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June 9 - Quorum may or may not be valid at co-op meeting continuation


May 30 - SEC trustee questions chair’s decisions   and   
               Membership ownership should count
(D Chieftain)
Co-op annual meeting will continue (D Chieftain)
                   Wagner censured at co-op meeting (D Chieftain)

May 24 - Co-op annual meeting will continue (D Chieftain)

May 23 - Co-op meeting delayed  

May 17 - Co-op annual meeting cut short, Wolberg presentation shut
down by members
 (D Chieftain)    

May 16 - Co-op investigation finds Wagner at fault  
              Of co-op pots and kettles (comments on the "investigation" above)

May 9 - Co-op vote next week
SEC District 5 bylaw change recommendations

May 2 - SEC bylaws should be carefully considered and
Meeting location still sore point  (Letter - D Chieftain)


April 18 - SEC warning on member address release  
              SEC article on alternate energy options  
April 11 - SEC needs to notify members of mapping  (Letter - D Chieftain)
April 4 - Woman (Marie Watkins) asks city to refuse gym rental   (D Chieftain)


3/21 - Co-op conspiracy needs to end  (Letter - D Chieftain)
3/2 - Co-op meeting doesn't happen (D Chieftain)
3/2 - Co-op should reconsider meeting place  (Letter - D Chieftain)


2/23 - Co-op meeting should be held at Macey Center (Letter - D Chieftain)


1/30 - New trustees mean new age for cooperative  (Letter - D Chieftain)
1/26 - Co-op argues over time (of annual meeting) (D Chieftain)
1/16 - Co-op reminder of Greek myth (Letter - D Chieftain)
         Should PNM handle electric for Socorro? (Letter - D
1/12 - Co-op reminds reader of classic horror films (Letter - D Chieftain)
1/9 - Co-op meeting redux (D Chieftain)
1/2 - Co-op board reorganized (D Chieftain)


November 21-
Co-op meeing a Jerry Springer Show
Co-op mail-in ballot should count as intended only (Chieftain) 

November 17 Attorney denies co-op vote valid (Chieftain) 

November 14 -
Wagner wins SEC District II election held in Alamo (Chieftain) 
Co-op franchise hearings continue (Chieftain) 

November 7 - Chieftain articles and letters
Co-op questions during meeting on meaning of letter( Chieftain) 
District 3 election candidates (Chieftain) 
Co-op District 4 meeting fails to address concerns (letter)
Co-op District 2 members need to participate (letter)

November 1 - SEC fluff piece in Enchantment


October 31 -
Socorro Electric Cooperative: District II election candidates (Chieftain)  
trustees should listen to member/owners (Chieftain) 

October 24
- Chieftain article by Trustee Wolberg

October 17 -
Request co-op ballots early   (Letter D Chieftain)

Participate in co-op elections   (Letter D Chieftain)

Know who you are voting for   (Letter D Chieftain)

October 10 -
Bylaw changes discussed at Dist. V co-op meeting (Chieftain)
Co-op district meetings begin (Chieftain)  
City looks at electric concerns  (Chieftain)

October 4 - SEC district meetings begin this weekend (Chieftain) 
October 3 - Chieftain earns ‘Best News Coverage’ award  (Chieftain) 


Sept 26 - City discusses electric franchise with Socorro Electric (Chieftain) 


August 7 - Co-op District Meetings Set (Chieftain)  


July 25 - Inflating renewal costs by the PRC
July 18 - Is SEC voter mandering? (Letter D Chieftain)
July 18 - SEC member miffed with reform group  
July 11 - Co-op trustee opponents out this weekend with petition   
July 4 -   Co-op still trying to determine if Distgrict V resolutions legal  
July 4 -   Seveal letters to the Chieftain on the water grab  



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