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Trump's pick of the litter  Corporate Cabinet

January 18, 2017 -
Bradley Manning leak did not result in deaths by enemy forces, court hears. ... Counter-intelligence officer who investigated WikiLeaks impact undermines argument that Manning leak put lives at risk. Guardian   and Intercept  
(Note: most recently, Gen. Petraeus gave up most sensitive secrets with a wrist slap, and and Gen. Cartwright cut free)

Chelsea Manning Adds a Glow to the Day.

Assange Sticks To Extradition Promise Now That Chelsea Manning Will Be Freed
The Wikileaks founder has been hiding out at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for nearly five years.  Huffington  

Just when you thought the Trump ethics disaster couldn’t get worse, it did. Washington Post  

January 17, 2017 -
The Democratic Party establishment has responded to Hillary Clinton’s election loss the same way they would have responded had Hillary Clinton won, by changing absolutely nothing.

The Deep State Goes to War With President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer.

Building the Institutions for Revolt . ... Politics is a game of fear. Those who do not have the ability to make power elites afraid do not succeed. All of the movements that opened up the democratic space in America - the abolitionists, the suffragists, the labor movement, the communists, the socialists, the anarchists and the civil rights movement - developed a critical mass and militancy that forced the centers of power to respond.

The dodgy Donald Trump dossier reminds me of the row over Saddam Hussein and his fictitious weapons of mass destruction. ... I talked to Iraqi defectors in the 1990s who claimed to have plenty of information about WMDs and gossip about Hussein’s family affairs. It did not take long to work out that they were making it up when they produced convincing but uncheckable details.

(Written 2013) - MLK's vehement condemnations of US militarism are more relevant than ever. ... His vital April 4, 1967 speech is a direct repudiation of the sophistry now used to defend US violence and aggression.  Guardian  

We Were Warned About Barack Obama - by Obama Himself. TruthDig

January 16, 2017 -
The Terrifying Parallels Between Trump and Erdogan. ... As Donald Trump prepares for his inauguration, he is struggling with opposition from the US media, intelligence agencies, government apparatus, parts of the Republican Party and a significant portion of the American population. Impressive obstacles appear to prevent him exercising arbitrary power.  
He should take heart: much the same was said in Turkey of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2002 ...

North Dakota Bill Would Protect Drivers Who ‘Accidentally’ Hit And Kill Protesters. ... It’s aimed at Dakota Access protesters, and it doesn’t bode well. Huffington  

The Divided States: Trump's inauguration and how democracy has failed, ,,, Donald Trump and his demonisation of minorities are not the exception in US history – they are its logical conclusion. Pankaj Mishra examines the dream of the multiracial democracy, and America’s failure to realise it.

This article was submitted in September and edited three weeks prior to the election. It is based on extensive analysis of attitudinal polling from recent decades—polls which taken together indicate that the views of a clear majority of Americans on nearly every major political, economic, and social issue cannot be reconciled with the election of Donald Trump. Only minor changes have been made to reflect election results. Washington Spectator

The seven faces of Donald Trump – a psychologist’s view. ... From the chin-jut to the zipped smile, we examine the president-elect’s signature facial expressions and what they tell us about him. Guardian  

Women's March on Washington set to be one of America's biggest protests. ... Pink hats will be much in evidence as an extraordinarily wide range of groups come together to repudiate President Trump the day after his inauguration.

Revealed: former British ambassador Sir Andrew Wood's key role in Trump investigation. ... ‘Yes, I did meet Senator McCain and his aides at the conference,’ Sir Andrew Wood tells The

January 15, 2017 -
GOP House Takes Next Step Toward Taking Healthcare Away From Millions. ...
"The new Republican Congress has begun efforts to dismantle America's healthcare system.

Maybe This Is How Democracy Ends. ... The frightening rise of authoritarian populism in the West is a very real, clear and present danger.

Will Trump be a tyrant, and how will we tell? Some classical pointers. (written Dec 17, 2016)

Head of D.C. National Guard to be removed from post in middle of inauguration.   WaPo  

January 14, 2017 -
Nothing more plainly shows Trump’s complete cynicism and dishonesty than his absolute betrayal of the core claim of his campaign — to rid Washington of corruption, cronyism and insider dealing.  More on that here ...  Bill Moyers  

Did the Russians Really Hack the DNC?

Hit the Road, Barack: Some Farewell Reflections. CounterPunch  

Trump only looks like a master media manipulator because he’s allowed to - If the US media had shown greater collective backbone at the president-elect’s malarial press conference it might not have resembled a wildlife documentary.  Guardian  

All the President-Elect’s Deniers. Juan Cole

January 13, 2017 -
Obama opens NSA vast trove of warrantless data to entire intelligence community, just in time for Trump.   Intercept  

Trump revealed his presidential dream to me in 1988. Now the nightmare begins  Guardian

In one night, the GOP voted to take away these 6 essential health benefits.  ThinkProgress  

How Wikileaks Keeps Its 100% Accuracy Record.

Let the Likker to the talking. RawStory  

Committee to Protect Journalists: Watch Out for "Leak Investigations" Targeting Journos Under Trump.   DemocracyNow  

January 12, 2017 -
Harvard Law Prof: Trump’s Plan is ‘Walking, Talking, Tweeting Violation’ of Constitution.  

Kleptocracy is the term political scientists use to sum up political systems where office holders routinely take advantage of their official positions to enrich themselves while disregarding the public interest.   LA Times  

The Deep State Goes to War with President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer.    Intercept  

Christopher Steele, ex-MI6 officer, named as author of Trump dossier Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer, has been identified in reports as the author of a dossier that claims Russia collated a file of compromising information on Donald Trump. Guardian  

The Hitler Diaries Mark II – or I Hope They Changed the Mattress  UPDATE Michael Cohen has now stated he has never been to Prague in his life. If that is true the extremely weak credibility of the entire forgery collapses in total. What is more, contrary to the claims of the Guardian and Washington Post that the material is “unverifiable”, the veracity of it could be tested extremely easily by the most basic journalism, ie asking Mr Cohen who has produced his passport.   Murray  

January 11, 2017 - John McCain passes FBI dossier alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts.

Guardian links to this website:

More on same ...
Contrarian Thoughts on Russia and the Presidential Election.  LawFare Blog  

Classified: Russians have 'compromising information' on Trump, and his team took orders from Moscow. ...  The declassified version of the intelligence report issued last week was enough to show that the Russians intervened in the election with the intention of helping Donald Trump. But that report was only half as long as the full, classified version. DailyKos  

The War on Public Schools - Charters, vouchers, and disposable teachers are Trump’s targets.
American Prospect  

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[NEW] January 18, 2017 -
Water just like air is critical to our existence; we can’t live without it. Good potable groundwater is a quality of life essential. As a commodity its value varies with its
scarceness. Water laws governing water varies from state to state and country to country. People fight over water, states fight over water, and countries fight over water. Generally the rule for groundwater is that it is a defacto property right, if located under your land. In New Mexico the state controls groundwater through a permitting system by regulating the amount of withdrawal. However, if there are too many landowners vying for a limited amount of water the water is apportioned by need or a water master. So by its scarcity it has become more valuable. ...
Continue reading or Download the article 

January 17, 2017 -
New Mexico's Land Grant and Severance Tax Permanent Funds: Renewable Wealth from Non-Renewable Resources. ... New Mexico's Land Grant and Severance Tax Permanent Funds were constitutionally created to allow the state to save and invest the revenues it derives from the extraction of natural resources statewide. Those funds, responsibly invested, meet the dual goals of
growing New Mexico's wealth and serving current and future generations of New Mexicans by funding public education. This type of system has been instituted in other states, provinces, and countries in the western United States, Canada, and abroad. Permanent funds elsewhere have achieved varying degrees of success. This article explores New Mexico's Land Grant and
Severance Tax Permanent Funds, evaluates such funds in other states, and presents lessons to be learned from those funds. Finally, this article proposes changes to New Mexico's funds based on these lessons, which would allow New Mexico to continue to meet and
exceed the dual goals of the Land Grant and Severance Tax Permanent Funds.
Complete areticle in the Summer 2008 Natural Resources Journal  

January 17, 2017 -
Severance compensation - This is not royalties that go to the State to compensate for using the States oil and gas resources.

Who does it go to?

How is it going to help the people who no longer have water?

Why is okay to takes one’s livelihood away so others can benefit at their expense?

Is the collapse of a community justifiable so that others can profit from a taking of a water resource?

Why would the State Engineer consider this course of action a way forward in granting this application?

Water is not equivalent to oil and gas as it is already is being put to a beneficial use and has senior rights
to its use over the junior rights of the LLC.

(See January 18, 2017 above, What is Water Worth?)
Download the above

January 17, 2017-
SENATE BILL 86 ... 2017 -
AN ACT Relating to water Rights Notifications, Requiring the Office of the State engineer to Post Notices On-line. Download SB86 Bill    NM Legislature Link  

January 17, 2017 -
NM Legislation 2017 - - HOUSE MEMORIAL 1 -
Requesting the Interstate Stream Commission to Convene a Task Force to Make recommendations to Correct Deficiencies in State and Regional Water Planning Programs and Processes. Full Bill Here
NM Legislation original weblink.

Related: August 15, 2015 - Analysis: Weaknesses mar NM’s capital outlay system.   Click here

January 13, 2017 -
NM State Engineer: “You know, do we need to be looking at something like a severance tax on that water?”

Is an elaborate proposal to pump thousands of acre feet of water 150 miles to Albuquerque .... from the Augustin Plains Ranch (APR) in Catron and Socorro counties about to trigger a new policy for large scale water sales in New Mexico, treating water like oil and gas – including severance compensation as a political sweetener for such a deal?  The Candle Publishing  

January 10, 2017 -
No Right to Free Water, Except for Nestlé. ... ormer Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck is famous for denying that access to drinking water is a human right. But based on the company’s actions, its management seems to believe that Nestlé Corporation has a human right to free water.  CounterPunch  

January 9, 2017 - Whose water is it?

When you apply for a water right or a permit for a well from the State of New Mexico, it is assumed that there is water available for diversion. If there are no other wells or surface diversions in your vicinity then there will not be a likelihood of a protest. However, if there are other diversions close to your proposed diversion, those diversions would have prior existing rights over your application.

You would have to state how you are going to put this water to a beneficial use. The State Engineer would then evaluate your application to see if it meets the required standards for a permit to drill.

If you knew that the existing wells in your area were shallow and you wanted to put in a deeper well to ensure that you got all the water that was granted under your application, the neighboring well owners could challenge your application stating that you would be impairing their water right of prior appropriation and the fact that you could be over drafting the common aquifer and cause their well or wells to go dry. The State Engineer could respond, ‘that their wells are not going to be impaired and that those wells could always be drilled deeper’. This concept is a result of the Tom Morrison paper “Guidelines for the Assessment of Drawdown Estimates” Feb. 2006. Of course this could be a remedy; if it did not create a financial burden on the owners of the prior existing water rights. What if the existing wells were only about 200 feet deep and your well is 2,000 feet deep?  Would a 1,500 foot difference in depths be considered impairment? This is a major difference and could cost the original water right holders many hundreds of thousands of dollars to just compete with your well. Isn’t this also considered a type of impairment “financial in nature”?

The problem is that water generally flows down gradient, so that the water you are pumping that lies under your property; when pumped long enough and at much lower depth will cause the adjacent landowners water to flow toward your well over time. This gradient flow is the result of the cone of depression created at your well point. The bottom line is that you are mining your neighbor’s water.  If this occurred in the oil patch , a law suit would follow claiming a taking and you would have to pay for the oil you should not have pumped along with damages. It is too bad that this does not apply to water, a taking is a taking. So the question arises as to whose water is it?

 In New Mexico the water belongs to the state and you have permission under the permit system to only pump what you have been allocated under that permit. If you do not use the water that has been allocated the state can reduce your allocation to reflect what you are actually using. This practice is very common when a watershed or an area under goes adjudication. Adjudication is where all the water users in an area undergoing adjudication have their water use history researched and if the people cannot verify their water use they may wind up having their amount of water use reduced. This may seem harsh but once the water has been adjudicated the amount of water granted is yours in perpetuity.

So if the water in the state is the state’s water do whatever they wish with it; except where there are water compacts with other state’s that they otherwise obligated to comply with. Can the state just give it away to the highest bidder or to people that know how to play the political game of saying that the water is to be used for the greater good of the state’s residents. This is the case where there are winners and there are losers. In most cases the losers are residents in the rural areas of the state. This is the case where a major development in the Albuquerque area (Santolina Project) that is proposed but not yet approved, is trying to get water from the San Augustin Plains at the expense of the residents that live there.

Well again I come back to whose water is it? If you remember that, “water is life, if you control the one you control the other.” So water is a political pawn that is played with by the rich and influential to their financial gain and the end user is non-consequential.
Dennis Inman - Geologist - Download the comment
Guidelines for the Assessment of Drawdown

- Basic Groundwater Hydrology and Evaluation Porcedures - Training Manual

January 6, 2017 -
Business group lists priorities for legislative session...
Of particular interest is privatization of wate, and the support ... creation of public-private partnerships to develop water infrastructure that will provide public benefits, such as economical infrastructure project delivery and water conservation. NM Politics  

Beyond the Mirage The Future of Water in the West - Video on YouTube  

January 5, 2017 - The Great Public Land Heist Has Begun

Without demonstrable public will and with strong opposition from environmentalists, hunters, anglers, the Department of the Interior, and the outdoor recreation industry, among others, Republican lawmakers are attempting to transfer control of your public lands from federal to state governments in a thinly-veiled attempt to force their sale for purposes of resource exploitation. Now, the first blow has been struck. -

Under current Congressional Budget Office accounting rules, any transfer of federal land that generates revenue for the U.S. Treasury - whether through energy extraction, logging, grazing or other activities - has a cost. If lawmakers wanted to give such land to a state, local government or tribe, they would have to account for that loss in expected cash flow.

The immediate impact of the rules change is that lawmakers cannot raise a budgetary point of order if a land transfer bill comes to the floor. Under existing House rules, any measure that costs the U.S. Treasury money must be offset by either budget cuts or a revenue-raising provision.

The culprit, UT Congressman Rob Bishop:
"Bishop's initial act upon his appointment as Chairman Natural Resources was his decision to hire several oil and gas industry officials to work on the subcommittee that oversees oil and gas leases on public lands. Press coverage that highlights industry insiders working for the chairman contributes to the impression that Washington D.C.’s revolving door is alive and well at the Natural Resources Committee...."
Rest of the story - WestWise  :

115THCONGRESS - 1ST SESSION - H. RES. 5. The Bill, HR-115  

Related News Articles:

April 9, 2015 - Republicans just voted to sell off your national forests    Gizmo  

January 3, 2017 - House GOP rules change will make it easier to sell off federal land  WaPo  

January 4, 2017 - Selling off public lands. The House rule change that went unnoticed.  DailyKos  

October 18, 2016 - Ute Tribe declares political war with Rep. Rob Bishop. SLTrib  

June 22, 2016 -
House bill to sell national forests passes committee

The above article here  

December 23, 2016 - Indian Power - New Mexico tribes catapult into politics and join the state's water tug-of-war.  (April 2003 - scroll down) High Country News 

December 19, 2016 -
Intent of the Office of the State Engineer -  
What is the intent of the Office of the State Engineer when it comes to dealing with large water withdrawals from one basin to another (inter-basin transfers)? This is a question that is on minds of the residents of the Plains of San Augustin. The notion that the transferring of water from one location to another so that that one group of people can live and prosper at the expense of another group of people is flawed thinking, to many of the rural residents in New Mexico. The Augustin Plains Ranch, LLC application for 54,000 acre feet of water annually from the Plains of San Augustin is just such a plan. And if this application is granted by the State Engineer; why wouldn't another application from this location, not be granted? Is it the intent to drain the Plains of San Augustin so that the current residents have to move somewhere else?

This brings up the question of impairment to existing wells and water rights. If rich people with political connections and influence can sway the State Engineer and his office to grant these transfers at the expense of people in rural areas and cause financial difficulties as well as drain their aquifer is this not impairment? This is something that is not supposed to happen under state statutes. When and if the LLC gets their request and the project goes forward, it is not just a matter of the local rancher and other current residents in the basin to deepen their wells. This is matter of drilling new wells to a depth of 2,000 feet to compete with the LLC's wells. This would place a financial hardship on these folks and bankrupt many others, as they do not have the financial resources that the LLC has. Is this type of activity really in the states best interest? Why would they want to harm or alienate one group of people in favor of another?

The Plains of San Augustin are already feeling the effects of a prolong draught and the existing pumping of water under the state's permit system. There are wells in the southwestern part of the plains that are showing signs of decline. With the groundwater gradient flow for the whole basin toward the southwest and the Continental Divide this does not bode well for the Gila and San Francisco Rivers which have been adjudicated under the Arizona Water Settlement Act (AWSA). This application has the potential to decrease the amount of available water to the aforementioned rivers which opens the State up for yet another water law suit. The basin is leaking groundwater at such a rate that annual rain and snow fall is NOT recharging the basin sufficiently.

So why is this application still going forward? Is there an agenda that we are unaware of, or is it just incompetence on the State's part, that 10 years later we are still dealing with this screwball application?
Dennis Inman - Geologist.
Download the commentary

December 7, 2017 -
Two books that may be of interest re: APR issue …
Land Grants & Lawsuits in Northern New Mexico by Malcolm Ebright, 2008 edition
(Southwest books - Center for land grant studies

Land, Water & Culture: New Perspectives on Hispanic Land Grants, - Briggs, 1987 (Amazon link)

Below are several pertinent articles reference in the Ebright work, from the Journal of the Southwest, Autumn, 1990. They go with this excerpt....

Generally, ancient Hispanic practices as to the location and boundaries of land grants, water rights, do not conform and have not conformed to Anglo-American standards for legal a result...
Absolute title with the right to sell water is an Anglo concept imposed on New Mexico water users fairly recently, and like the imposition of a partition suit, it will inevitably lead to the loss of water rights, just as the partition suit resulted in the loss of common lands. Communal control of irrigation water by acequia associations has helped the communities that use those resources to survive, but with privatization both water rights and the communities themselves are in jeopardy...." - Frances Levine in "Dividing the Water,"

Attached are the full text of articles from the Autumn issue of Journal of the Southwest that may be of use giving some legal and common law background behind some of these water fights....
Dividing the water.pdf
Dancing for Water.pdf
Acequia Rights Law and Tradition.pdf

The entire Autumn, 1990 issue of Journal of the Southwest was devoted to Water Rights in New Mexico. (Three examples below) Of course, there are many other studies, some more recent, but the back-grounding in the issues were adjudicated in the courts of the last 60-70 years....

Land, Water, and Pueblo-Hispanic Relations in Northern New Mexico - Autumn 1990 -Quantana  

Applied Research on Land and Water in New Mexico: A Critique - Autumn 1900 - Rodriguez   

"A Never-ending source of Water: Agriculture, Society, and Aquifer Deletion on the Coast of Hermosillo, Snorooa - Winter 2012 - Moreno   

In researching the subject documents it's important to make a distinction between water law, water rights, surface water and groundwater.

The term acquifer[s] is not useful because most of the hydrological studies that refer to acquifers do so in terms of groundwater vs. surface water. There is an additional problem because while everyone knows that surface waters are related to rivers and groundwater basins, the knowledge of groundwater.

Sources are often highly technical in its exact relationship. Claims about recharging groundwater resources periodically, or about depleting such resources … torture the definitions of water rights on the surface and their relationship to groundwater basins and the connection of those groundwater resources to flowing rivers. The geologic fact of the course of the Rio Grande through New Mexico has also made arguments about urban growth and water resource management highly political....and stretched the concepts around common lands and resources....
2 articles below are representative about the issues and case law
Of course the APR issue is "privatization" of something underground that can be attached or sold off like a separate mineral resource and detached from or attached to the concept of private property. That may mean that they can put the resource into a deed of conveyance, but the issue of adjudicating the true ownership of the same resource in a court of law is often technical and highly flawed when it comes to politicians, judges, and state agencies such as the New Mexico State Engineer....having been captured by corporate interests....

The issues about whether the community, smaller or larger, has rights to manage the use of groundwater resources have not recently been accorded priority when stood up against private property concepts.

From the Chicago-Kent College of Law Scholarly Commons @ IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law ...
Water Supply and Urban Growth in NM - Same old same old, or a new era - March 1, 2003

Transboundary Aquifers: Conceptual Models for Development of International Law - Ground Water 43 No.5 – Eckstein

The commentary above can be downloaded here  

Journal of the Southwest
Journal of the Southwest website  

Focusing on P3 in the context of the Plains water project is like complaining that the mugger who slugged me and stole my wallet had dirty fingernails. It is not the subject of primary concern. .

Reviewing SB0077 (1) … (the legislation) includes both surface and underground water.
I see that it adds a few requirements to those already required to be addressed by the OSE. However, I don't see that it presents special hurdles to the APR, and it also lacks detail in some areas:

(9) whether the entity in the receiving basin has prepared and implemented a drought contingency plan and an approved water conservation plan;

Approved by whom?

(3) benefits presently and prospectively derived from the return flow of water used within the basin of
origin that will be eliminated by the proposed out-of-basin use;

What is return flow? Return from where?

(11) whether the source of supply can reliably sustain the diversion's anticipated firm yield considering the
predicted effects of climate change on precipitation patterns and temperature in the basin of origin.

The APR, despite its greenwashing about capturing surface water for recharging the aquifer, admits that there is negligible natural recharge and has presented no evidence that it can achieve artificial recharge. It claims that irrespective of such activity (and thus of climate-associated changes to precipitation patterns) the water reservoir underlying the Plains contains 300 years' worth of pumping at the stated rate. So all it has to do to meet condition 11) is abandon the flimsy pretense that it will do any recharging.
Finally, if I were the APR, I'd guarantee Plains residents an ample supply of water at a nominal rate. My money's being made from the Valley communities, especially once they're dependent on "my" water to sustain the overdevelopment that its consumption permits. I see no problem doling out a few hundred acre-feet to keep the locals happy.

So what are you prepared to do when the APR makes this guarantee: never mind about your wells; we'll meet your water needs!

First, do you object to this situation? If not, where's the problem?

Second: if you do object to it, what in any existing or proposed water law gives you any legal ground to prevent it? I really think you ought to answer both of these questions. If you can't, this legislation business just invites pettifoggery on both sides by evading the real issue.

Happily, I don't see how the APR can expect to overcome the objection that wrecked their previous proposal: they have no end user and are merely speculating.
(1) Links to SB 77 - NM SB 77 link to
Inter Basin Water Transfer Senate bill 2014  

Jim Nelson - Magdalena

Download the above commentary  




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San Augustin Water Report Website
San Augustin Water Coalition
San Augustin Water Coalition (Facebook)
New Mexico Environmental Law Center  
Protect New Mexico (Follows Legislation)
San Augustin LLC website
Water Grabbing Information (Wiki)  
Augustin Plains Water


The Gila River - the last free flowing river in New Mexico (Video)

September 13, 2016 -
Five ways you are subdizing meat production.
With traps, snares, poisons, gas, and aerial gunning, the USDA’s Wildlife Services has killed more than 34 million animals in the last decade to protect the livestock operations of private meat producers, according to official records. The take in 2015 alone included 68,905 coyotes, 731 bobcats, 480 bears, 385 wolves, and 284 mountain lions. More >  

September 13, 2016 -
Scientific Study Warns of "Catastrophic Declines" in Earth's Wilderness

Sept 8, 2016 - Slaughtering the Profanity Pack: Losing Wolves and Academic Freedom   

Aug 26, 2016 -
For More Wonder, Rewild The world

August 24, 2016 - News on the City of Socorro feasibility study for municipally-owned electric utility. Meanwhile:

RFI for Wholesale Electric Power Supply

RFP for City of Socorro Municipal Electric Facilities Design.

Sept 8, 2016 -
In 20 Short Years, We’ve Wiped Out 10 Percent Of Earth’s Wilderness

August 7, 2016 - Official: Wolf issues resolved (Chieftain)

August 28, 2016 -
For More Wonder, Rewild The world (video)

2014-2017 - NM Wildlife plan  
Summary version

July 18, 2016 - Cibola forest plan was released today - Click "Cibola" above for documents that related to Magdalena area.

Mark your calendars and try and attend one of these meetings!When: July 26, 5:30 - 8 pm
Magdalena High School, 201 Duggins Dr, Magdalena

Cibola Forest press release  
The 1985 forest plan to be revised  

The Republican platform committee met this week to draft the document that defines the party’s official principles and policies. .... (there is) an amendment calling for the indiscriminate and immediate disposal of national public lands. Rest or the story here

July 11, 2016 - Federal Investigation: Wolf Program Mishandled (Abq. Journal)
" Less than a quarter of one percent, 0.23%, of the American cattle inventory was lost to native carnivores and dogs in 2010, according to a Department of Agriculture report".  
 Synopsis of the report  

June 16, 2016 - Judge temporarily stops wolf

June 16, 2016 - Keep politics out of wolf release

May 14, 2016 - (ABQ Journal)
State seeking to stop release of wolves

May 5, 2016 - Sheriff may try to stop wolves’ release in Socorro County - Chieftain

Important Survey:
The NM Department of Information Technology is soliciting your assistance in identifying those areas within NM having inadequate broadband service. As you all know Internet service in our area is poor.   Please take the speed test which will be logged by the Department as part of a survey. Conduct the test frequently at different times and days, at this website:

April 21, 2016 -
Chieftain article on the annual meeting  

More Electric Co-op news here


September 13, 2016 -
Scientific Study Warns of "Catastrophic Declines" in Earth's Wilderness

2014-2017 - NM Wildlife plan  
Summary version

February 6, 2016 -
The Battle to Save NM's Last Wild River  

January 12, 2026 - Department of the Interior and NM Central AZ Project Entity Sign Agreement to Further Evaluate a Gila River Water Project

2013 - Assessment of Climate Change
in the Southwest United States Click here

1968 - Public Law 90-537 - 90th Congress, S. 1004 - September 30, 1968:
Colorado River Basin Project: Objectives  

More Gila information here
More Cibola information here


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