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August 10, 2017

Journalist Allan Nairn on Trump Administration's Revolutionary Dismantling of U.S. Government. Democracy Now

It sure looks like Paul Manafort is in serious legal trouble. The Washington Post reports that the FBI recently raided the former Trump campaign chair’s home.  Vox    Followup: Trump called for acting FBI director’s firing hours after FBI agents raided Paul Manafort’s home. ... An incriminating fact-pattern emerges. ThinkProgress

American Credit Card Debt Exploding Like Never Before. ... Americans now have the highest revolving debt in US history, collectively owing more than a trillion dollars in credit card debt. Ring of Fire

What’s Worse: Trump’s Campaign Agenda or Empowering Generals and CIA Operatives to Subvert It? Intercept

Netanyahu's Trump-esque Rally A Wild Show of Incitement by a Prime Minister in Distress, ,,, Wild, inciting and inflammatory, Netanyahu's rally was just a preview of Israel's next election. Haaretz

Anything Goes When You’re a Cop in America. CounterPunch

August 9, 2017
Is Donald Trump Tweeting the U.S. Into a War on North Korea? The Intercept

Meet the Senior Federal Official Blowing the Whistle on Trump's Suppression of Climate Science. Democracy Now ... Related: US federal department is censoring use of term 'climate change', emails reveal. ... Exclusive: series of emails show staff at Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service advised to reference ‘weather extremes’ instead. Guardian

Trump seeks to strip protections for nursing home patients. ... Proponents claim the decision would protect both patients and long-term care facilities. Advocates disagree. ThinkProgress


A Clip from a discussion on Interactive Timeline (link below) ... Trump and his team assuring everybody there had been no contacts between the campaign and Russians. That was defense No. 1.

Defense No. 2 was, well, if there were contacts, there was no collusion. And then that has disappeared.

Defense No. 3, particularly in light of the June 9, 2016 meeting among Trump's senior advisers and the Russians, is, look, anyone would do it; it's oppo research. Well, that isn't really selling very well.

Defense No. 4 has become, well, the Russians didn't provide anything that was helpful anyway, so no harm, no foul.

And now we're up to [Nos.] 5 and 6, which I would summarize as whatever happened didn't affect the election outcome, and No. 6, the newest one, is no matter what happened, Trump is still a legitimate president. And I think that No. 6 is a big one because I think that's very much in question based on the failure of defenses 1 through 5.

Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump. ... Explore our updated, comprehensive Trump/Russia timeline — or select one of the central players in the Trump/Russia saga to see what we know about them. Moyers

Our Russia Fixation Is Devolving Into an Assault on Political Discourse. ... A new project by the German Marshall Fund claims to track the influence of foreign propaganda—but warps reality to accommodate an alarming new Russophobia. The Nation

August 8, 2017

Dawn of the Dead: Why American Politics Can’t be Reformed. CounterPunch

With New D.C. Policy Group, Dems Continue to Rehabilitate and Unify With Bush-Era Neocons. Intercept

This Trump real estate deal looks awfully like criminal tax fraud. ... Two tax lawyers break down the president’s sale of two condos to his son. WaPo

Wall Street Fines Down 66% Under Trump's Goldman Sachs-Filled Administration. ... "You do have to wonder when working-class Trump supporters will start to notice such things." CommonDreans

Our Russia Fixation Is Devolving Into an Assault on Political Discourse
A new project by the German Marshall Fund claims to track the influence of foreign propaganda—but warps reality to accommodate an alarming new Russophobia. The Nation

The truth about evil. ... Our leaders talk a great deal about vanquishing the forces of evil. But their rhetoric reveals a failure to accept that cruelty and conflict are basic human traits. Guardian

Trump tries to erase climate change from the Department of Agriculture. ... Referring to climate change as "extreme weather" isn't enough. ThinkProgress

‘Watch out for the paramilitaries’: Right-wing militia groups aligning with GOP officials under Trump. RawStory

August 7, 2017

As Congress Tries to Criminalize BDS, the Democratic Socialists of America Endorse It. Intercept

DOJ 'Bullying' Cities Into Complying With Anti-Immigration Efforts. ... Attorney General Sessions orders city law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration agents. CommonDreams

US Ramps Up Border Militarism as Trump Appoints DHS Head General John Kelly to Chief of Staff. Democracy Now

The Police State Trump Is Building Is Far More Destructive to American Democracy Than Any Collusion with Russia ... Three years after Ferguson, the administration seeks to militarize policing even more. It's a dangerous path. AlterNet

Videos of Baltimore Cops Allegedly Planting Evidence Test Body Camera Programs. Intercept

A psychological analysis of Trump supporters has uncovered 5 key traits about them. RawStory


Statement on Jeff Sessions' disturbing press conference announcing a crackdown on leaks and journalism. Freedom Press

Jeff Sessions Floats Media Subpoenas As Part Of Crackdown On Leaks
“We will not allow rogue anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country,” the attorney general said Friday. Huffington

Keep the Trump Leaks Coming
The president is too incompetent to serve, and Congress must be pressured into removing him. New Republic

Joining Arab states, Israel says it plans to ban Al-Jazeera. AP Related: Guardian

Can you trust the mainstream media? ... After Brexit, Trump, the 2017 election and Grenfell, increasing numbers of people express no faith in ‘the MSM’. So what has caused such a crisis of faith in journalism? Guardian

August 4-6, 2017

Weekend Read:
No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump's Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need. Naomi Klein - This is one attempt to uncover how we got to this surreal political moment. It is also an attempt to predict how, under cover of shocks and crises, it could get a lot worse. And it’s a plan for how, if we keep our heads, we might just be able to flip the script and arrive at a radically better future.”

Jim Hightower: John Deere Is Against the Right to Repair Its Equipment. ... Despite what corporations may claim, it's your legal right to repair the stuff you own. AlterNet

Noam Chomsky on How the United States Developed Such a Scandalous Health System. TruthOut

RExxon Tillerson’s Petro-Imperially Perfect Regime Change Threat ... UStop “diplomat” saying that a democratically elected head of sovereign state, Venezuela’s president Maduro, must leave office or “we” – the US government that is - will reserve the right to remove him (absurdly described as “return[ing]” the Venezuelan government “back to their constitution.”) It is a declaration of the United States’ presumed entitlement to conduct internationally criminal regime change, confident that it is exempt from global sanction or prosecution. Because we own the world and what we say goes –- especially in our hemisphere. Capice? CounterPunch

50 Senators Want to Make It a Crime to Boycott Israel. CounterPunch

The Golden Age of Drug Trafficking: How Meth, Cocaine, and Heroin Move Around the World.
Vice News

'There's no sport in that': trophy hunters and the masters of the universe. ... Modern trophy hunters can shoot animals via the internet – but they argue that it is all conservation. The killing of Xanda – Cecil the Lion’s son – has sparked debate about what hunting really means. Guardian


Uncle Sam’s Grisly Record of Murder and Mayhem Since 1945: Some of the Worst Hits.
Paul Street

The Mask Is Off: Trump Is Seeking War with Iran. Lobeblog

Trump Considers Prolonging Afghan War to Secure $1 Trillion in Untapped Mineral Deposits. Democracy Now Related: 'This Is Nuts': Trump Fumes to Generals That US Should Plunder Afghan Minerals. ... The president also compared military strategy to renovating a restaurant. . CommonDreams

The war America can't win: how the Taliban is regaining control in Afghanistan. ... The Taliban controls places like Helmand, where the US and UK troops fought their hardest battles, pushing the drive toward peace and progress into reverse.

Watchdog Enumerates Problems in Afghanistan as Trump Considers Replacing US Forces With Private Contractors. TruthOut

US Foreign Military Bases Aren’t for “Defense”. CounterPunch

Vietnam Encore - In September a Ken Burns 10-parter is going to make the US role in Vietnam an “issue” again for a little while. CounterPunch

This October, Trump Will Try to Start a War with Iran. ... Trump plans to sabotage the nuclear deal. AlterNet

August 3, 2017

Wray Confirmed as FBI Director as Questions Swirl over His Past Record & Close Ties to Big Business. Democracy Now
Related: American Interests

Meat industry blamed for largest-ever 'dead zone' in Gulf of Mexico. ... A new report shows toxins from suppliers to companies like Tyson Foods are pouring into waterways, causing marine life to leave or die. Guardian

Forget Fascism. It’s Anarchy We Have to Worry About. ... We are not barreling toward fascism. Fascism requires a program and unity of purpose. Moyers

'Alt-right' groups will 'revolt' if Trump shuns white supremacy, leaders say prominent members of the American far right predict that waning influence on the president-elect could trigger discord and vengeance within the movement. Guardian  Related: 'Young white guys are hopping mad': confidence grows at far-right gathering. Guardian

Noam Chomsky July 2017 - The Emerging World Order. YouTube Video

Nearly all Cabinet officials attend Bible lessons with right-wing pastor who compares Trump to biblical heroes. RawStory

Noam Chomsky: We're 'Lucky' Trump Is a Clown—but Our Luck May Be Running Out ... The linguist and philosopher says a more "charismatic" figure could be a "real danger." AlterNet

The People are Not the Enemy: Police Anarchy in America. CounterPunch

Energy Department Scientists Barred From Attending Nuclear Power Conference
No one can explain why the U.S. scientists were prevented from attending the conference in Russia. AlterNet

Whistleblower Case Shows How Trump Tries to Silence Science. ... A top federal scientist working with Alaska Native communities on climate change talks about abuses of power and intimidation, while a report details other tactics.
Inside Climate News

August 2, 2017

Hydropolitics Down Under: The Failure of the Murray Darling Basin Plan. CounterPunch

Is Trump Trying to Sabotage the Nuclear Deal to Lay Groundwork for War with Iran?
Democracy Now

Jill Stein on Trump as a "Grave Danger" & Why She was at 2015 Moscow Dinner with Putin & Flynn. Demcoracy Now

Explosive lawsuit alleges Trump reviewed and approved bogus Fox News story on Seth Rich. ... White House officials previously denied any knowledge. ThinkProgress

Scientists Warn of "Biological Annihilation" as Warming Reaches Levels Unseen for 115,000 Years. TruthOut


Trump threatens to end insurance payments if no healthcare bill. Reuters

Trump threatens insurer payments — and health care enjoyed by Congress. StatNews

Can Trump really cut health insurance payments for members of Congress and their staff? It would be easy. LA Times

Trump threatens to gut Obamacare markets. ... The president has repeatedly told aides and advisers that he wants to end the subsidy payments, and he has not changed his position. Politico

The new bipartisan House proposal to fix Obamacare, explained. ... On Monday, the approximately 40 members of the House’s “Problem Solver” caucus — co-chaired by Reps. Tom Reed (R-NY) and Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) — unveiled a plan to fix Obamacare marketplaces without dismantling its basic architecture.Vox

August 1, 2017

The GOP Is No Longer A ‘Conservative’ Party
They’ve become radical, and they want to remake America. ... To most Americans, “conservative” is interchangeable with “Republican Party.” After all, the GOP has usually been the more conservative side of a two-party system for a century. We also tend to understand who a conservative is based on the root of the word: someone who is cautious and respects the status quo, or, put more strongly, someone who is resistant to change. Huffington

The Rising Collateral of Civilian Deaths in Iraq and Syria. ... In its war against ISIS, the Trump administration has escalated its military intervention in the Middle East from extermination to straight up annihilation. The Wire

Hacked Emails Show UAE Building Close Relationship With D.C. Think Tanks That Push Its Agenda. Intercept

Saudi Arabia Is Buying Off and Silencing Its Critics. TruthOut

High Court Judges Defy Reason to Protect Tony Blair. Craig Murray

Emails Show Iraq War PR Alums Led Attempt to Discredit Dakota Access Protesters. ... Behind the scenes, as law enforcement officials tried to stem protests against the Dakota Access pipeline, alumni from the George W. Bush White House were leading a crisis communications effort to discredit pipeline protesters. Desmog

The Dark Prince of Voter Fraud Alarmism is Joining the Trump Administration. Slate

New Film Shows the Brutality of Duterte’s Murderous Drug War in the Philippines.

"Billion-Dollar Mistake": Democrats Neglect People of Color While Failing to Woo White Trump Voters, Democracy Now



August 21, 2017

The Corruption of the Law. ... The supposed clash between liberal and conservative judges is largely a fiction. The judiciary, despite the high-blown rhetoric about the sanctity of individual freedom by the Federalist Society, is a naked tool of corporate oppression.. TruthDig/Hedges

Federalist Court ... How the Federalist Society became the de facto selector of Republican Supreme Court justices. Slate

Billionaires Trying to Carve Up the Planet to Build Their Empires Is Astounding. ... From Yemen to Haiti and everywhere in between, the poorest citizens are punished for unknown crimes.

The White House is Now Run Entirely by Hucksters, Democrats, and Generals. ... There is no one left in the White House who has any idea what they’re doing. At least nobody conservative. ... President Donald Trump never tires of reminding audiences that he is not a politician, and he proves it on an hourly basis. He is by turns a nationalist, a populist, and a demagogue — but rarely acts as a traditional conservative. Intercept

Drawing the Line ... How redistricting turned America from blue to red.. New Yorker

A 'Forgotten History' Of How The U.S. Government Segregated America. NPR

Interactive Redlining Map Zooms In On America's History Of Discrimination. NPR

Justice Department’s Dreamhost Subpoena Ramps Up the Police State. ... If the U.S. Department of Justice prevails in a case against web-hosting provider Dreamhost, you can become the subject of a criminal investigation by visiting a website. CounterPunch

Capitalist Economies Create Waste, Not Social Value. TruthOut

Israel Minister: Preserving Ties With Trump Bigger Priority Than Denouncing Neo-Nazis. ... “Trump is the unquestioned leader of the free world, and we must not accept anyone harming him,” said Ayoub Kara last week. Huffington

It’s Not Just Trump, Federal Law Enforcement Is Not Very Focused On Far-Right Extremism. .. Fewer resources are devoted to combating rising violence from white supremacists and far-right domestic terrorism. Huffington
Related: Jerusalem Post

August 18-20, 2017

Son of Israeli prime minister says leftists worse than Nazis. ... His comments represent a concerning trend among Israeli officials, who have failed to denounce global anti-Semitism. ThinkProgress

Pentagon Ready for "Full Range" of Options, Despite South Korea's Pleas to Rule Out War. TruthOut

The North Korea Standoff, Like the Cuban Missile Crisis, Exposes the Reckless U.S. Worldview. Intercept

The Dangers of American Exceptionalism. ...
The problem with Americans thinking America is, at its heart, good. Slate

Pence's Indiana 'Cautionary Tale' for Privatizing Infrastructure Projects. White House plan touts partnerships with private sector while Indiana residents navigate aftermath of roadway privatization approved by Pence, their former governor. CommonDreams

Reclaiming Public Services. ... How cities and citizens are turning back privatisation. TNI

Why Is the Justice Department Targeting an Online Audience of Over 1 Million Anarchists? ... Anti-Trump website balks as Washington demands names, addresses and bank information of their users. AlterNet

Longtime Trump business partner ‘told family he knows he and POTUS are going to prison’: report. RawStory

Prediction: Trump Will Resign In Disgrace… Soon – The Young Turks. Ring of Fire

Preparing for an "all out war": Why anti-Government Militias are Taking up Arms for Trump. Haaretz

Donald Trump removes law protecting buildings from floods and sea-level rise. ... 'It's going to be quick. It's going to be a very streamlined process. And by the way, if it doesn't met environmental safeguards, we're going to approve it - very simple'

August 17, 2017

The 16 Year War in Afghanistan: Headlines Tell the Story. CounterPunch

Fox News website features story glorifying running over liberal protesters with cars
"Study the technique; it may prove useful in the next four years.". ThinkProgress

Department of Justice Uses Search Warrant To Get Data On Visitors to Anti-Trump Site. PopeHat

Antifa: A Look at the Anti-Fascist Movement Confronting White Supremacists in the Streets. Democracy Now

Journalism Under Assault: Trump’s Crackdown on the News, and Where We Go From Here.

Backed by Police Unions, Legislators Stand by Laws to Protect Drivers Who Kill Protesters. Intercept

Trump's Neo-Nazis and the Rise of Illiberal Democracy. TruthOut

Journalism Under Assault: Trump’s Crackdown on the News, and Where We Go From Here. CounterPunch

“Mad Dog” Mattis Making Life Interesting for Pentagon Stenographers. Intercept

August 16, 2017

Trump and the Christian Fascists.

Backed by Police Unions, Legislators Stand by Laws to Protect Drivers Who Kill Protesters. Intercept

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Given Trump & GOP History of Racism, Violence in Charlottesville was Predictable. Democracy Now

Fascism Here We Come: the Rise of the Reactionary Right and the Collapse of “The Left”.

Ahead of Charlottesville, Trump Cut Funds for Group Fighting White Supremacy. CommonDreams

Trump DOJ Wants Info on Every Person Who Visited Anti-Trump Protest Site. ... Web hosting company vows to protect users from 'overreach' and 'abuse of government authority'.

‘Bernie Bros’ and ‘Alt-Left’ Are Propaganda Terms Meant to Disempower. CounterPunch

Azhar Ahmed – charged with treason over Facebook comments? ... Comments about the army on a Yorkshire teenager's Facebook page seem to be too much for the new 'total policing' state. Guardian

Americans, Irish, Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Pakistanis – They All Have More Balls Than We Scots. (About public statues) Craig Murray

French high court: BDS activists guilty of discrimination. ... Judges upholds ruling against activists who called to boycott Israeli products; French law prohibits targeting of nations for discrimination. The Times of Israel

August 15, 2017

DNC Fraud Suit Exposes Anti-Democratic Views in Democratic Party. TruthDig

Unity With the Right? A Deplorable Idea. CounterPunch

Creating an Educational Alternative Front to the Neoliberal Academy. CounterPunch

With New D.C. Policy Group, Dems Continue to Rehabilitate and Unify With Bush-Era Neocons. Intercept

Robert Scheer on Corporate Influence in the Democratic Party. TruthDig

Former DOJ Civil Rights Head: Jeff Sessions Is Implementing an Anti-Civil Rights Agenda. Democracy Now

The Dark Prince of Voter Fraud Alarmism is Joining the Trump Administration. Slatest

The Details About the CIA's Deal With Amazon. ... A $600 million computing cloud built by an outside company is a "radical departure" for the risk-averse intelligence community. The Atlantic

More Than Half of Republicans Would Support Postponing the 2020 Election: Poll
A whopping 86 percent believe millions of immigrants voted illegally in 2016. AlterNet

August 14, 2017

New Files Confirm the JFK Investigation Was Controlled by the CIA— Not 'Botched' as Some Pretended. ... How Politico missed the story.

The Rise of Neoliberal Culture and the Making of an Indecent State and Society. CounterPunch

Police Stood By As Mayhem Mounted in Charlottesville. ... State police and national guardsmen watched passively for hours as self-proclaimed Nazis engaged in street battles with counter-protesters. Huffington

How Capitalist Central Banks Have Been Creating the Next Financial Crisis. CounterPunch

We Have Been at War in Iraq for 27 Years

Gulf Government Gave Secret $20 Million Gift To DC Think Tank. Intercept

How a Little-Known U.S. Libertarian Think Tank Is Remaking Latin American Politics.
Democracy Now
Related: Sphere of Influence: How American Libertarians Are Remaking Latin American Politics.Intercept

Like a Mafia Movie: Ministers Swore Allegiance to Boss Netanyahu While His Wife Called Out 'Traitors'. ... Critics who said Netanyahu should go because of his Temple Mount flip-flop and limited settlement construction have embraced him once again after recognizing their true enemy: The left. Haaretz

More Than Half of Republicans Would Support Postponing the 2020 Election: Poll A whopping 86 percent believe millions of immigrants voted illegally in 2016. AlterNet

August 11-13, 2017

Weekend read:
DARKNESS AT NOON - by Arthur Koestler. Originally published in 1941, Arthur Koestler's modern masterpiece, Darkne ... a powerful and haunting portrait of a Communist revolutionary caught in the vicious fray of the Moscow show trials of the late 1930s. ... During Stalin's purges, Nicholas Rubashov, an aging revolutionary, is imprisoned and psychologically tortured by the party he has devoted his life to. Under mounting pressure to confess to crimes he did not commit, Rubashov relives a career that embodies the ironies and betrayals of a revolutionary dictatorship that believes it is an instrument of liberation. On Amazon

A Sobering National Climate Change Report. CounterPunch

The British election is a reminder of the perils of too much democracy. LA Times

Rulers, Religion and Riches by Jared Rubin – why the west got rich. ... Getting religion out of politics was the key to Europe’s success, this work of economic history argues. The turning point was the Reformation. Guardian

British Government, Businesses to Partner in Overzealous Crowd Control. CounterPunch

With New D.C. Policy Group, Dems Continue to Rehabilitate and Unify With Bush-Era Neocons. Intercept

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Urges Trump to Privatize Afghan War & Install Viceroy to Run Nation. Democracy Now

GCHQ captured emails of journalists from top international media. ... Snowden files reveal emails of BBC, NY Times and more. ... Agency includes investigative journalists on ‘threat’ list. ... Editors call on Cameron to act against snooping on media. Guardian

Megachurch Pastor Says Trump Has God's Approval to Start Nuclear War. ... Comments by president's spiritual advisor sparks condemnation amid "fire and fury" threats against North Korea.

U.S. Ramps Up Border Militarism as Trump Appoints DHS Head General John Kelly to Chief of Staff.Democracy Now

Sick but True: The Federal Government Supports Profiteering From Endangered Species' Deaths. ... If you’re willing to pay the price, you can kill a wild animal whose species is nearing extinction.



August 31, 2017

The Red Cross Won’t Save Houston. ...
It has proven itself unequal to the task of massive disaster relief. We need a new kind of humanitarian response. Slate

How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes. ...Even as the group has publicly celebrated its work, insider accounts detail a string of failures. ... by Justin Elliott, ProPublica, and Laura Sullivan, June 3, 2015 ProPublica

Trump tries to erase climate change from the Department of Agriculture. ... Referring to climate change as "extreme weather" isn't enough. ThinkProgress

ICE Plans to Start Destroying Records Detailing Immigrant Sexual Abuse and Deaths in Its Custody. ... Ten people have perished in detention centers over the last year alone. AlterNet

Diplomatic Underground. ... The Sordid Double Life of Washington’s Most Powerful Ambassador.
The Intercept

Pro-solar bill fails again in Maine as lawmakers fall for ‘scare tactics’ ... State legislature unable to override governor's veto for second year in a row.

A Sobering National Climate Change Report. CounterPunch

The “Poison Papers” represent a vast trove of rediscovered chemical industry and regulatory agency documents and correspondence stretching back to the 1920s. Taken as a whole, the papers show that both industry and regulators understood the extraordinary toxicity of many chemical products and worked together to conceal this information from the public and the press. PoisonPapers

Just-Released Docs Show Monsanto 'Executives Colluding With Corrupted EPA Officials to Manipulate Scientific Data'. ... The damning documents were released by plaintiffs suing Monsanto in a claim that Roundup caused them to become ill with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. AlterNet

August 30, 2017

New Bill Would Force Arrested Protesters to Pay Police Overtime, Other Fees. The Intercept

In Europe, Hate Speech Laws are Often Used to Suppress and Punish Left-Wing Viewpoints.
The Intercept

The NRA's New Television Network Is Part Breitbart, Part InfoWars and Completely Deranged. ... In its parallel universe, Rep. John Lewis poses a unique threat to American democracy. AlterNet

Trump's Arpaio Pardon Signals to White Supremacists: "I've Got Your Back" TruthOut

How Donald Trump and Elaine Chao Sold Off Flood-Control Policy to the Highest Bidders. .. In mid-August, the administration moved to gut a necessary initiative to guarantee the flood resilience of infrastructure. The Nation

Dr. Robert Bullard: Houston’s “Unrestrained Capitalism” Made Harvey “Catastrophe Waiting to Happen”. Democracy Now

Entire Families Are Being Killed by U.S. Airstrikes in Raqqa, Syria. The Intercept

Gov. Jerry Brown’s Draft “Sanctuary” Bill Creates New Routes for ICE in California. The Intercept

August 29, 2017

Trump’s Antifa Moment: Police Repression, Nonviolence, and Movement Building on the Left. CounterPunch

How ‘Antifa’ Mirrors the ‘Alt-Right’ ... Behind the rhetoric of the “alt-right” about white nativism and protecting American traditions, history and Christian values is the lust for violence. Behind the rhetoric of antifa, the Black Bloc and the so-called “alt-left” about capitalism, racism, state repression and corporate power is the same lust for violence.

Antifa: the Anti-fascist Handbook – 'What Trump said made the book seem even more urgent' ... Rushed into print after the US president said there were ‘fine people on both sides’ of the Charlottesville clashes, Mark Bray’s guide provides tactics for those hoping to ‘defeat the resurgent far right’. The Guardian

Trump Orders Military To Give Cops Free Grenade Launchers, Bayonets, And Tanks
The decision overturns restrictions imposed by the Obama administration. HuffPost

Uranium pervades homes on and near Navajo Nation. ... EPA budget cuts threaten to slow a long-overdue cleanup. High Country News

The black queer Buddhist teacher who is smashing stereotypes and leading an awakening on the left. ... “It's insufficient to hide in centers and make money off of mindfulness while the world is burning down.” ThinkProgress

August 28, 2017
Confounds the Science. Musical Video

DAPL Security Firm TigerSwan Responded to Pipeline Vandalism by Launching Multistate Dragnet. The Intercept

George Lincoln Rockwell, father of American Nazis, still in vogue for some. .. A flamboyant, homophobic and antisemitic showman, Rockwell’s theatrics and oratory find an echo in movements on the modern far right. The Guardian

Ralph Nader on What Should Be Essential Teaching in Schools. ... Let's start with teaching civic skills and actions. AlterNet/Nader

There Is Now a Fourth Branch of the Federal Government, and None of Its Officials Are Elected. ... A historian explains the cost of entrusting our civil liberties to secret agencies. AlterNet

Out on the road with Sanders and Warren: Will the Democrats follow them to the left? ... As the two veteran campaigners meet supporters it is clear that the rift in the Democrats between left-liberals and centre-moderates has grown since the election.
The Guardian

U.S. Generals Lead Unprecedented Revolt Against Trump, Their Commander in Chief. ... Army brass know that if every black soldier quit in protest over Donald Trump’s comments, the U.S. military would collapse. Haaretz

This is Sinclair, 'the most dangerous US company you've never heard of'. ... Sinclair is the largest broadcast company in America. But its partisan politics – and connections to the White House – are raising concerns. Guardian


The Essential Guide for the First-Time Cannabis Tourist. ... For those who don’t live in a state where cannabis is legal, states with legalized cannabis have become a vacation destination.

Why medical marijuana patients can’t buy guns. ... An appeals court ruled last week that a federal law prohibiting medical marijuana cardholders from purchasing guns does not violate their Second Amendment rights, because marijuana has been linked to "irrational or unpredictable behavior." WaPo

ATF doubles down on marijuana gun ban, adds more explicit warning to firearm purchase form. Cannabist

Court Rules That Medical Marijuana Card Holders Can’t Buy Firearms. Fortune

Stoners and Guns Don't Mix, California Court Says. LA Weekly

Weekend of August 25-27, 2017

Weekend Read:
Ratf**ked: Why Your Vote Doesn't Count
- by David Dailey ... Lauded as a “compelling” (The New Yorker) and “eye-opening tour of a process that many Americans never see” (Washington Post), David Daley’s Ratf**ked documents the effort of Republican legislators and political operatives to hack American democracy through an audacious redistricting plan called REDMAP. Since the revolutionary election of Barack Obama, a group of GOP strategists has devised a way to flood state races with a gold rush of dark money, made possible by Citizens United, in order to completely reshape Congress?and our democracy itself. “Sobering and convincing” (New York Review of Books), Amazon

Razer on Greenwald: journalism should be incisive, not amiable. ... Helen Razer sits down with Glenn Greenwald to reflect upon the role of journalism, and resistance, in an era where writing is often seen as an exercise in branding. Crikey

Pakistani Journalist: Why Is Trump Pushing For Failed Military Solution Instead of Diplomacy? DemocracyNow

Freedom for the Speech We Hate: a Legal Guide to Your Protest Rights. CounterPunch

This is Sinclair, 'the most dangerous US company you've never heard of'. ... Sinclair is the largest broadcast company in America. But its partisan politics – and connections to the White House – are raising concerns. The Guradian

Why Mike Pence Is Worse Than Donald Trump. ... In every way, he knows better, but he says and does things that are equally awful and offensive.
The Nation

Is There Any Point to Protesting? ... We turn out in the streets and nothing seems to happen. Maybe we’re doing it wrong. New Yorker

Ecocide and the Psychotic 0.5 Per Cent.

The Trump administration's solution to climate change: ban the term. The Guardian

Trump administration refuses to close fossil fuel loophole, admits it will cost taxpayers millions. ... Expert contends Interior Department underestimates revenue losses to taxpayers. ThinkProgress

60 Percent Drop in Fines Shows Corporate Polluters Have Little to Fear From Trump.

gnoring Threat of Rising Seas, Trump Eliminates Flood Risk Standards. ... "Silly Trump wants to use tax dollars to build on floodplains as sea level rises. Damp!" CommonDreams

Just-Released Docs Show Monsanto 'Executives Colluding With Corrupted EPA Officials to Manipulate Scientific Data' ... The damning documents were released by plaintiffs suing Monsanto in a claim that Roundup caused them to become ill with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. AlterNet

Trump tries to erase climate change from the Department of Agriculture
Referring to climate change as "extreme weather" isn't enough. ThinkProgress

"President Trump campaigned on a promise of 'law and order,' but apparently law enforcement for big polluters is not what he had in mind."

August 24, 2017

Chris Hedges Visits Former Car Manufacturing City to See Impact of Job Flight (Video) TruthDig

Trump has been subject to a military coup behind the scenes – this is the beginning of the end for his presidency. ... He is now so enfeebled that the Generals and Admirals are not just emboldened to ignore his orders with contempt (not a blind bit of notice was taken of his ban on transgender people in the military). They are dictating foreign policy even when it directly undermines the support of Trump’s base. Independent

Paid Actors, a Fake Publicist, and Retweeted Bots: How Trump Creates His Own Alternate Reality. ... The president has a long history of manipulating the public's perceptions about him. AlterNet

Silicon Valley siphons our data like oil. But the deepest drilling has just begun. ... Personal data is to the tech world what oil is to the fossil fuel industry. That’s why companies like Amazon and Facebook plan to dig deeper than we ever imagined.

Trump’s ‘God whisperer’ says resisting him is an affront to God. ... A stunning expression of Christian nationalism. ThinkProgress

White supremacists are running for office as Republicans. Will the party stay silent? ... What can the GOP do about the neo-Nazi on the ballot? ThinkProgress

The Republican Party May Not Survive Steve Bannon's 'War' on Washington. ... The Trump adviser's ouster threatens the GOP's fragile, fractious coalition. AlterNet

Millionaire wife of Trump’s treasury secretary mocks Oregon mom for not being rich .. "Have you given more to the economy than me and my husband?" ThinkProgress

Endtimes in Mosul. CounterPunch/P.Cockburn

August 23, 2017

The Lies on Afghanistan Trump Will Now Tell. CommonDreams

State Dept. Official Who Quit in 2009 over U.S. War in Afghanistan Speaks Out on Trump’s Troop Surge. DemocracyNow

The Taliban Tried to Surrender and the U.S. Rebuffed Them. Now Here We Are. Intercept

Trump, Khashoggi, & Germany’s Criminal Deutsche Bank. MadCow

Theresa May rejects appeal from 9/11 survivors to release suppressed Saudi Arabia terror report. ... The survivors described the UK response as 'shameful'. Independent

Two Sides to Every Issue: the Tedium Twins Debate the Crucifixion, Slavery and Cannibalism. CounterPunch/A.Cockburn

Historians of Christian nationalism are alarmed by its appearance in American pulpits ... A lesson on the dangers to the United States.
ThinkProgress. Part 1 of 2

Why Christian nationalists love Trump
God and country. ThinkProgress. Part 2 of 2.

McConnell, in Private, Doubts if Trump Can Save Presidency. NY Times

Sessions Looks Set to Back off His Marijuana Crackdown. NewsWeek

Private Prisons Are Thriving Under Trump.

With Trump, Warns Scahill, "Unelected National Security Apparatus" Now Unleashed. ... "Trump may not finish his term as president, but the CIA and the Pentagon will," writes expert on U.S. assassination program and Afghan war. CommonDreams

Why Trump Could Be Gone Before 2020. ... A story that appeared in ... The Hill last week ... “Half of Republicans Would Back Postponing 2020 Election if Trump Proposed It.” Read the report’s opening 90 words and let them sink in: CounterPunch

Email Shows UAE’s Ambassador Worried About ‘Targeting of Civilian Sites’ in Yemen War. ... “The increased targeting of civilian sites combined with the lack of humanitarian support is translating into a liability for washington.” Intercept

August 22, 2017

Henry A. Giroux | Trump's Neo-Nazis and the Rise of Illiberal Democracy. TruthOut/Hedges

Will the Nightmare of President Donald Trump Become the Nightmare of President Mike Pence?
A right-wing ideologue may end up replacing a sociopath. AlterNet

The Madman With Nuclear Weapons is Donald Trump, Not Kim Jong-un. Intercept

Trump May Not Finish His Term But the Assassination Complex Will Live On. Intercept

A Brief History of Donald Trump and the Mafia. ... In the 1980s, the budding real estate mogul had a soft spot for wise guys. Vice

Report: Queasy Aussies Killed Trump’s Casino Bid Over “Mafia Connections” ... Government documents label Trump’s Atlantic City operations “dangerous.” Mother Jones

‘Alt-right’ Trump operative running stock fraud ‘hyena pack’. MadCow

Trump Administration Dissolves Federal Climate Advisory Committee. ... The committee was integral in crafting how the U.S. responds to the greatest threat of our time. Huffington

FCC Packs Broadband Advisory Group With Big Telecom Firms, Trade Groups. TruthOut

Trump's DOJ Demands Personal Info On 1.3M Visitors to "DisruptJ20" Inauguration Protest Website. DemocracyNow

Why the Democratic Party Can't Save Us From Trump's Authoritarianism. ... Resistance to Trump's authoritarianism will not come from a two-party system that has been shaped by neoliberalism and the power of the financial elite. Despite its rebranding efforts, the Democratic Party is far from embracing the anti-capitalist vision of radical change needed to make democratic socialism into a real alternative in the United States.. TruthOut/Giroux

Centrist Democrats Riled as Warren Says Days of 'Lukewarm' Policies Are Over. ... "The Democratic Party isn't going back to the days of welfare reform and the crime bill." CommonDreams

Trump chief scientist nominee: It’s ‘logical’ allowing same-sex marriage will lead to legalized pedophilia. RawStory