorro Electrical Co-op decided that the Board of Trustees was out of control, and at the annual meeting voted to change the by-laws.

I attended that meeting and I can verify that the votes for every one of the changes were grossly lop-sided, with the members resoundingly voiced their displeasure!

Since then, the Board has done their very best to ignore those changes, even to the extent of taking the membership to court.

Their arrogance and belligerence is once again rearing its ugly head. They are convening a special meeting on Saturday, April 25, 2015 for the purpose of voting to REPEAL the uncomfortable, existing by-laws and adopt a board-friendlier revised set of by-laws.

A few observations:
1) Term Limits
Most of the Trustees had been on the board for decades, some taking over board positions from their parents. So, the membership voted to allow a trustee to only serve two 3 year terms.
The new proposed by-laws have no mention of term limits.

2) Number of Trustees
The Board consisted of more than a dozen trustees. The membership voted to reduce the number of trustees to 5. The new proposed by-laws want to increase the number to 7.

3) Compensation
Trustees were compensated handsomely for their service, training, and travel, arguably too handsomely. The membership voted to cap trustee compensation. The new proposed by-laws eliminate the pay cap.

The ballot you have or will receive in the mail is somewhat tricky, probably just a coincidence. You will have to unfold it to even find the "NO." Then you have to "complete the arrow" next to your vote. Please be sure to read the yellow sheet of paper that comes with the package.

It is my view point that the Board of Trustees has not behaved honorably or nobly. They have ignored the behest of the membership, and they quite possibly resent being bothered by the members that elected them and that they allegedly serve. The Board of Trustees does not deserve our support!

Please join me and vote "NO" to repeal the existing by-laws.

That's my nickel - Gene Brown
041815-Gene Brown Comments  

Image of the ballot showing the fold line.gif

April 2 -
SEC bylaw meeting plans finalized despite

March 28 -
Wow, management, board majority, public relations firm and lawyers are really pulling out all the stops to get these proposals passed. Someone needs to add up all the money being spent. Well, they have all the money but the members still (unless these bylaws are passed) have the power to vote no and to retain their rights. It is time to fight back. Start by reading the proposed by laws, they will astonish you. But be careful as the board has been making changes to the original documents by Aaron Christensen. See this website (right column) for revised copy or copies. We are unsure of how many versions are out there. And we think it unfair that the members only have an up or down vote on the entire proposal and the SEC Board of Trustees gets to make changes in both Bylaw and Policy Proposals.

After you know what is in the proposed bylaws, talk to your neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc. Recognize that in their current form, the bylaws hurt the members and give all power to the Board of Trustees and management. Print out the attachment in the form of fliers and/or posters and distribute them in your area. Other fliers are in the works; this is just the first. Write a letter to the editor and express your opinion. We don't have the SEC money to spend but we have our voices and vote. Use them to VOTE NO!  032815-comment for download  

Vote NO Flyer  

March 26 - Board Meeting Videos:

Approval of previous meeting minutes.wmv
Public Comments.wmv
Donation request from Magdalena Schools.wmv
Special meeting agenda.wvm
Post meeting and the elephant in the room.wmv
Tri-State Report.wmv
NMRECA Report.wmv
RUS Form-7 report.wmv

March 24 - There are two meetings this week concerning the SEC and the proposed new Bylaws.

The first is tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25th at 310 Abeyta for the March regular meeting of the SEC Board of Trustees. Meeting starts at 2 p.m.

If the recent past is any guide, the meeting is already scripted with Chair Dorough stating that she will entertain a motive for "such and such." Trustee Wade will pop up and work his way to read the written out motion which Trustee Cordova will promptly second. The vote will be two to two: Wade & Cordova vs. Wagner & Amaro. Chair Dorough will break the tie in favor of Wade & Cordova. Interesting to watch but irritating to those wishing for actions that are favorable to members' interests.

The second meeting is set for Thursday, March 26th at the Socorro Public Library, 5 to 7 p.m. This is a discussion group on the proposed new SEC bylaws and all SEC members are invited and urged to attend. Should be more interesting that the board meeting. -
Board meeting agenda

March 19 - Apparently there has been a change in the proposed by-laws. What changed and their impact is being investigated.
These are the new changes:
March 19, 2015 - "Red-line" changes
to the new by-laws

File with the "red line" only pages containing changes to the original by-law proposal (22 pages)

New full district map.pdf  
Specific to District 3 covering Socorro.pdf   :

March 19 - SEC members should study up before the vote - Letter to the Chieftain  

Co-op members to cast vote on proposed bylaws  

SunZia – a battleground for residents  


April 22, 2015 - 2PM
310 Abeyta Ave. NE. Socorro
(Across from the DAV Hall) Map
February 18, 2015 - board minutes  
SEC Website
Special Board Meeting
March 13, 20150 - Draft Minutes

New Districts proposed
New Socorro District (3)

Registration 1-3pm then business meeting
SEC's press release asking for yes vote  

Special By-law Meeting Agenda  

Download a copy

NRECA Co-op Facts & Figures  



Feb 22 - Commentary on by-laws
Feb 19 - Dorough letter to the editor
Feb 13 - Prediction  
Feb 2 - Prediction  
Feb 4 - Critique of By-law & Policies

Feb. billing insert on Christensen report  

January 2015 - Original By-law proposal   
Revised by-laws as of March 19, 2015

New Board Policy- adopted Feb. 2015  
2008 Investigation of Pedernales Co-op

"Old" (current) district map 
(District map is possibly being updated 2015)
2014 District Meetings
District 2 unapproved minutes & props.
District 3 unapproved minutes & props 



Wiggins, Wilson, Christensen Detail

Wiggins lawfirm -
2010 - $14,619.12 (5 payments)
2011 - $3,1355.83 (6 payments)
2012 - $5,5980.00 (6 payments)
2013 - $139,163.90 (full year)
2014 - $100,550.83) (full year)
Jan - $1,990.19
Feb - $5,487.19

Smith and Christensen (2015 Board Audit)
2014 - $32,668.82 (Includes $30K retainer)
Jan - $45,587.50

Bryce Wilson, Accountant
2013 - $108,075.26 (full year)
2014 - $131,780.31 (full year)
Jan - $14,202.41 (Nov 30 - Dec 31)
Feb - $12,393.30  (Jan 1 - Jan 31)

Cordova PR Firm 2014
2013 - $25,094.61 (July thru December)
2014- May through Dec $9,563.96
Jan - 4681.25
Feb - 3143.75

Socorro City and SEC Franchise Issue
Socorro Council Webcast  
City Council meets on 1st and 3rd Mondays at 111 School of Mines Road.
Latest Agenda: (Pending)
Special buy-out webpage click here

Click here for more news, and videos

(New district numbers)

WARNING... on the use of e-mail addresses ending in These are reviewed by management staff, and saved. Never assume privacy. The Ipads issued to the trustees are a way of controlling what trustees say, read, and correspond to everybody.

District 1: Leo Cordova
District 2: Charlie Wagner (safe to use)
District 3: Melissa Amaro

District 4: Dave Wade
Distgroct 5: Anne Dorough -

Wiggins, Lorna Wiggins, Wiggins

April 9 - Chieftain -
SEC spending members' money for meeting  
Vote ‘no’ on new SEC bylaws
Against the SEC bylaws

April 2 -
SEC bylaw meeting plans finalized despite

March 19 -
Sec members should study up before the vote

Co-op members to cast vote on proposed

Feb. 26 -
Co-op members should carefull (sic) read proposal

Special co-op members’ meeting slated

More SEC Co-op News >>>
Wiggins, Lorna Wiggins, Wiggins


How Nebraska Took Its Energy out of Corporate Hands and Made It Affordable for Everyone


More >>>


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