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December 22, 2010 - Regular Board Meeting

122210-expense-report.wmv Before reviewing this video, it would be helpful to read, in order::
Trustee expenses timeline122210.pdf
Dec 11 2010 Wagner letter to Atty re: expenses

122210-Public Comment segment.wmv (20KB 5min)

Redistricting Report Video Clips:
122210-Redistricting report part 1 of 3.wmv (18KB 3min)
122210-Redistricting report part 2 of 3.wmv (19KB 4 min)
122210-Redistricting report part 2 of 3.wmv (19KB 4 min)

122210-discussion on legislation related to the co-op.wmv
(Status of the vote by mail issue, followed by House Bill 269-access fees and vote by mail issue) (16KB 5min)

Trustee Ulibarri assault.wmv (20KB 2min)

(Trustee Wagner (back to camera) tries to press home his question and motion, but was ignored by Bustamante resulting in more buffoonery by a board member. Note the board president in the background letting this all happen without a word, approving a hostile work environment)

December 22, 2010 Board Meeting

December 22 2010 board meeting comments
Related documents:
122210 agenda
Confidentiality Agreement
Trustee expenses timeline 122210.pdf
Dec 11 2010 Wagner letter to Atty re: expenses

12/22/10 Letter to the Cynic









November 29, 2010 - Board Meeting

11/30/10 - Cost of service presentation videos
Pre-executive session video (13MB)
Rates presentation part 1 (27MB)
Rates presentation part 2 (26MB)
Rates presentation part 3 (14MB)

  • Board goes to executive session
  • Presentation of cost of service study

11-29-10 press release re: rate change presentation to the Board

November 22, 2010 - Regular Board Meeting
  • Petition to recall board president Paul Bustamante
  • Redistricting committee report
  • Vote By Mail discussion and Trustee Wagner presentation
  • Hiring of new GM committee report
  • Redistricting committee report
  • State Legislation change to allow vote by mail
  • CFC Loan refinance

11-22-10 Meeting Agenda
Board President Recall Petition
Draft of State Legislation for vote by mail

October 25, 2010 - Regular Board Meeting

Board dodges request from 1 member and the Defensor Chieftain for documents. Video here (14MB approx. 8 min)

Report by CFC re: refinancing SEC loans - CFC loans and credit products to electric cooperative borrowers
Part 1 Part 2 (14MB 12min)

Report by BKD Forensic Auditors -
Part 1  Part 2  (20MB 16min each)

Annual Audit Report finalized (30MB 12min)

Catt Cobb comments on Capital Credit & Rates
(18MB 6min)

Of course no meeting is complete without the customary
Wolberg Rant

  • Board takes advice of SEC Attorney Kennedy and votes to NOT give documents requested by El Defensor Chieftain due to on-going legal issues. Decision in violation of state law.
  • Trustee Don Wolberg, PhD, goes on another rant. No meeting complete without a nonsensical rant.
  • Report by CFC on refinancing the SEC loans.
  • Catt Cobb of SGS Engineering comments on Capital Credits and Rate adjustment
  • Final auditors report approved, about 6 months late
  • Report by forensic auditors BKD - nothing too significant found
  • Update on redistricting (not a lot done, as usual)
  • Update on integrating the approved member proposals into the by-law document - again signs of stonewalling.
  • Executive session allowed employees and vendors to attend, but not members.


September 22, 2010 - Regular Board Meeting.

To Forensic or not to Forensic (.wmv 7mb)
Public Comments (.wmv 12mb)

RUS reps discuss overcharge and debt:
1 of 3 (.wmv 11mb)
2 of 3 (.wmv 12mb)
3 of 3 (.wmv 12mb)



  • Report from SGS Engineering re: Cost of Service Study
  • SEC is in the financial hole
  • SEC needs to refund about $1.5million due to overcharging because of clerical error
  • BKD's - forensic audit given the OK
  • Several member/owners had something to say to the board during public comments time
  • SEC has a mutual fund
  • Upgrades to computers and service discussed
  • RUS representatives discuss the overcharge and debt


September 7, 2010 - Special Meeting

090710-forensic-pt1.wmv - 11.5MB
090710-forensic-pt2.wmv - 11.6MB
090710-forensic-pt3.wmv - 14.6MB
090710-forensic-pt4.wmv - 11.2MB
090710-forensic-pt5.wmv - 11.1MB

  • The video is split into 5 parts and includes the entire meeting approximately 45min long.
  • We can see attempts at more stonewalling of the forensic audit, and even an attempt renaming the process into more friendly nomenclature.
  • More violations of open meetings act as well as parliamentary procedures to the point of comedy
  • And, the foxes are in the hen-house
    Sept 9, 2010 press release here
August 25, 2010 - Board Meeting

Motion to Dismiss part of Lawsuit  (3min 9.6KB)
Attorney comments on counter-suit
(7.5min 13.6KB)
Vote to dismiss employees  (1.5min 8.7KB)

  • The Board modifies the suit against members by dismissing the part covering the three by-law issues.
  • Then, terminate two top employees over possible financial irregularities
  • Board Attorney initial reaction to counter suit by members brought against the board
8/25/10 board meeting press release
August 26, 2010 - Special Meeting Re: Audit

Postponed decision on forensic auditor  (3min 9.6KB)
Additional discussion about getting a forensic auditor  (2:30min 8.7JB)

  • Dave Wade, filling in for Board Pres. Paul Bustamante, delays vote on engaging forensic auditing firm recommend by the NERC. Wolberg aids in stonewalling the vote until after audit report at same meeting.
  • Once the auditors report was finished, and prior to going to executive session, the issue of the vote for engaging a forensic audit firm is finally settled by Dave Wade and stonewalled again, with the help of Wolberg

8/27 and 8/28 press release

Related: Aug 2013 Whistleblower letter  

July 28, 2010 - Regular Board Meeting

Juan Gonzales comments on who owns the co-op   (2min - 9.3KB)
Attorney Francish discusses by-laws  (4min 8.8KB)  
Trustee Ulibari wants more lawsuits   (6min 9KB)
Member brings up financial question   (2.5min 4.8KB)

  • Former Board Member Juan Gonzales points out to the board that they own the co-op, not the member/owners
  • Discussion about by-laws
  • Trustee Ulibarri expresses his fear of 2x4's and wants more lawsuits
  • Member/owner inquires about finance position resulting in trustee discussion on debt
July 28 2010 Board Meeting Report
June 23, 2010 - Regular Board Meeting

Only audio of the first 10min of the meeting is available (video was not working). Click here (6min - 5KB)

062310 - meeting canceled, awaiting the police to arrive   (2min - 19KB)
Trustee Ulibari wants to know if he is a lizard   (10sec 2KB)
062311 - police arrive (2:30 4KB)
Trustee Wagner updates members on issues (3min 2KB)
Discrimination allegations fly in Socorro KOA news interview (no longer available)


July 24 Release - Pending Legal Matters   

  • This is the first meeting where recordings were made
  • (Listen to the audio recording for first 6min of the meeting) Board president notes video camera in the room and calls for motion to have it removed.
  • Recording devices not removed, so board decided to go into executive session as a way of avoiding the recording and a motion passes to do that.
  • Normally members would have to leave, but they don't. Police called. While awaiting for the police the video starts to record.
  • Board decides to go to executive session (illegally) because the meeting was being recorded. Note: they decided to cancel the meeting to avoid compliance with Open Meetings Act and did not give a reason for going into executive session, which is required by law.
  • Trustee Wade to Wagner: "You come here 30 minutes and think you can change the whole damn country"
  • Once the majority of the board went home ($65 richer), Trustee Wagner updates members on issues
  • Meanwhile, Trustee Ulibarri, still hanging about after the meeting canceled, wants to know if he is a lizard
  • Usual clownish screaming and yelling as hilarity ensues... then the cops came.