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Special investigation commentary here

January 31 - First review of the proposed by-laws

January 25 - -update comments & questions on investigation meeting.pdf

January 28, 2015 - Regular Meeting Agenda  
January 28, 2015 - Board Minutes

January 6, 2015 - Board Reorganization Meeting Minutes

January 21 - While watching the tape of the City of Socorro's Tuesday night (1/20/15), Mayor Bhasker mentioned that the report of the Smith and Christensen law firm was scheduled to be presented to the SEC Board of Trustees next week. Check the SEC website, click on News and Events which will take you to Board of Trustees Regular Meeting notice. The notice States:.... rest of the comments here
012115-comments on Investigation meeting and City Council comments  


.February 28 -
SEC comments in the March Enchantment  

February 27 -
Legislative efforts to squelch net metering abound

February 26 -
Co-op members should carefully read proposal (Letter) 
Special co-op members’ meeting slated

February 19, 2015 Chairwoman Dorough letter to the Chieftain  

February 21 - Comments on 2/18/15 board meeting  

February 18th board agenda      February 18, 2015 - board minutes  

February 2 - comments on recommended new board policies


Don't forget, the monthly board meeting is this Wednesday at 1pm.

Attendance at this meeting may shed some light on procedures concerning the Christensen reports and their effect upon members' rights. Your comments are important as an expression of your concerns and opinions. Please attend even though the meeting time is inconvenient.

MARCH 2015

Comments in March issue of Enchantment  

SEC comments on back page of April 2015 Enchantment  

 032815-comment for download  
Vote NO Flyer  

MARCH 12 - SPECIAL MEETING called at the co-op for March 13th 2pm.   
 031315 - Agenda
The announcement of this meeting was mailed to trustees on March 10th.    Please spread the word and attend.

Note - on the right side are 2 links to the SEC videos of board meeting, and the Christensen investigation report.

March 11 -
2008 - The investigation report of the Pedernales Co-op

March 9 - Just as an FYI for intested readers and viewers in Oregon, we'vee re-vived the Pederales (TX) web page for your persual. You can reach that page by clicking "others", at the top under Court Cases.

March 7 - Utilities wage campaign against rooftop solar
March 6 - Solar Will Dominate World Energy Supply in Just 15 Years
March 5 - CAcommunities seize control of their energy futures 

APRIL 2015

Download a copy

Poison Pill by-laws - a list of problem by-laws April 6, 2015

041815-Gene Brown Comments  

Image of the ballot showing the fold line.gif

April 8 - SEC's press release asking for yes vote.pdf

April 9 - Member vote no poster

April 10 - comments

April 16, 2015 - Chieftain letters:
Not Happy with co-op spending (Ruth White)   
SEC Board doesn’t deserve support (Gene Brown)
Co-op should be controlled by members (Fancher Gotesky)
Adversarial behavior about SEC needs to stop (Ian Jenness)
Proposed bylaws take away member control (Lee Scholes)

April 22 board Agenda  
Foundation Meeting April 22nd 1PM Foundation agenda  

April billing insert  

MAY, 2015

May 7- in the Chieftain -
Mayor, council declare ultimatum for co-op

Public comments.
Marie Watkins on new bylaws.wmv

Council discussion about the by-laws and
franchise agreement.wmv

May 13 - The regular montly board meeting follows the Annual
Meeting on May 16th. Board Meeting Agenda


2015 Annaul Agenda   (Published in The Enchantment)

May 12 - Update on the critical "missing" video from the last board meeting -

More reports coming in that the missing and critical part of the last board meeting video was not a result of an accident.
Claims the attorney tripped over the cord (which is taped to the floor) shut down the camera is bogus. The Cynic camera is identical of the SEC, and we don't even use a wall plug. If external power is lost, the camera continues on battery for at least 2-3hrs. Therefore, we can only conclude things were said or done that at a minimum, discredit the board majority or possibly getting their sorry asses sued... just say'n.

May 21 -
South Mississippi Electric Power Association spokeswoman Sara Peterson said SMEPA's board voted to back out of a plan to buy a share of the plant. Peterson said the association's staff did a study which found that electricity from Kemper would cost more than previously planned because of rising construction costs....

The rest of the story here  

May 28 -
Press Release from the SEC:
Socorro Electric Cooperative's accuracy of its website material is the highest priority of the Cooperative. The Letter to the Editor in May 21, 2015, edition of the El Defensor Chieftain titled "SEC Has Good News for Seniors" was taken from SEC Frequently Asked Questions.

Unfortunately, inaccurate material regarding early Retirement of Patronage Capital Credits was posted on our (SEC) website. This procedure has never been in accordance with previous or current Bylaws, policies or practices with regards to the retirement of Patronage Capital Credits. We apologize for the misunderstanding and will continue to strive to keep our website with the most current and accurate information.
  Download the release

JUNE 2015

June 29 -
The "Election Committee" had their meeting to determing which candidates were qualified to run for the 2 new positions covering Socorro.  Only two previous trustees threw their hat in the ring. Both lost their seats in the 2013 elections: -
Don Wolberg (who got only 6 votes the last time he ran for trustee) and Leroy Anaya who also lost with only 46 votes in 2013. The winner was Melissa Amaro with 140 votes.

The committee consists of Manny Marquez, Tanya Duffy, David Johnson, Dennis Harris, Gene Cole, Percilla Mauldin, Pete Gonzales and Milton Ulibarri.

June 24 - In viewing some of the videos of the June 24th meting, and other meetings, it is apparent that District 2 owners have been cut out of the democratic process.  A note to the state attorney general may be in order.  

Regular board meeting videos:
Public Comments (Doug May).wmv
Managers Report - Part 1 of 2 (Wilson Report).wmv
Managers Report - Part 2 of 2 (Lawyer fees, etc).wmv
Finance Committee Report part 1 of 2.wmv
Finance Committee Report part 2 of 2.wmv

Election Committee Report.wmv
(Some foxes in the hen house)

CFC - Federated Insurance Exchange.wmv

NRECA region 10 delegate.wmv
Trustee Travel.wmv
RUS Form 7.wmv
New organization chart.wmv
NMRECA Report.wmv

June 22 -

Agenda for the June 24th board meeting  
May 24th board minutes  

June 20 -  

A “make up” meeting between the General Manager, the board Vice-president, and district 2 trustee, Charlie Wagner, was conducted Wednesday June 17th. The by-laws allow such a meeting if one or more trustees are absent from the regular board meeting per the new by-laws.

The meeting outcome was that 4 items were requested to be on the June 24th regular board meeting:

1. I need prior approval to attend the Legal Seminar November 5-6, 2015 in Seattle, WA, the NMRECA sponsored training August 18 through 20 and the Region Eight and Ten Meeting October 21-22, 2015. The General Manager indicated that approval for all but the legal seminar were accomplished in the April board meeting. Pre-approval should be on the agenda for the June meeting.

2. Discussion in executive session under "litigation Pending" should be on the June Agenda. The subject being "false and damaging" statements in letters from Federated Insurance Exchange which need to be investigated.

3. The “board pack” for the June meeting should include the check registers for April and May 2015.

4. Discuss the issue of why one trustee who was excluded from committee assignments by Board President. This is probably a violation of Roberts Rules of Order and excludes any district(s) from having a representative on the various committees.

June 18 - SEC corrrects web information (Chieftain) 


City Council Video:
Socorro City resolution Resolution 15-06-15B - Feasibility Study for Electric Utility. wmv

Resolution 15-06-15B  

Economic Impact of Changing Electricity Suppliers in the City of Socorro   
Related websites:
UNM Bureau of Business and Economic Research   
Law firm used - Stelzner, Winter, Warburton, et al

Economic Impact of Changing Electricity Suppliers in the City of Socorro   
Related websites:
UNM Bureau of Business and Economic Research   
Law firm used - Stelzner, Winter, Warburton, et al

June 4 -
The relationships between rural energy co-operatives and the utilities that provide their power are usually pretty subdued. Like partners in a long and stable marriage, they mostly understand each other and few disputes make it out of the boardroom.

But earlier this year, it became clear that things have deteriorated between Delta-Montrose Electric Association and its provider, Tri-State. The two have quietly—and not so quietly—been at odds for years over whether Delta-Montrose, a rural electricity cooperative based in Montrose, Colorado, could go outside their relationship to generate some of its own power. Finally, in February, Delta-Montrose called on federal regulators to resolve the dispute. .....
The rest of the story here:
A rural utility bucks against its power supplier  

June 3 - Socorro City Clerk comments at June 3rd Rotary Meeting

National Rural Cooperative Association

DER ...Distributed Energy Resources are moving into the mainstream. The rest of the story here.




JULY 2015

July 9, 2015 - Election committe and candidate comments

July Enchantment - Voting Eligibility Requirements for Businesses  

July 9 - SEC Trustee Election  (Chieftain Letter)  

July 9, 2015 - Comments-Election-Committee.pdf

July 2 - Anaya and Wolberg to run for SEC posts
Foxes trying to get back into the hen house.


083015- Wagner press release - brief history 

062915-credential and election committee minutes  



September 25 - Notice of District 2 election
Those interested in running need to contact the General Manager, Joseph Herrera no later than Oct 23rd.

Sept 23rd Agenda  

Remember, ALL members get to vote on who will represent District 2 - Not just members living in that district. It roughly covers Magdalena, Alamo, and western part of Socorro.

All Districts Map


Agenda for October 28th meeting   

October Board Minutes

November Board Minutes  

December 10, 2015 - SEC cuts power on Thanksgiving (Letter to Chieftain)  





Don Wolberg, Donald Wolberg, Miton Uliberri, Paul Bustamante,