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Weekend June 8-11, 2017

Weekend Read - The Assassination Complex: Inside the Government's Secret Drone Warfare Program - by Jeremy Scahill. - Major revelations about the US government's drone program-bestselling author Jeremy Scahill and his colleagues at the investigative website The Intercept expose stunning new details about America's secret assassination policy. … When the US government discusses drone strikes publicly, it offers assurances that such operations are a more precise alternative to troops on the ground and are authorized only when an "imminent" threat is present and there is "near certainty" that the intended target will be killed. The implicit message on drone strikes from the Obama administration has been trust, but don't verify. Amazon

Trump taps lawyer who left the Bush administration for being too authoritarian for top Navy job. ... This is how far respect for the rule of law has fallen.
Think Progress

Worst Epidemic in U.S. History? Opioid Crisis Now Leading Cause of Death for Americans Under 50. Democracy Now

London Terror Attack: It’s Time to Confront Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia. Counter Punch

How White Nationalists Are Made And Radicalized. ... Peter Simi, a sociology professor and expert on far-right extremism, explains the factors that compel a person to become a white supremacist.

Chris Hedges on the Life of a True Revolutionary (Video) Truth Dig

Could Trump's White House Bury or Even Destroy the Landmark 2014 Senate Report on CIA Torture? Democracy Now

Jared Kushner’s family needs $250 million to pay off Chinese investors — but US banks wary of lending. Raw Story

Trump sons promote new Trump-owned hotels and their father’s presidency on national TV
To curry favor with the president, do business with his family. Think Progress

Erdogan Directed His Goons To Beat Up Protesters In Broad Daylight and America is Fine With That. Counter Punch

11 words the Trump administration doesn’t understand, defined. Daily Dot

Donald Trump's 20 Most Frequently Used Words. Your Dictioinary

JUNE 7, 2017
A 50-Year Occupation: Israel’s Six-Day War Started With a Lie. Intercept

Grand Canyon Pillagers Hope to Harness Trump's Disdain for Natural World. ... The 20-year ban on new uranium mining is under threat.
Common Dreams

Why Are the Gulf States Turning on Qatar? The Biggest Split in the Middle East Since the Gulf War. ... Qatar responded saying it is facing a campaign of lies and fabrications aimed at putting the Gulf Arab state under guardianship, after Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt cut ties with it. Haaretz

We Know What Inspired the Manchester Attack, We Just Won’t Admit It. Counter

Humans are ushering in the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth, scientists warn ...'Extinction rates for birds, mammals and amphibians are similar to the five global mass-extinction events of the past 500 million years that probably resulted from meteorite impacts, massive volcanism and other cataclysmic forces'   Independent

Is there a neo-Nazi storm brewing in Trump country? ... Can national socialism, repackaged as ‘white identity’ politics, earn votes in rural counties that voted for Trump? Guardian

Backers of Honduran dam opposed by murdered activist withdraw funding. ... International investors withdraw completely from Agua Zarca project
Dam was one of hundreds of projects sanctioned after 2009 military coup. Guardian

JUNE 6, 2017

Antonio Gramsci and the Battle Against Fascism ... Antonio Gramsci wrote his “Prison Notebooks” at a time not dissimilar to our own. The political parties led by the liberal class, because they had detached themselves from the working class, were weak or irrelevant. The radical left had been neutered and had failed to articulate a coherent alternative vision to capitalism. There was a “crisis of authority.” Fascism was ascendant and state repression was becoming steadily more severe and totalitarian.
Truth Dig/Hedges

Is Hillary Clinton About to Destroy the Democratic Party? TruthDig

"We Don't Have the Rule of Law": Barrett Brown on Incarceration, Journalism and His Next Steps.

Newseum chief fears for future of journalism under Trump. ...Jeffrey Herbst says president’s denigration of media helps erode public trust and sets dangerous example to authoritarian regimes around the world. Guardian

Journalism is being criminalized in Canada. Here's how we're fighting back.

Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed on Friday to have "more decisive action than ever" to protect the climate after the US pullout from the landmark Paris accord. The Local

Climate Change Deniers Write a Federal Budget. ... What do you get when a climate-change denying president appoints a climate-change denier as director of the Office of Management and Budget? ... You get a climate-change denying budget.
Counter Punch

Bilderberg 2017: Closed-Door Meeting of Global Leaders Will Focus on Trump ‘Progress Report’
Truth Dig

JUNE 5, 2017
Shadowy Chinese Conglomerate Cultivated Ties to the Most Powerful U.S. Politicians. Intercept

Saudi Arabia Lavishes Conservative U.K. Officials With Gifts, Travel, And Plum Consultancies.

How Kuwait Lobbied Hillary Clinton to Nix Criminal Probe of Defense Contractor. Counter Punch

Undercover investigation of American lawyers reveals role of Overseas Territories in moving suspect money into the United States.
Global Witness

Indonesian Borneo is Finished: They Also Sell Orangutans into Sex Slavery. Counter Punch

End the Greedy Silence. ... It is time Americans rise up against the corruption, inefficiency, and cruelty of our healthcare system and tell its corporate captors and Congress – Enough Already!
Counter Punch/Nader

Why It's Getting Harder (and More Dangerous) to Hold Companies Accountable. ... Human rights defenders working on corporate accountability have faced killings, beatings and threats and are rarely, if ever, able to obtain justice. AlterNet .

Standing Rock Documents Expose Inner Workings of “Surveillance-Industrial Complex” Intercept

The Merkley-Sanders Climate Bill Isn’t a Launchpad, It’s Quicksand. ... it would enshrine in federal legislation the false notion that by taking baby steps over a period of decades, our country and the world can avoid runaway greenhouse warming. That easygoing strategy is far too weak to handle the emergency we face. Counter Punch

Private Mercenary Firm TigerSwan Compares Anti-DAPL Water Protectors to "Jihadist Insurgency". Democracy Now

Donald Trump’s War on Journalism Has Begun. But Journalists Are Not His Main Target. ... Wars are rarely announced in advance, but President Trump provided an abundance of warning about his intention to wage an assault on journalism. During the election campaign, he called journalists an “enemy of the people” and described media organizations he didn’t like as “fake news.” Intercept

Jared Kushner Built Luxury Condos Using Real Estate Grants Earmarked for Poor Communities: Report. ... The president's son-in-law has a long history of unsavory business deals. Alter Net

Impeachment Advocates Beware: Trump Holds a Trump Card: The Power to Pardon.
Counter Punch

Whose Children? A World that Cares Little for Civilian Victims of War. Counter Punch

I study the psychology of bullies. Donald Trump is a bully. ... President Trump has been described as a socially immature toddler and dishonest bully, yet he continues to be supported by a large segment of America. Newsday

The Man Who Knows Trump's Voters . ... Bernie Sanders energized many Americans during the U.S. election campaign with his socialist ideas. In the Trump era, he has become one of the leaders of the "resistance." In an interview with DER SPIEGEL, he warns Democrats against focusing on impeachment.

What You Should Know About Oleg Deripaska.

The Numbers Don’t Lie: White Far-Right Terrorists Pose a Clear Danger to Us All. Intercept

June 1, 2017
Noam Chomsky in Conversation with Amy Goodman on Climate Change, Nukes, Syria, WikiLeaks & More. Democracy Now

The New Socialism: Moving Beyond Concentrated State Power ... Capitalism as a system is now increasingly challenged. Critics proliferate and steadily deepen their opposition (alongside, of course, the persistence of capitalism's defenders). Yet capitalism's traditional "other" -- namely, socialism -- has also been widely devalued. It has lost its position as the goal (however variously interpreted) for anti-capitalist social movements... Truth Out

Coal Is in a Death Spiral as India Cancels New Plants and Solar Prices Plummet. Truth Dig

Donald Trump's Many, Many, Many, Many Ties to Russia. August 2016 Time

GOP has gone quickly from enabling Trump to simply trying to cover for him. WaPo

Amnesty International: Did $1 Billion Worth of Lost U.S. Weapons End Up in the Hands of ISIS? ... A newly declassified Pentagon audit shows the U.S. Army failed to keep track of more than $1 billion worth of weapons and military equipment sent to Iraq and Kuwait, including tens of thousands of assault rifles and hundreds of armored vehicles.
Democracy Now

Leading Right-Wing Christian Figure Calls for a 'More Violent Christianity' ... Dave Daubenmire believes Trump and Greg Gianforte are the perfect examples.



JUNE 21, 2017

The great American fallout: how small towns came to resent cities. ... It’s no secret Donald Trump benefited from rural voters. But Democrat or Republican, they usually tell Katherine Cramer – who has spent a decade visiting residents of small-town Wisconsin – the same thing: it’s the cities that get all the breaks, and then have the gall to look down on them, too. Guardian

Henry A. Giroux | Trump Versus Comey: The Politics of Loyalty and Lying. TruthOut

The Militarized Police State Opens Fire.
Counter Punch

U.S. Is a Sorry No. 36 Among Nations in Quality-of-Childhood Ranking. ... Norway is the best place in the world to be a kid and Niger is the worst, according to a new report by the international children’s rights organization Save the Children. TruthDig

Supreme Court Delivers 'Dangerous Message': Immunity for Former Bush Officials Over 9/11 Detentions. ... 'This decision regrettably provides constitutional immunity for some of the most high-level officials responsible for gross abuses in the aftermath of September 11,' said ACLU's Hina Shamsi. Common Dreams

Stealth Logging in the National Forests.
Counter Punch

The History Channel Is Finally Telling the Stunning Secret Story of the War on Drugs. Intercept  

Al Franken Says Mike Pence Is A ‘Zealot’ Who ‘Would Be Worse’ Than Trump On Domestic Policy. IBTimes

How the Private Water Industry Is Teaming Up With ALEC. ... ALEC has worked with the energy industry to create loophole-filled water protections and opposes federal oversight of fracking.

Betraying Indian Country: How Grizzly Delisting Exposes Trump and Zinke’s Assault on Tribal Sovereignty and Treaty Rights.
Counter Punch  

Secret Government Report: Chelsea Manning Leaks Caused No Real Harm. ... Prosecutors said WikiLeaks' disclosures about Iraq and Afghanistan posed a major threat to US national security. But it turns out the classified document they cited — newly obtained by BuzzFeed News — said almost the exact opposite. BuzzFeed

Republican Data-Mining Firm Exposed Personal Information for Virtually Every American Voter. Intercept

Did Trump Denounce Qatar Over Failed Business Deals? Counter Punch

Lessons from the Charter School Disaster in Indianapolis. ... A teacher in Indiana's thoughts on returning to teaching in the public schools.

Sabha in the spotlight: the city where migrants are sold as slaves. ... Ahead of World Refugee Day, life is deteriorating in the Libyan desert city that used to be a ‘melting pot’ but has since become a hub for human trafficking. Guardian

JUNE 20, 2017

The History Channel Is Finally Telling the Stunning Secret Story of the War on Drugs. ... That core truth is: The war on drugs has always been a pointless sham. For decades the federal government has engaged in a shifting series of alliances of convenience with some of the world’s largest drug cartels. So while the U.S. incarceration rate has quintupled since President Richard Nixon first declared the war on drugs in 1971, top narcotics dealers have simultaneously enjoyed protection at the highest levels of power in America. Intercept

We Can’t Fight Climate Change if We Keep Lying to Ourselves. ... We must embrace a despair that unflinchingly acknowledges the bleak future that will be created by climate change. We must see in any act of resistance, even if it appears futile, a moral victory. TruthDig/Hedges

Keith Olbermann lays out evidence that a Trump-Russia grand jury has already been convened. RawStory

Trump’s choice of lawyers shows he’s a ‘two-bit dictator surrounded by toadies’. RawStory

U.S. Is a Sorry No. 36 Among Nations in Quality-of-Childhood Ranking . TruthDig

To Shine Light on Senate GOP's Trumpcare Push, Dems Intro 'No Hearing, No Vote Act'. ... 'Attempts to pass Trumpcare in the dark of night, without any transparency is one of the most egregious examples of legislative malpractice in decades.' Common Dreams

Arms Industry-Funded Democrats Vote to Help Saudi Arabia Continue Slaughtering Civilians in Yemen. ... Five Democratic senators joined Republicans in narrowly voting to approve Trump’s arms deal. AlterNet

ALEC and the Minimum Wage. Counter Punch

Pence’s prayer breakfast appearance underscores the fractures in American Catholicism.

America's 'Official Secrets Act' — the long, sad history of the 100 year-old Espionage Act. FPF

JUNE 19, 2017

As Temperatures Climb to 120 Degrees, Border Patrol Agents Raid Humanitarian Aid Camps on Arizona Border. ... Four migrants receiving medical care north of the Mexican border were arrested Thursday. AlterNet

Qatari Official Says F-15s Deal Shows Deep Support From U.S., Despite Trump's Accusations. ... 'Our militaries are like brothers,' Qatari official says after U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis signed the previously-approved deal for 36 fighter jets. Haaretz

'We do not trust them': UAE calls for western monitoring of Qatar. ... UEA foreign minister Anwar Gargash calls on ‘our western friends’ to establish monitoring system over Qatar’s alleged support of terrorism. Guardian

The Qatar Blockade, the Petro-Yuan, and the Coming War on Iran. Counter Punch

White House for Sale: Emoluments, Corruption and Donald Trump. Democracy Now

Election Con 2016: New Evidence Demolishes the Myth of Trump’s “Blue-Collar” Populism. CounterPunch

Israel Reduces Power Supply to Gaza, Intensifying Humanitarian Crisis. ... Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu says the power cut to Gaza is fault of Palestinian Authority, but actually is result of a power play between Abbas and Netanyahu in the run-up to peace negotiations explains.
The Real News

'Stunning and Dangerous': DeVos Memo Reveals Plan to Roll Back Civil Rights. ... "President Trump and his administration can claim to oppose discrimination all they want, but actions speak louder than words," said Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.). Common Dreams

Defending New Mexico’s Public Lands.
ProgressNow NM

Weekend of June 16-18, 2017
1935 President Franklin Roosevelt‘s New Deal legislation is passed by the House of Representatives.

No is Not enough - Naomi Klein -
“This is one attempt to uncover how we got to this surreal political moment. It is also an attempt to predict how, under cover of shocks and crises, it could get a lot worse. And it’s a plan for how, if we keep our heads, we might just be able to flip the script and arrive at a radically better future.”

Full Interview: Naomi Klein on "No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump's Shock Politics"
Democracy Now

Trump, DeVos 'Betray' Students With Gift to Predatory For-Profit Schools. ... The Department of Education will delay Obama-era rules designed to help students defrauded by for-profit colleges. Common Dreams and Think Progress

Why Is PBS Airing Right-Wing-Sponsored School Privatization Propaganda? ... A new documentary aims to drum up public support for Betsy DeVos' proposed voucher system. AlterNet

Amid Trump Chaos, Republicans Keep Their Eyes on the Big Prize: The Courts ... "Control the Supreme Court, stack the judiciary, and you can stop the progressive movement... for decades," Corey Robin wrote. Common Dreams

Pence’s prayer breakfast appearance underscores the fractures in American Catholicism.
Raw Story

'A reckoning for our species': the philosopher prophet of the Anthropocene Guardian

UN Last Hurdle Before Israel Can Rid Itself of the Palestinians. Israeli and US officials are in the process of jointly pre-empting Donald Trump’s supposed “ultimate deal” to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They hope to demote the Palestinian issue to a footnote in international diplomacy. Counter Punch

A Bernie Sanders-Led Party Still Would Be an Imperialist, Pro-War Party. ... Some think the Vermont senator should run with the Peoples Party. But "Sanders is a warmonger, not merely by association, but by virtue of his own positions." TruthDig

JUNE 15, 2017

Trump is the First Fully Commercialized Global Brand to Serve as US President.
Democracy Now

Emperor Trump's sycophantic cabinet meeting stinks of Beijing-like obeisance... In a shift in political culture, Trump’s cabinet, staff members and even some Republican lawmakers seem increasingly required to praise him publicly. Guardian

U.N. says 300 civilians killed in U.S.-led air strikes in Raqqa since March. Reuters

Oliver Stone Interviews Putin on U.S.-Russia Relations, 2016 Election, Snowden, NATO & Nuclear Arms. Democracy Now

The Federal Government Is Setting Up to Protect the Elite from Nuclear Attack While Letting the Rest of Us Die ... The U.S. government has secretly been upgrading its secret bunker to protect Washington officials. AlterNet

Bernie Sanders Sounds the Alarm: 'We Are Drifting Toward Authoritarianism' ... The Vermont senator talks Trump, single-payer health care and the future of the Democratic Party. AlterNet

Paul Krugman: America Is on Its Way to Autocracy. ... The New York Times columnist dissects the president's "deeply un-American" cabinet meeting. AlterNet

While Comey And Trump Feud, Wall Street Moved One Step Closer To Repealing Dodd-Frank.

The Problem Isn’t Willie Pete, The Problem is War Crimes. he New York Times reports that US and/or US-allied forces in Syria may be using white phosphorous munitions in the assault on Raqqa, capital city of the Islamic State in Syria. The use of white phosphorous in war is a perennial complaint among human rights activists. And while it’s valid as far as it goes, it misses a larger and more important point.  Counter Punch

Impeach the U.S. Constitution. TruthDig

JUNE 14, 2017

The Interior Department’s First Memo For Donald Trump Is A Real Howler ... In April, with an eye toward selling off public land, President Trump issued an executive order calling for a review of federal land set aside using the Antiquities Act of 1906. Intercept  

Why Afghanistan? Fighting a War for the War System Itself. TruthOut

Naomi Klein on Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders & Youth-Led Grassroots Progressive Insurgencies.
Democracy Now

The Worst of Donald Trump’s Toxic Agenda Is Lying in Wait – A Major U.S. Crisis Will Unleash It.

Twelve Blasphemous Thoughts: Some Summer Sacrilege. CounterPunch

The quiet crisis: mass eviction shows toll of homelessness on Native Americans. ... While LA, Seattle and New York regularly garner headlines over homelessness, the ongoing housing emergency on tribal lands is more hidden - but just as dire. Guardian

Now 5 Men Own Almost as Much Wealth as Half the World’s Population ... While Americans fixate on Trump, the super-rich are absconding with our wealth, and the plague of inequality continues to grow. An analysis of 2016 data found that the poorest five deciles of the world population own about $410 billion in total wealth. As of June 8, 2017, the world’s richest five men owned over $400 billion in wealth. Thus, on average, each man owns nearly as much as 750 million people. TruthDig

JUNE 13, 2017

The Worst of Donald Trump’s Toxic Agenda Is Lying in Wait – A Major U.S. Crisis Will Unleash It. Intercept/Klein

Fresno State Cancels a Middle East Studies Professorship Amid Alleged Right-wing Pro-Israel Pressure. Intercept

Qatar on the Back Foot: Even Without “Shock and Awe” Trump’s Foreign Policy Lurks Behind Renewed Crisis in the Middle East.
Counter Punch

'Anti-Sharia' Rallies Brought out Pro-Trump Thugs, Internet-Radicalized and Spoiling for Violence. ... The alt-right movement is growing, and it has the backing of police and the White House.

This is the real story behind the economic crisis unfolding in Qatar. ... Only Shakespeare’s plays could come close to describing such treachery – the comedies, that is. Independent

The Beleaguered Tenants of "Kushnerville": Jared Kushner Accused of Slumlord Practices in Baltimore. Democracy Now

The Growing Police Scam: Confiscating Homes & Cars – America’s Lawyer. Ring of Fire

JUNE 11, 2017
Age of Anger?
The nihilism and rage sweeping across the globe are not generated by warped ideologies or medieval religious beliefs. These destructive forces have their roots in the obliterating of social, cultural and religious traditions by modernization and the consumer society, the disastrous attempts by the United States to carry out regime change, often through coups and wars, and the utopian neoliberal ideology that has concentrated wealth in the hands of a tiny cabal of corrupt global oligarchs.
Counter Punch/Hedges

Renowned linguist and author Noam Chomsky believes today’s Republican Party is “more dangerous than ISIS,” whether or not Trump voters will ever be willing to admit it. According to one May 31 poll, 68 percent think America is on the right track. Speech at Crotty Hall

Reporter (from Santa Fe) Arrested During Trump Inauguration Protests May Face 75 Years in Prison. Truth Dig

Protest in a Time of Great Danger.
.Counter Punch

Pay Attention: the Police State is Here.
Counter Punch

Patriotism: the Future of an Illusion.
Counter Punch

Naomi Klein: Now let's fight back against the politics of fear. ... Political shocks, security shocks, climate shocks – however unstable the world seems now, things could get a lot worse. But we can unite for a better future. Guardian/Klein

‘Coal is dead’ and oil faces ‘peak demand,’ says world’s largest investment group BlackRock investment group, with $5 trillion in assets, is bullish on electric cars and renewables.
Think Progress

Britain refuses to accept how terrorists really work – and that's why prevention strategies are failing. ... There is a self-interested motive for British governments to portray terrorism as essentially home-grown cancers within the Muslim community. Western governments like to pretend that their policy blunders, notably those of military intervention in the Middle East since 2001, did not prepare the soil for al-Qaeda and Isis. Independent/Cockburn

How the American opiate epidemic was started by one pharmaceutical company. The Week

Netanyahu Demanded Settlers Be Allowed to Remain in Palestine After Future Peace Deal, Document Reveals. ... Netanyahu withdrew demand from draft of U.S. peace framework in early 2014 following pressure from right, senior Israeli officials say. Haaretz 





Weekend June 30 - July 2, 2017

WEEKEND READ - Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America by. Nancy MacLean. ... Behind today’s headlines of billionaires taking over our government is a secretive political establishment with long, deep, and troubling roots. The capitalist radical right has been working not simply to change who rules, but to fundamentally alter the rules of democratic governance. Amazon

Historian: Republican Push to Replace Obamacare Reflects Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America. ... As Republicans attempt to revive a bill to overturn Obamacare, we look at the radical right’s attempt to reshape the role of the federal government—from healthcare to education to housing.
Democracy Now
Related: Related: Republicans Have Trifecta Control of 25 States & Need 6 More to Call for a Constitutional Convention.
Democracy Now

Trump Picks DAPL Lobbyist to Oversee EPA Water Safety in Same Week He Rolls Back Water Safeguards. Democracy Now

What Happened to America’s Wealth? The Rich Hid It. ... But what if billions of dollars in tax revenue have gone missing? ... New research suggests that the super-rich are hiding their money at alarming rates. A study by economists Annette Alstadsaeter, Niels Johannesen, and Gabriel Zucman reports that households with wealth over $40 million evade 25 to 30 percent of personal income and wealth taxes. . Counter Punch

Medicare for All: It’s a Matter of Life and Death,
Truth Dig/Goodman and Moynihan

Sy Hersh, Exposer of My Lai and Abu Ghraib, Strikes Again, Exposing US Lies About Alleged Assad Sarin ‘Attack’ Counter Punch and AlterNet
and Welt  

With Nation's Attention Elsewhere, Trump Quietly Intensifies War on Workers. ... Trump has nominated two corporate lawyers to the NLRB as Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch gears up to rule on a key labor case Common Dreams

Over Half of Hate Crimes in US Go Unreported, Report Says. ... Most victims of hate crimes don't report them to police, according to a new study that advocates say reinforces their fears that the Trump administration's tough rhetoric and policies will make more people afraid to come forward. NY Times

Meeting the Needs of Homeless Youth: Public Schools Are Doing What Government Won't Do Directly. TruthOut

JUNE 29, 2017

Mnufactured illiteracy and miseducation: A long process of decline led to President Donald Trump. ... A deep-rooted crisis in education, and a long cultural and political decline, is what got us here. There's hope! Salon/Giroux  

UN Warns Human-Caused Soil Contamination Threatens Global Food Security. Excess nitrogen and trace metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury can impair plant metabolism and cut crop productivity, ultimately putting pressure on arable land, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on 23 June informed. TruthOut

A World of Winless War: US Special Ops Forces Deployed to 137 Nations in 2017 TruthOut

The Age of No Privacy: the Surveillance State Shifts into High Gear. ... “We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times; where there are no secrets from government.” Counter Punch

EPA seeks to scrap rule protecting drinking water for third of Americans. ... Environmental Protection Agency and army propose ending clean water rule to hold ‘substantive re-evaluation’ of which bodies of water should be protected. Guardian

When the Bible is the Root of Evil. ... For many Christians, religion is about correct belief, not right behavior. For them, The Bible’s overriding appeal is the authority it proclaims, not the empathy it inspires. It is about meeting the believer’s quest for certainty, not an oppressed person’s need for compassion – and justice . Counter Punch

Israel’s Efforts to Hide Palestinians From View No Longer Fools Young American Jews. ... Few books on Palestinian history become bestsellers. But one, titled A History of the Palestinian People: From Ancient Times to the Modern Era, managed to rocket to the top of Amazon’s charts this month.
Counter Punch
(Note: the book mentioned was pulled from Amazon. It contains 135 blank pages because from Israel's view Palenstinians don't exist. However, Barnes and Nobel, as of 6/28/17, sells it).

JUNE 28, 2017

Womp! This Country Was Named The Greatest Threat To World Peace. ... The rest of world believes that the United States is the country that poses the greatest threat to world peace, beating out all challengers by a wide margin.. Huffington Post

Arrogant, Intolerant, Dangerous': Survey Shows What the World Thinks of Trump. ... "Trump and many of his key policies are broadly unpopular around the globe" Common Dreams

Assad preparing chemical weapons attack in Syria, US claims. ... US military sources reportedly surprised by White House’s public warning that regime would pay heavily for repeat of April attack.
Guardian (Probably fake news - The Cynic)

Fracking seems to poison groundwater within one kilometer. Journalist's Resources

EPA Continues To Purge Scientists, Putting Public Health In Jeopardy. Scott Pruitt, the climate change-denying head of the Environmental Protection Agency, announced that another 38 science advisors will be purged from his agency and that they are going to curtail panel meetings for the time being.
The Ring of Fire

Quantifying the local health effects of transporting coal. Journalist's Resources

70,000 Tonnes of Hubris. There is no defensive purpose to an aircraft carrier. Craig Murray

The Causes of Forest Fires: Climate vs. Logging. The timber industry and the U.S. Forest Service aggressively market the idea that reducing fuels through logging/thinning programs will result in a significant decrease in acreage burned, firefighting costs and the number of high-severity fires. ... However, it is climate/weather, not fuels, that drive all large wildfires. Counter Punch

White House threatens to sabotage insurance of low-income people if Trumpcare isn’t passed. ... The Trump administration is putting poor people in a lose-lose situation. Think Progress

JUNE 27, 2017

Authoritarianism Is Making a comeback - Here's the Time-Tested Way to Defeat It. ... Tyrants’ tactics require the consent of large numbers of people. The first lesson, then, is not to obey in advance.

Arundhati Roy on the Rising Hindu Right in India, the Gujarat Massacre & Her Love of Eduardo Galeano. Democracy Now

Thinking Dangerously: The Role of Higher Education in Authoritarian Times. ... Across the globe, the forces of free-market fundamentalism are using the educational system to reproduce a culture of privatization, deregulation and commercialization while waging an assault on the historically guaranteed social provisions and civil rights provided by the welfare state, higher education, unions, reproductive rights and civil liberties. All the while, these forces are undercutting public faith in the defining institutions of democracy. TruthOut/Giroux

How the Supreme Court just dangerously undermined the separation of church and state. This Week

Ralph Nader: The Democrats Are Unable to Defend the U.S. from the “Most Vicious” Republican Party in History. The Intercept

Hersh’s New Syria Revelations Buried From View. Counter Punch

Oil ‘Is Going to Be a Worthless Commodity,’ and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Knows It. TruthDig

Saudi Arabia Wants to Reduce Qatar to a Vassal State. Counter Punch

JUNE 26, 2017

The American Empire Is Now Effectively Being Run by Generals. ... The military has been given free rein to massacre at will, especially in the Muslim world.

Dakota Access-Style Policing Moves to Pennsylvania’s Mariner East 2 Pipeline.

The Saudi Regime Is Playing Donald Trump Like a Fiddle, With Potentially Disastrous Consequences. ... It could in the end destabilize the Middle East in ways not seen in our lifetimes. AlterNet

Qatar given 10 days to meet 13 sweeping demands by Saudi Arabia. ... Gulf dispute deepens as allies issue ultimatum for ending blockade that includes closing al-Jazeera and cutting back ties with Iran.
and Guardian

Deaths of despair are rising in America. They are claiming lives all around me. ... Half of my schoolmates are dead, in jail or battling addiction. My town does not have a mental health clinic so, faced with hopelessness, people self-medicate.

Prominent Democratic Fundraisers Realign to Lobby for Trump’s Agenda. The Intercept

It's not just Amazon coming for Whole Foods – Silicon Valley is eating the world. Guardian

Who Would Have Told Trump to Go Back to Demand a Patronage Relationship with Comey?
Empty Whee

Republican Healthcare Bill Gives Tax Cuts to the Rich by Gutting Safety Net for Poor & Middle Class.
Democracy Now

The CIA Reads French Theory: On the Intellectual Labor of Dismantling the Cultural Left.
The Philosophical salon

Why is it that the British state could cope with the Blitz, but cannot deal with Grenfell Tower? ... It is disgusting but revealing that the Government has still not withdrawn a press release which is entitled ‘Government going further to cut red tape by £10 billion’. Independent

Roll of Shame. ... These are the 15 countries which shamefully voted against a UN General Assembly Resolution on Thursday which proposed to seek an opinion from the International Court of Justice on Britain’s continued colonial possession of the Chagos Islands. Craig Murray

Weenend June 23-25, 2017

Optimism over Despair: On Capitalism, Empire, and Social Change - Noam Chomsky - In these recent, wide-ranging interviews, conducted for Truthout by C. J. Polychroniou, Chomsky discusses his views on the “war on terror” and the rise of neoliberalism, the refugee crisis and cracks in the European Union, prospects for a just peace in Israel/Palestine, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, the dysfunctional US electoral system, the grave danger posed to humanity by the climate crisis, and the hopes, prospects, and challenges of building a movement for radical change. Amazon

Myths of Globalization: Noam Chomsky and Ha-Joon Chang in Conversation. ... Since the late 1970s, the world's economy and dominant nations have been marching to the tune of (neoliberal) globalization, whose impact and effects on average people's livelihood and communities everywhere are generating great popular discontent, accompanied by a rising wave of nationalist and anti-elitist sentiments. But what exactly is driving globalization? Truth Out

How privatization could spell the end of democracy. ... Between Trump and tech, never before have so many powerful people been so intent on transforming government into a business. Guardian  

Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems. ... Financial meltdown, environmental disaster and even the rise of Donald Trump – neoliberalism has played its part in them all. Why has the left failed to come up with an alternative?

A Grain of Truth: RCEP and the Corporate Hijack of Indian Agriculture. ... The plight of farmers in India has been well documented. A combination of debt, economic liberalisation, subsidised imports, rising input costs and a shift to cash crops (including GM cotton) has caused massive financial distress. Counter Punch

In Yemen’s secret prisons, UAE tortures and US interrogates. AP and Democracy Now

As Yemen War Rages On, Saudi King Elevates the War's Architect—His Own Son—to Be Crown Prince. Democracy Now

Bloomberg says America should 'get behind' Trump because 'the public has spoken'. ABC

Orange Julius - If Trump is Julius Caesar, then Americans are a confused and violent mob.
The Nation

Invisible Empire Beneath the Radar, Above Suspicion. ... When the United States went to war with Spain in 1898, it did so in a media environment of “yellow journalism,” that played no small part in the advent of the Spanish-American War. Counter Punch

Medicare for All: A Prescription for What Ails Us ... President Donald Trump’s long-promised repeal of Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, edges closer to reality, as the Senate releases its secretly written version of the House’s American Health Care Act—the very bill that Trump first championed, then recently reportedly called “mean.”. Truth Dig

There are deep forces in American society that are driving the current political crisis. ... In an obvious sense, the root cause of our political crisis is Donald Trump. This crude and delusional man is despoiling some of our most treasured national assets, not least of all our standing in the world. Raw Story

JUNE 22, 2017

Saudi Arabia's New Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Is Good News for Israel and US. ... Saudi crown prince Bin Salman agrees with U.S. on Russia, Assad, Iran and ISIS and according to some reports, he's also met with top Israeli officials Haaretz

Closing Democracy’s Doors Until the People Open Them. ... Republicans prefer to use the words “liberty” and “freedom,” not “democracy.” Why? Because democracy includes these rights but adds “justice,” which holds those in power accountable and brings them down to earth where people live, work and raise their families. Counter Punch

Acclaimed Novelist Arundhati Roy on Telling the Truth of the Atrocities in Kashmir Through Fiction. Democracy Now

As Standing Rock Camps Cleared Out, TigerSwan Expanded Surveillance to Array of Progressive Causes. Intercept

Sen. Warner Wants Russia Hacking Info Public but Pushes Prosecution for Alleged Leaker Who Revealed It. Intercept

EPA accelerates purge of scientists
Members of the EPA’s Board of Scientific Counselors were told that they would not see their tenure renewed. Think Progress

Industry Was Doubly Generous with 13 GOP Senators Now Drafting Trumpcare. ... Industry Was Doubly Generous with 13 GOP Senators Now Drafting Trumpcare. ... While baker's dozen of Republicans' all-male, all-white legislative team draft bill in secret, analysis reveals giving of insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Common Dreams

Safety problems at a Los Alamos laboratory delay U.S. nuclear warhead testing and production. ... A facility that handles the cores of U.S. nuclear weapons has been mostly closed since 2013 over its inability to control worker safety risks. Public Intregrity

How privatization could spell the end of democracy. ... Between Trump and tech, never before have so many powerful people been so intent on transforming government into a business. Guardian

Neoliberalism turned our world into a business. And there are two big winners. ... Fearmongering Donald Trump and optimistic Silicon Valley seem to epitomize opposing ideologies. But the two have far more in common than you think. Guardian