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Weekend Read: The CIA as Organized Crime -- How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World. by Douglas Valentine.   Indie Bound  

Who Benefits From Escalation With Iran? Defense Contractors.  TruthOut  

Meet the CEOs Cashing In on Trump’s Aggression Against Iran.  CounterPunch  

US Jingoism Promotes Mindless Support for War with Iran.  CounterPunch  

A Window for Peace.  ... There is this morning a chink of light to avoid yet more devastation in the Middle East. Iran’s missile strikes last night were calibrated to satisfy honour while avoiding damage that would trigger automatically the next round.  Craig Murray  

War is where the profits are - Defense: Money to Congress. Note, just as many Repugs and Dimms.   Open Secrets   Related:  Here's How Much Florida Politicians Have Taken From War Profiteers.  Miami New Times  

The Miracle of Kindness, According to Chris Hedges.  TruthDig/Hedges  

Buttigieg Bundler Is an Executive at Vulture Fund Holding Puerto Rican Debt. ... William Rahm, a senior managing director at the "vulture fund" Centerbridge Partners, was omitted from the original bundler list released by the Buttigieg campaign. Sludge  

This might be the final episode of Juan Guaidó’s surreal regime change reality show
The farcical scene of Juan Guaido attempting to break into Venezuela’s National Assembly as its members voted him out was just the latest chapter in an absurdly bungled coup attempt, and brings Trump’s policy to a dead end.  Gray Zone  

Advocates Argue 'It Is Ludicrous, and Frankly Offensive,' to Let Impeached Trump Continue Right-Wing Takeover of Courts. ... "We cannot allow a president who demanded foreign interference in our elections and obstructed Congress to pack our courts with lifetime appointees."  CommonDreams  

Spotting The State Department’s Propaganda For Escalating War Against Iran.  ShadowProof  

Trump is ‘dangerous and incapacitated’ and urgent action must be taken, psychiatrists say in wake of Iran crisis. ... A coalition of mental health professionals says Congress must take war-making powers out of the president's hands.  Independent  

Chelsea Manning Spent Most of the Last Decade in Prison. The U.N. Says Her Latest Stint Is Tantamount to Torture.  Intercept  

Mike Bloomberg Says He’s Immune to Corporate Influence. His Campaign Is Managed by Lobbyists.  Intercept 

Our Nazis: the Gehlen Org.  CounterPunch

Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg Are Not to Be Trusted.  TruthDig  

Education and the Breakdown of Democracy.  CounterPunch  

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JANUARY 9, 2020

Noam Chomsky: US Is a Rogue State and Suleimani’s Assassination Confirms It.  TruthOut  

Trump’s Actions in Iraq Could Plunge the Country Into Crisis Once Again, Leaving Iran as Strong as Ever.  CounterPunch  

Soleimani’s Death Could Galvanize Shia Coalitions Against One “Foreign Aggressor” -- The U.S.  DemocracyNow

An Analysis of Trump Supporters Has Identified 5 Key Traits. ... A new report sheds light on the psychological basis for Trump's support.  Psychology Today  
Yale psychiatrist explains how devotion to Trump is based on emotional patterns most people grow out of by age five. RawStory  

A Growing Movement Shows There Is an Alternative to Capitalism.  TruthOut  

Former Top Bush Official: I Saw the March to War in 2003. I’m Seeing the Same Thing with Iran Now.  DemocracyNow  

'This Is Alarming': Iranian-Americans Reportedly Detained, Asked About Political Views at US Border. ... "Deeply disturbed by reports that Iranian-Americans, including U.S. citizens, are being detained at the Canadian border with WA State," said Rep. Pramila Jayapal.  CommonDreams  

“This Country Is a Tinderbox”: Australia Braces for More Devastation as Gov’t Denies Climate Crisis.  DemocracyNow  

Touting 5 Million Individual Contributions, Sanders Campaign Celebrates Fundraising Milestone. "What we are proving on this campaign is that one does not need to beg the wealthy and the powerful for campaign contributions in order to win elections."   CommonDreams  

Michael Bloomberg’s Blatant Lies About Terrorism Show That He’s a Mainstream Politician. Intercept

The Tories plan an assault on progressive Britain. The left must be prepared ... As in Hungary, the line between the centre right and the extremes beyond is becoming blurred. Guardian  

How Nationalism is Transforming the Politics of the British Isles.  CounterPunch/Cockburn  

The Democratic Party’s Campaign to Re-Elect President Trump. ... Anyone who hoped that the terrible experience of a neofascistic presidency might jolt the Democratic Party media and politics establishment into embracing the basic lesson of the 2016 election ... is certain to be disappointed.   CounterPunch  

Trump Judicial Adviser’s Dark Money Network Hides Supreme Court Spending.  TruthOut  

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JANUARY 8, 2020

Iraqi PM reveals Soleimani was on peace mission when assassinated, exploding Trump’s lie of ‘imminent attacks’ ... The Trump administration claimed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani was planning “imminent attacks” on US interests when it assassinated him. That lie was just destroyed, but not before countless corporate media outlets transmitted it to the public.  Gray Zone  

TV Pundits Praising Suleimani Assassination Neglect to Disclose Ties to Arms Industry.  Intercept  

The Government is Torturing Chelsea Manning! Does Anyone Give a Damn?  CounterPunch  


Nestle takes 45M Gal. of water each year from the San Bernardino National Forest. Cost to Nestle is zero dollars.

US military is a bigger polluter than as many as 140 countries -- shrinking this war machine is a must.  The Conversation  

'Because Insects Are Key to Our Own Survival,' 73 Scientists Unveil Global Roadmap to Battle Bugpocalypse. ... The immediate "no-regret" measures they propose include aggressively curbing planet-heating emissions and the use of synthetic pesticides.  CommonDreams  

How Oil Companies Avoided Environmental Accountability After 10.8 Million Gallons Spilled. ... Louisiana still hasn’t finished investigating 540 oil spills after Hurricane Katrina. The state is likely leaving millions of dollars in remediation fines on the table -- money that environmental groups say they need as storms get stronger. Propublica 

Exxon Wins New York Climate Change Fraud Case. ... The state’s attorney general argued that the oil giant misled shareholders about the financial risks from climate change.  
Houston Public Media  

Australia wildfires: Disaster escalates to ‘entirely new level’ as angry firefighter vents rage at PM. ... ‘Go tell the prime minister to get f*****,’ says firefighter.  ... the worse is yet to come.  Independent  

How do fossil fuel companies have so much power? ... When you’re extremely rich, you can buy your way out of pretty much anything.   Grist  

PG&E reaches $13.5-billion settlement with victims of devastating California wildfires.  LA Times  

95 Environmental Rules Being Rolled Back Under Trump. ... President Trump has made eliminating federal regulations a priority. His administration, with help from Republicans in Congress, has often targeted environmental rules it sees as burdensome to the fossil fuel industry and other big businesses. NY Times   Related:  Climated Deregulation Tracker - ... identifies steps taken by the Trump administration and Congress to scale back or wholly eliminate federal climate mitigation and adaptation measures. The tracker is linked to our database of climate change regulations.  
Columbia University

'Ideology Trumping Science': Independent Advisory Board Says Trump EPA Is Ignoring Scientific Evidence as It Shreds Regulations. ... Former members of the agency's Science Advisory Board say EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is "sidelining" the panel.  CommonDreams  

With Space Force, Congress Hands Trump a Major Victory.  TruthDig  

China detaining millions of Uyghurs? Serious problems with claims by US-backed NGO and far-right researcher ‘led by God’ against Beijing. ... Claims that China has detained millions of Uyghur Muslims are based largely on two studies. A closer look at these papers reveals US government backing, absurdly shoddy methodologies, and a rapture-ready evangelical researcher named Adrian Zenz.  Gray Zone  

Prove You’re ‘Saved’ ... “Trump is a test whether you’re even saved,” the disgraced televangelist told his audience.  HuffPost  

Outrage and Disgust After 'Serial Killer' Navy SEAL, Pardoned by Trump for War Crimes, Rebrands as Conservative Influencer. ... "Everything's a grift today. Even, it seems, for pardoned war criminals."  CommonDreams  

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JANUARY 7, 2020

Trump Bolted To Most Extreme Iran Measure Despite Reported Concerns By Aides. ... Some officials were skeptical of reports of “imminent attacks” by Iran against U.S. targets, according to The New York Times.  HuffPost  

Trump Fulfills the Wishes of Israel's Mossad.  

Iraq’s Worst Fears Have Come True: a Proxy War on Its Doorstep.  CounterPunch/Cockburn  

Stop saying Biden is the 'most electable'. Trump will run rings round him. ... Did we learn nothing from 2016? Trump is savagely effective at destroying establishment politicians - and Biden would lose. Guardian  


'If You Are Wondering Who Benefits': Weapons Makers See Stocks Surge as Trump Moves Closer to War With Iran.  CommonDreams  

Members of Congress Own Up to $93 Million in Fossil Fuel Stocks. ... As dire climate change projections mount, one in four members of Congress is invested in oil, gas, or coal interests.

How Economists Tricked Us Into Thinking Capitalism Works.  TruthOut  

Real Democracy Requires a Separation of Money and State.  CounterPunch  

Conservative Democrat Gets $100k from Oil & Gas PACs in Bid to Fend Off Surging Progressive. ... Attorney Jessica Cisneros is taking on the fossil fuel-friendly Democratic Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar in the 2020 primary.  Sludge  

‘The Fed Is a Political Institution That Pretends Not to Be Political’ ... CounterSpin interview with William Greider on Alan Greenspan. FAIR  

19 Things We Learned About Money in Politics in 2019. TruthOut  

Robert Reich: Corporate Social Responsibility Is a Scam  TruthDig/Reich  

Buttigieg Bundler Is an Executive at Vulture Fund Holding Puerto Rican Debt. ... William Rahm, a senior managing director at the "vulture fund" Centerbridge Partners, was omitted from the original bundler list released by the Buttigieg campaign. Sludge  

Iraqi Prime Minister Tells Parliament To Expel Foreign Troops After Soleimani Killing. ... “What happened was a political assassination,” Adel Abdul Mahdi said. “Iraq cannot accept this.” HuffPost

As Sanders and Warren Vow to Block War With Iran, Biden and Buttigieg Offer Better-Run Wars.Intercept

Buttigieg and Biden Are Masters of Evasion.  CounterPunch  

The Mainstream Media Is a Cheerleader for War With Iran.  Jacobin  

The Inauthentic Opposition is “Stunned” by a Crime it Encouraged.  CounterPunch  

(How dumb can you get? From 2004)  Poll: 30% of GOP voters support bombing Agrabah, the city from Aladdin ... Public Policy Polling also found that about 54% of the Republicans they polled support banning Muslims from entering the US, as Donald Trump has proposed.  Guardian  

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JANUARY 6, 2020

Iraq Parliament Votes to Expel U.S. Military.  TruthDig/AP     Related:  U.S. troops in Middle East come into focus amid threats. AP


The USA Doubles Down on its Saudi Allegiance.  Craig Murray

War With Iran. ... There can be no positive outcome. It opens up the possibility of an Armageddon-type scenario relished by the lunatic fringes of the Christian right.  TruthDig/Hedges  

Lies, the Bethlehem Doctrine, and the Illegal Murder of Soleimani.  Craig Murray  

The Real Reason Trump Assassinated Qassem Soleimani  TruthDig/Coleman  

With Suleimani Assassination, Trump Is Doing the Bidding of Washington’s Most Vile Cabal. 

Trump’s Illegal, Impeachable Act of War.

Could a “New Civil War” Erupt in Iraq as U.S. and Iran Fight for Influence in the Country?  

The Trump Administration Just Killed Iran’s Most Famous Military Commander. We’re Not Ready for What’s Next.  Intercept  

Four Years Ago, Trump Had No Clue who Iran’s Suleimani Was. Now, He May Have Kicked Off WWIII.  Intercept  

Rep. Ro Khanna on Qassem Soleimani Assassination: Trump’s Actions Are Unconstitutional.  DemocracyNow  

'World War III' Trends as Hawks Rejoice at Trump Decision to Assassinate Iranian Military Leader. ... "Hawks are celebrating Soleimani's assassination not because they believe it weakened Iran...But because they believe we have passed an irreversible point of escalation."  CommonDreams  

Trita Parsi: U.S. Assassination of Iranian General Is Major Escalation & Will Make America Less Safe.  DemocracyNow  

Bernie Sanders Condemns Trump for Putting US on Path to 'Another Disastrous War in the Middle East' ... "Trump promised to end endless wars, but this action puts us on the path to another one," 2020 Democratic candidate said of Trump's order to assassinate top Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani.  CommonDreams  

America Is a Democracy in Name Only. TruthDig/Goodman  

The Deadly Perils of Religious Nationalism.  

‘We Need to Do Everything We Can on All Fronts’. ... “If this flies, not only do we no longer have a rule of law in this country, but we are well on our way to a slide into authoritarianism.” ... More than 750 historians signed an open letter declaring that, “If Trump’s misconduct does not rise to the level of impeachment, then virtually nothing does.”  FAIR  

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WEEKEND READ: America The Farewell Tour - Chris Hedges. America, .... is convulsed by an array of pathologies that have arisen out of profound hopelessness, a bitter despair, and a civil society that has ceased to function. ... As our society unravels, we also face global upheaval caused by catastrophic climate change. All these ills presage a frightening reconfiguration of the nation and the planet.
Indie Bound

The Terrifying Rise of the Zombie State Narrative.  
Craig Murray

The Worst People of 2019.  Jacobin  

The top 25 censored stories of 2018-2019  
Project Censored


Corporate Social Responsibility Is a Scam.  

Which has failed—capitalism or socialism?  
People's World

How Corporate Welfare Hurts You ... When corporations get special handouts from the government, we have to pay more in taxes to make up for these hidden tax breaks, subsidies, and loopholes.  American Prospect

Trump, Democrats and the Lumpenproletariat Problem.  CounterPunch  

Capitalism’s Failures Have Millennials Reconsidering Communism  TruthDig  

The biggest business con of 2019: fleecing workers while bosses get rich. ... From Boeing to Whole Foods, companies are touting social responsibility as profits soar. Don’t believe a word of it  

Why Billionaires Don’t Really Like Capitalism. ... There are basically only five ways to accumulate a billion dollars, and none of them has to do with being successful in free market capitalism.  
American Prospect

American Cities Are Becoming Shell Companies for the Rich  ... America’s cities are being bought up, bit by bit, by anonymous shell companies using piles of cash. Modest single-family homes, owned for generations by families, now are held by corporate vehicles with names that appear to be little more than jumbles of letters and punctuation – such as SC-TUSCA LLC, CNS1975 LLC – registered to law offices and post office boxes miles away.TruthDig

Trump’s border wall threatens fish species. ... The U.S. is skirting conservation laws and withdrawing millions of gallons of groundwater.  HCN  

The Obama legacy is not what many liberals think.
 The Week  

DC’s Atlantic Council raked in funding from Hunter Biden’s corruption-stained employer while courting his VP father. ... The shady arrangement between the Atlantic Council and Burisma – the gas company at the center of the ‘Ukrainegate’ scandal – is just one dubious deal out of many at a DC think tank that has become a clearinghouse for legal corruption.  The Gray Zone

Here Are the Corporate Elites Hosting Biden’s Manhattan Fundraisers. ... More than a dozen high-powered lawyers and executives, including the man who inspired Gordon Gekko, will help “Middle-Class Joe” raise campaign cash in early January.  Sludge  

Indians Rise Up Against Hindu Supremacy.TruthDig
Related:  India Is Teetering on the Brink of Fascism.  TruthDig  

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JANUARY 2, 2020

Trump’s Executive Order on Anti-Semitism: A Category Mistake.  CounterPunch  

Krystal Ball Is the Anti–Rachel Maddow Bernie Fans Have Been Waiting For.  Jacobin  

Joe Biden Wants to End Prison Profiteering. One of His Top Fundraisers Is a Major Player in Prison Health Care.  Intercept  

Because of Small Donations, Sanders 'Out-Raised Literally Everyone Else in the Field' in 2019. CommonDreams

The spooks’ choice: Coup plotters and CIA agents fill Pete Buttigieg’s list of national security endorsers. ... Why are so many intelligence veterans throwing their weight behind a young Indiana mayor with such a thin foreign policy resume?  The Gray Zone  

Top UN official accuses US of torturing Chelsea Manning. ... Ex-army intelligence analyst jailed over refusal to testify against WikiLeaks reportedly subjected to ‘severe measures of coercion’  Guardian  

"Don't Tell Me We Can't Afford Medicare for All," Says Sanders, After NYT Details Insanely Higher Costs of US Healthcare. ... The report compares prices of hospital care, outpatient procedures, and prescription drugs in the United States with other countries.  CommonDreams 

In the 2010s, the People Began Saying No to Endless War.  Jacobin  

The Last Line of Defense: 20 Activist Groups That Are Making a Big Difference.  CounterPunch  

Edward Snowden Sets the Record Straight

Here Are Five Ways to Support Chelsea Manning in 2020.  TruthOut  

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JANUARY 1, 2020

Onward, Christian Fascists ... The greatest moral failing of the liberal Christian church was its refusal, justified in the name of tolerance and dialogue, to denounce the followers of the Christian right as heretics. By tolerating the intolerant it ceded religious legitimacy to an array of con artists, charlatans and demagogues and their cultish supporters.  TruthDig/Hedges  

Pharma-Funded ‘Dark Money’ Group Hosts House Staffers for California Junket. ... The staffers, several of whom work for reps on the subcommittee overseeing pharmaceuticals, met with executives from drug companies Merck and Genentech.  Sludge  

10 Good Things About 2019 CounterPunch  


Prominent Evangelical Magazine Calls For Removing Trump From Holy Trinity.  > Go  

American Airlines Admirals Club Installs Two-Way Mirror For Members To Enjoy Misery Of Passengers In Gate Waiting Area.  > Go  

World leaders confident they will be able to ignore climate study endorsed by 11,000 scientists.  
> Go  

Michael Moore on Trump, 2020 & Why “the Old, Angry White Guy” Doesn’t Represent the Working Class.  DemocracyNow  

Get Ready for a Stop-Bernie Onslaught Like You’ve Never Seen.  CounterPunch    Related:  Bernie Sanders Faces the Democratic Establishment's Wrath.  TruthDig  

People Should Take Him Very Seriously': Sanders Polling Surge Reportedly Forcing Democratic Establishment to Admit He Can Win. ... "He has a very good shot of winning Iowa, a very good shot of winning New Hampshire, and other than Joe Biden, the best shot of winning Nevada," said one former Obama adviser.  CommonDreams  

Meet the Intellectual Founder of Brazil’s Far Right. ... Olavo de Carvalho’s anger has inspired a number of Brazilian far-right politicians, the country’s president among them.  The Atlantic  

William Greider’s Blistering Critiques of Capitalism Will Be Sorely Missed  TruthDig  

Michael Moore: Americans Pay More for Healthcare Than Others, But “We Don’t Call It a Tax”  DemocracyNow  

The Afghanistan Papers Are a Case Study in Colonial Propaganda.  TruthDig  

Ivanka Trump Is a Senior Adviser to the President. She Should Be Asked Tough Questions.  Intercept  

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Weekend Read:  Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism - New Edition.  By Sheldon Wolin. ... what if the country is no longer a democracy at all? ... Sheldon Wolin considers the unthinkable: has America unwittingly morphed into a new and strange kind of political hybrid, one where economic and state powers are conjoined and virtually unbridled? Can the nation check its descent into what the author terms “inverted totalitarianism”?  Princeton Press  

The Trump Coup to Come. TruthDig  

How the Military-Industrial Complex Gets Away With Murder in Contract After Contract. CounterPunch 

Trump’s Legal Team Is Made Up of Religious Fanatics and TV Personalities.   TruthOut

The Obama Legacy: Reform Versus Revolution.  CounterPunch  


Glenn Greenwald Speaks: Bolsonaro Is Trying to Silence Me.  Daily Beast   

Our statement on Brazil's outrageous charges against journalist Glenn Greenwald.  Freedom of the Press Foundation    

Criminalizing Reporting: Glenn Greenwald Faces Cybercrime Complaint After Exposing Scandal in Brazil. DemocracyNow  

The Intercept Condemns Brazilian Criminal Complaint Against Glenn Greenwald as an Attack on Free Press. Intercept

Brazil's charges against Glenn Greenwald reek of authoritarianism .... The move to retaliate against Greenwald, who has reported critically on Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, is a threat to the press everywhere  Guardian   

A Torturer Meets His Victims: CIA Psychologist Defends Brutal Methods at Guantanamo Military Hearing.  DemocracyNow  

Democratic Party Loyalty Has Always Been a Scam.  TruthDig  

The Fire This Time ... In the Face of Rising White Supremacist Violence, Police Continue to Investigate Victims and Activists.  Intercept  

The Media and the Military Mindset.  

Is Hillary Clinton Running for President Again? Sure Seems Like It.  TruthOut  

The US’s Inalienable Right to Violence.  FAIR  

America's Dangerous Inheritance From WWI

Warmonger Cotton Accuses Antiwar Think Tank of Anti-Semitism.  CounterPunch  

Democratic Party Backs ALEC-Tied Rep Against Progressive Challenger. ... Arizona Democrat Rep. Tom O’Halleran is an alumnus of corporate front group the American Legislative Exchange Council, but Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and the DCCC are helping him beat back a primary challenge from Democrat Eva Putzova.  Sludge  

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JANUARY 23, 2020

Elizabeth Warren’s Electoral Track Record Is Incredibly Worrying.  Jacobin  


The Himalayan glaciers are in rapid retreat. They are the principle water source for more than a billion people and three nations armed with nuclear weapons.

 'Scale of This Failure Has No Precedent': Hot Ocean 'Blob' Killed One Million Seabirds. ... The lead author called the mass die-off "a red-flag warning about the tremendous impact sustained ocean warming can have on the marine ecosystem. "  CommonDreams 

The Playbook for Poisoning the Earth

Owyhee Initiative Wilderness and Public Lands Deal Critique: Ten Years After.CounterPunch 

Ozone Layer Recovery Is Being Undermined by Pollution From U.S. Companies. Intercept  

The Humanitarian and Environmental Disaster of Trump’s Border Wall.   CounterPunch  

The Battle to Impeach Trump Is Part of a Global Struggle for Democracy.   TruthOut/Giroux  

Just 162 Billionaires Have The Same Wealth As Half Of Humanity. ... “Extreme wealth is a sign of a failing economic system,” says a new Oxfam report on global inequality.  HuffPost

Corporations Would Literally Kill You to Turn a Profit.  Jacobin  

Chip Gibbons on FBI vs.1st Amendment. FAIR  

In Anti-Communist Fervor, FBI Built a 500-Page File on Coretta Scott King. ... The file is a testament to the larger racist ugliness festering in the U.S., then as now.  TruthOut  

‘Why haven’t you shut down the border?’: inside Trump’s White House  Guardian  

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JANUARY 22, 2020

The US and Iran's Perpetu al Almost -War is Unsustainable - and Will End Badly.

A Christian Nationalist Group Is Quietly Shaping Bills for State Legislatures.   TruthOut  

Trump’s Unprecedented Attack on Iran and the Rule of Law  TruthDig  

Shining a Spotlight on Anti-Homeless Reporters.  


(January 2019)  A Circus Then, a Circus Now  TruthDig/Hedges

Facebook Warrant Targeting Student Journalists in Puerto Rico Prompts Fears of Political Surveillance.  Intercept  

WaPo Runs Pro-War Column Without Disclosing Author’s Raytheon Board Seat. ... For author Stephen Hadley, a heightened risk of war could mean big profits, though this is not noted anywhere in his piece.  Sludge  

How Facebook, Twitter and Google are working to Undermine News.  Project Censored  

'This Is Why No One Trusts the Media': MSNBC Slammed for Featuring 'Body Language Expert' Who Calls Sanders a Liar. ... While the Sanders campaign demanded an apology from the network, critics of Joy Ann Reid's morning show said the segment was "fraudulent garbage" and a "disgrace."   CommonDreams  

Trump Showed Us Who He Was Before He Became President.  CounterPunch  

Noam Chomsky: Trump Is History Repeated as Farce  TruthDig  

Neocons Don’t Regret the Iraq Disaster — And Now They Want War With Iran.  Jacobin  

Sealed Off and Forgotten: What You Should Know about Israel’s ‘Firing Zones’ in the West Bank.  CounterPunch  

The Demise of the Labour Party and the Future For UK Socialism.  CounterPunch  

Trump is on trial for abuse of power – the Davos elites should be in the dock too. ... While the Senate mulls his fate, the president plans to speak to world economic leaders every bit as impeachable as him.  Guardian  

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JANUARY 21, 2020

(January 2019) A Circus Then, a Circus Now  TruthDig/Hedges

Joe Biden Tried to Cut Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare for 40 Years.  Jacobin  

Where is the Reporting on PetroCaribe?  

A Christian Nationalist Group Is Quietly Shaping Bills for State Legislatures.  TruthOut  

An Under-The-Radar SCOTUS Case Could Obliterate The Line Between Church And State. ... A Montana education program at the center of a Supreme Court case was filled with anti-LGBTQ schools.

Top Brazilian paper reveals Bolsonaro government’s terror plot against Venezuela. ... Brazil’s right-wing government attempted to attack Venezuela in a plot to overthrow its elected president. The shocking terror operation has received absolutely no coverage in mainstream US media.  Gray Zone   Related:  Corporate Media's Venezuela Coverage Goes From Bad to Worse  TruthDig  

Blowing Whistle On Business Of War In Iraq—Plus, Honduras and DOJ Cheat Whistleblower.  
Shadow Proof  

Tanks & AR-15s: Moms 4 Housing Speaks Out After Militarized Eviction from Vacant Oakland House.  DemocracyNow  

The Ministry Of Untruth ... What Donald Trump’s unending stream of lies has done to our White House, our country and us.  HuffPost  

Hijacking the Struggles of Others, Elizabeth Warren Style.  CounterPunch  

Elizabeth Warren endorses Trump’s economic war on Venezuela, then soft-pedals far-right Bolivia coup. ... In a nauseating interview on Pod Save America, Elizabeth Warren endorsed suffocating US sanctions on Venezuela, backing Trump’s strategy to stop its “ability to have an economy” while parroting neocon regime-change myths. She then whitewashed the far-right military coup in Bolivia.  Gray Zone  

“Targeted for Speaking Out”: Deported Activist Files Free-Speech Suit Demanding Return to New York. 

War Profiteering is Real.  CounterPunch  

Large Military-Grade Drones Could Soon Be Flying Over Your Backyard.  TruthOut  

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JANUARY 20, 2020

CNN is Trash.  CounterPunch  

CNN Moderators, Alarmed by Cost of Medicare for All, Ignore Price Tag of Endless War. ... "None of the candidates who said they support keeping troops in Iraq were asked how they were going to pay for it."  CommonDreams  

Facebook’s Soleimani Ban Flies in Face of First Amendment ... News agencies, human rights activists and influencers have had their accounts deactivated  FAIR  

Noam Chomsky Makes the Case for the Lesser of Two Evils.  TruthDig   Related: Noam Chomsky: America Has Built a Global Dystopia.  TruthDig  

Amid Raft of State-Level Endorsements, Sanders Leads Democrats in New National Poll. ... "It's just one poll, but it looks like Bernie is unhurt and Warren unhelped by the brouhaha."  CommonDreams  

“If the candidates can’t decide amongst themselves who’s the best, I don’t know what they expect me to do.” ... The Secret Behind How Billionaires Make Obscene Amounts of Money.  TruthDig  

The US and Iran’s perpetual almost-war is unsustainable – and will end badly. ... Neither side wants war – but they’re going to get one unless they end this dangerous stalemate.

Impeachment: is Trump set to survive and win a second term?  ...  As Democrats marched the articles to the Senate, the president basked in policy success. Many think re-election is coming   Guardian  

Biden, Buttigieg and Corporate Media Are Eager for Sanders and Warren to Clash  CounterPunch  

Under US pressure, social media companies censor critical content and suspend Venezuelan, Iranian, and Syrian accounts. ... As the US escalates its hybrid wars, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are suspending accounts and censoring content that conflicts with Washington’s pro-war narrative. The Grayzone spoke to several people silenced in these social media purges.  Gray Zone  

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Weekend Read: A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things A Guide to Capitalism, Nature, and the Future of the Planet - by Raj Patel and Jason W. Moore. ... Nature, money, work, care, food, energy, and lives: these are the seven things that have made our world and will shape its future. In making these things cheap, modern commerce has transformed, governed, and devastated Earth. ... a new approach to analyzing today’s planetary emergencies.     Review:  Humans Aren’t Inherently Destroying the Planet -- Capitalism Is. TruthOut    UC Press

Short of Time: Julian Assange at the Westminster Magistrates Court.  CounterPunch    Related: Rapper M.I.A and MBA  Evening Standard  

Lying Generals and the Lies They Tell.  TruthDig

Westminster Cannot Block Scottish Independence. ... Independence is not a matter of domestic law. It is a matter of international law alone. Independence is the existence of a state in relation to other states. It is gained not by any internal process - internal process is utterly irrelevant, and in 95% of cases does not involve a referendum – but by recognition of other states, formalised through the General Assembly of the United Nations. Craig Murray


Enemies of Peace: Preventing the Next War in the Middle East. ... lays bare the naked greed of the war profiteers and their politicians   Film  

The Members of Congress Who Profit From War. ... Here are the senators and representatives who own stock in Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and other top defense contractors.  Sludge  

“America Exists Today to Make War”: Lawrence Wilkerson on Endless War & American Empire.  DemocracyNow  

9 Iran pundits with undisclosed ties to the defense industry.  Popular Information  

Iran Grifters, Election Stealers and Revolving-Door Lobbyists?? ... Your regular summary of the most shameful corruption in politics.  Sludge  

TV Pundits Praising Suleimani Assassination Neglect to Disclose Ties to Arms Industry  

Republicans preach fiscal conservatism, yet they always find money for war. ... Costs only become an issue when it comes to programs that run counter to Republican policy priorities.  

World's top three asset managers oversee $300bn fossil fuel investments.  Guardian

BBC Documentary Suggests Jesus Was A Buddhist Monk.  Anon News  

Assassination, Lies and the Trump Difference.  CounterPunch  

Obama and Trump tie as America’s ‘most admired man’  Independent

Here’s What Workers of the Global South Endure to Create Corporate Wealth. ... In recent decades, as U.S. corporations shipped millions of jobs overseas to save money on wages, GM, H&M, Apple and dozens of other companies established elaborate supply chains in Asia, Mexico and Latin America, where workers earn pennies per hour. TruthOut  

Britain looking at ending current defense alliance with United States because of Trump. ... Trump's decision to assassinate Qassem Soleimani has resulted in another major consequence for the U.S. ... the U.K. increasingly wants nothing to do with us.  
Source Politics

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JANUARY 16, 2020

Justice at Last? ‘Panic’ in Israel as the ICC Takes ‘Momentous Step’ in the Right Direction. ... At long last, Fatou Bensouda, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has uttered the long-anticipated conclusion that “all the statutory criteria under the Rome statute for the opening of an investigation (into alleged war crimes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories) have been met”.  


CNN’s Sanders Hit Piece Is a Journalistic Outrage.  TruthDig  

Corporate Democrats Desperately Want a Sanders-Warren Feud  TruthDig  

Don’t Take the Bait, Progressive Leaders Warn, After Sanders-Warren Spat Overtakes the News Cycle.  Intercept  

CNN’s Sanders Hit Piece Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test.  FAIR  

Warren Says 'No Interest' in Discussing It Further After Dropping Bombshell Accusation of Sexism on Sanders. ... "I would concede that I could've misinterpreted it and would call my 'good friend' for clarity before asserting something that clearly goes nuclear on his campaign," said one observer. "Unless that is, my intention was to go nuclear on his campaign. In which case, I'd do what Warren did."  CommonDreams  

We Need Sanders and Warren to Cooperate in the Primary. ... The real fight is for progressive power in the Democratic Party. In These Times  

Economic Update: Libertarianism, Capitalism & Socialism.  Democracy At Work  

The U.S. Presidency Has Become a Weapon of Mass Destruction  TruthDig  

'America exists today to make war,' says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson.  Rabble  

Demonizing the Shia: How the West Perpetuates False Claims About Iran’s Regional Influence.

US Government Lists Non-Violent 'Valve Turner' Climate Activists as Threat on Par With Murderous Neo-Nazis. ... "Apparently DHS hasn't gotten the memo that pipeline protesters are working non-violently to ensure that the children and grandchildren of DHS employees—and everyone else—have a habitable climate to live in."  CommonDreams  

Fact Check: Joe Biden Has Advocated Cutting Social Security for 40 Years.  Intercept

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JANUARY 15, 2020

“Democracy For Sale”: Cambridge Analytica & Big Tech’s History of Manipulating Elections.  DemocracyNow  

Why Is the Iowa Caucus So Important?
 How Stuff Works  


Prominent Evangelical Magazine Calls For Removing Trump From Holy Trinity.  > Go

Prick defends arsehole.  > Go  

Trump Sells Delaware to Sweden  > Go  

The Fix is in. ... 2024 lookahead poll: GOP voters eye Trump dynasty. Axios  

The Weaponization of Data: Cambridge Analytica, Information Warfare & the 2016 Election of Trump.  DemocracyNow  

BERN NOTICE: They Attacked Obama -- Now They're Attacking Bernie With the Same Line. ... Washington elites called Obama unelectable in swing areas -- and they are trotting out the same line against Bernie, despite all the data to the contrary.  

“Trust Us Not to be Really Impartial”: Reflections on the Structure and Content of the BBC.  

Uyghurs & Other Muslim Minorities Forced into Labor Programs to Work in Chinese Factories.   DemocracyNow  

The War in Afghanistan Is a Fraud (and Now We Have Proof)  TruthDig  

Neoliberalism and the End of Politics.  

In Ohio Debate, Media Stuck to an Increasingly Rigid Script.  FAIR  

Iran Will Make Huge Political Gains From This Crisis.  CounterPunch/Cockburn  

War With Iran Is Nothing To Worry About, Men Who Launched Iraq War Promise 2020 is the new 2003.  HuffPost  

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JANUARY 14, 2020

How Democracies Die. ... There is no one route to the dissolution of the open society, but the patterns are familiar, whether in ancient Athens, the Roman Republic or the collapse of the democracies in Italy and the Weimar Republic in Germany that led to fascism. 

A Call to Catholics: Let Us End Our Complicity in War.  CounterPunch  

Noam Chomsky: America Has Built a Global Dystopia  TruthDig/Scheer  


Mess with the planet and
the planet messes with you.

Nine Things You Need to Know about the Unist’ot’en Blockade. ... The RCMP moved Monday to break up a First Nations protest. Here’s how we got to this point.  The Tyee

New Report Details How EPA Is Promoting 'Worst of the Worst Pesticides'. ... From 2017-2018, the agency approved 69 new pesticide products containing an ingredient the EPA recognizes as a "known" or "likely" carcinogen. 

The War on the War on Cancer
Trump’s Gutting of Toxics Regulations Will Mean Higher Profits for Polluters and Higher Cancer Rates for the American People.  Intercept  

Exclusive: Canada police prepared to shoot Indigenous activists, documents show. 

Wilderness for Ranchers: the Bad Owyhee Wilderness Bill.  CounterPunch  

White House unveils plan for major projects to bypass environmental review. ... Plan would help Trump administration advance projects held up over global heating concerns such as the Keystone XL oil pipeline.  Guardian  

The Global Garbage Economy Begins (and Ends) in This Senegalese Dump. ... How Dakar’s trash depot became a battleground for Chinese industry, the World Bank, and Senegalese organized labor.  The Nation  

Factory Farm Industry Quietly Lobbies California Officials to Criminalize Animal Rescue Activism.  Intercept  

The Rocky Mountain Restorative Initiative is a Trojan Horse for More Logging. CounterPunch 

The Media Is Waking Up to a Possible Bernie Victory. Get Ready for the Backlash.  Jacobin  

American firms aren't beholden to America – but that's news to Trump. ... The president’s agreement with China is based on a misunderstanding of the corporate mindset. It’s time to invest in ourselves.  Guardian/Reich  

After 68 Days, Hunger Strikers in ICE Custody Are on the Brink of Death.  TruthOut  

The End of American Empire Won't Be Pretty.  

Capitalism and the Gut-Wrenching Hijack of India.  CounterPunch  

OpenSecrets’ look back at money and politics in 2019.  OpenSecrets  

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JANUARY 13, 2020

From Resistance to Assistance: Little Pushback to Trump’s Iran Assassination.  FAIR  

Did impeachment weigh on Trump’s Soleimani decision? Maybe. ... Trump reportedly spoke to associates about feeling pressure from Republican lawmakers ahead of his Senate impeachment trial.

Trump Is Close to Committing a Massive War Crime in Afghanistan ... Trump’s reckless threats to escalate the Afghan War could lead to the killing of tens of millions of civilians.  The Nation  

Assassination, Lies and the Trump Difference.  CounterPunch  

“Democracy For Sale”: Cambridge Analytica & Big Tech’s History of Manipulating Elections.  DemocracyNow  

The insider: How national security mandarins groomed Pete Buttigieg and managed his future. ... Pledging to “end endless wars,” Pete Buttigieg claims he has “never been part of the Washington establishment.” But years before he was known as Mayor Pete, an influential DC network of military interventionists placed him on an inside track to power.  Gray Zone  

We Must Overcome Our Atomization to Beat Back Neoliberal Fascism.  TruthOut /Giroux  

Trump's lawless thuggery is corrupting justice in America. ... Intimidating whistleblowers, politicizing law enforcement, protecting rogue military officers and criminal sheriffs – the pattern is depressingly clear.

Israeli Justice… a Futile Chase  CounterPunch  

Progressives Blast New NLRB Union Elections Rule That 'Betrays the Workers It Is Meant to Protect'. ... The board's only Democrat said the move "places an unjustified burden on workers seeking to exercise their fundamental workplace rights."  CommonDreams

Who’s Behind PropOrNot’s Blacklist of News Websites.  Global Research 

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The Disaster of Utopian Engineering.  TruthDig  

Mutually Assured Madness: Immunity to the 25th Amendment.  CounterPunch  

An Open Letter to the Green Party for 2020. LA Progressive   Related:   Why the Green Party isn’t the Problem.  CounterPunch   Related: Sorry Chomsky and Friends, The Green Party isn’t the Problem.  CounterPunch   

Iran is Not Responsible for US Deaths in Iraq.  CounterPunch  

Is the DNC Planning to Go to War Against the Left?.  TruthDig  

“Yet Another Declaration of War on Palestinians”: Rashid Khalidi on Trump’s Middle East “Peace” Plan  DemocracyNow   Related:  Mehdi Hasan: Trump’s Middle East Plan Is a Policy of Apartheid & Settler Colonialism.  DemocracyNow  

‘This Type of Surveillance Threatens Us All’
CounterSpin interview with Chip Gibbons on FBI vs.1st Amendment. FAIR  

Noam Chomsky Is the Antidote to Trump's Facism. ... In addition to the obvious terrors -- gutting our social safety net, near-wars with North Korea and Iran, the family separations, and the everyday racism and xenophobia -- the Trump era has been threaded with two subtler but no less damaging afflictions: confusion and paranoia  TruthDig  

Trump Is Growing Concerned About Bernie Sanders, While His Advisers Think the Vermont Senator Will Be Easy to Beat.  Intercept  

“Shit-Life Syndrome,” Trump Voters, and Clueless Dems.  CounterPunch    Related:  The bad news is we’re dying early in Britain – and it’s all down to ‘shit-life syndrome’ ... Life expectancy figures are going into reverse. But abandoning Brexit could save us.  
Guardian (2018).  

Big Pharma Won’t Let Us Import Medicine From Canada, But Insists on Sending Carcinogen-Contaminated Pills to the Public.  LA Progressive

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JANUARY 30, 2020

The FBI Has Been Lying About Seth Rich.
Craig Murray   Related: Murder of Seth
Rich Wikii 

Trump and Netanyahu Dictate Terms of Palestinian Surrender to Israel and Call It Peace.  Intercept  
 'This Is Not a Peace Plan, It Is a War Plan': Trump-Netanyahu Deal Decried as Shameful Attack on Palestinian Rights. ... "Any attempt to address the Israeli-Palestinian issue that does not begin and end with the full acknowledgment of the Palestinian right to self-determination, freedom, justice, and equality is a non-starter."  CommonDreams  

Private Scams for Public Money ... The Defining Scams for the Neoliberal Era.  TruthDig Video  


'Biggest Loss of Clean Water Protection the Country Has Ever Seen': Trump Guts Safeguards for US Streams and Wetlands. ... "This all-out assault on basic safeguards will send our country back to the days when corporate polluters could dump whatever sludge or slime they wished into the streams and wetlands that often connect to the water we drink."  CommonDreams  

Trump Dooms the Future by Gutting the National Environmental Policy Act  CounterPunch  

US drinking water contamination with ‘forever chemicals’ far worse than scientists thought. ... Highest levels of PFAS in Miami, Philadelphia and New Orleans, report by environmental watchdog finds.  Guardian    Related:  Virtually All Major US Drinking Water Sources Likely Contaminated With PFAS.  New laboratory tests confirm that drinking water in dozens of cities across the United States is contaminated with toxic chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) at levels exceeding what independent experts consider safe for human consumption.  TruthOut  

U.S. Military Given Authority To Defend Against Climate Change.  Aviation Week  

Trump’s Latest Attack on the Environment May Be His Most Alarming Yet.  TruthOut  

 'Scale of This Failure Has No Precedent': Hot Ocean 'Blob' Killed One Million Seabirds. ... The lead author called the mass die-off "a red-flag warning about the tremendous impact sustained ocean warming can have on the marine ecosystem."   CommonDreams  

Don’t Kill 72 Grizzly Bears So Cattle Can Graze on Public Lands.  CounterPunch  

Senators overseeing impeachment trial got campaign cash from Trump legal team members 

The Greatest Threat to the Prison-Industrial Complex.   TruthDig  

US dropped record number of bombs on Afghanistan last year. ... Warplanes dropped 7,423 bombs and other munitions, the most since Pentagon began keeping track in 2006.  Guardian  

It’s Media—Not Bernie Sanders—That Have an Antisemitism Problem.  FAIR  

US citizen detained and interrogated by DHS agents about anti-war movement solidarity with Venezuela. ... A US citizen who participated in the Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective was detained, searched and interrogated for the second time by US government agents about his political beliefs and participation in the anti-war movement.  GrayZone  

Trump administration finalizing Medicaid block grant plan targeting Obamacare. ... The plan is guaranteed to enrage critics and invite attacks from Democrats in an election year.  Politico  

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JANUARY 29, 2020

Chris Hedges interview: Electoralism Won’t Save Us.  TruthDig Video  

The Vile Message Democrats Are Sending With Impeachment.  TruthDig  

The Rise of Smart Camera Networks, and Why We Should Ban Them.  Intercept  

Activists Plan Boycott of US Companies Backing India’s Anti-Muslim Policies.  TruthOut  


CNN Poll: Sanders Is The Most Electable.  CounterPunch  

Corporate Media Equate Sanders to Trump—Because for Them, Sanders Is the Bigger Threat.  FAIR  

Establishment Democrats Panic at Possibility Bernie Sanders Could Be 2020 Nominee. ... The knives are out."  CommonDreams  

Democratic Party Elites Rig 2020 Convention Committees Against Sanders.  ShadowProof  

An Open Letter to the Green Party for 2020  TruthDig  

A Letter From Iowa. CounterPunch  

Mainstream Media Are Obsessed With Comparing Bernie to Trump.  Jacobin     Related:  Corporate Media Equate Sanders to Trump -- Because for Them, Sanders Is the Bigger Threat.  FAIR   

Headlines Obscure Biden’s Lies About Cutting Social Security.  FAIR  

Housing Discrimination Is Rising. Trump Is Attacking Protections Against It.  TruthOut  

'Shameful. Disgusting. Disgraceful.': Outrage After Supreme Court Allows Trump's Public Charge Rule to Take Effect. ... "The Trump administration's policy could quite literally kill people by making them too afraid to seek life-saving medical care, and the Supreme Court seems to agree such a cruel system is acceptable."  CommonDreams  

On eve of Trump’s long-awaited Middle East peace plan, Palestinians urge boycott ... ‘It is nothing but a plan to finish off the Palestinian cause,’ Palestinian prime minister says as Israeli leaders land in Washington.  Independent  

Interim Bolivian Government Taps the Same Lobby Firm Hired to Sell the Coup in Honduras.  Intercept  

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JANUARY 28, 2020

The Problem With Impeachment  TruthDig/Hedges  

Chris Hedges: Democrats Have No Moral Authority on Impeachment.  TruthDig Video  

Glenn Greenwald has his reasons.  NonZero  

Adam Schiff Is a Dangerous Warmonger. ... the liberal hero of impeachment, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the military-industrial complex and a fervent exponent of permanent war.  Jacobin  

How Western Left Media Helped Legitimate US Regime Change in Venezuela.  FAIR  

Trump Suggests NPR Shouldn’t Exist After Heated Mike Pompeo Interview. ... The president went on the attack after the secretary of state’s foul-mouthed tirade was reported by the nonprofit media organization.  HuffPost    Related: Pompeo says NPR reporter is part of 'unhinged' US media conspiracy. ... Department issues statement following secretary of state’s extraordinary attack on journalist Mary Louise Kelly.

An Upcoming Supreme Court Ruling Could Starve Public Schools—In Favor of Religious Ones.
In These Times

An Under-The-Radar SCOTUS Case Could Obliterate The Line Between Church And State. ... A Montana education program at the center of a Supreme Court case was filled with anti-LGBTQ schools. HuffPost

Buttigieg Bundler Is an Executive at Vulture Fund Holding Puerto Rican Debt. ... William Rahm, a senior managing director at the "vulture fund" Centerbridge Partners, was omitted from the original bundler list released by the Buttigieg campaign.  Sludge  

Chilling role of 'the Preacher' confirmed at CIA waterboarding hearing in Guantánamo. ... Two contractors give evidence of ‘The Preacher’, one of three authorised to carry out torture method, who has still not been identified after 17 years. Guardian  

How Economic Despair Drives Workers to Their Deaths  TruthDig  

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JANUARY 27, 2020

The Troubling Decline of International Law.
Craig Murray  

'Cruelty Is the Point': Trump Takes Aim at Medicaid With Plan That Could Harm Millions.  RawStory  

Corporate Media Equate Sanders to Trump—Because for Them, Sanders Is the Bigger Threat.  FAIR  

"The president's war on healthcare knows no bounds.".  CommonDreams  

Far Right Groups Are Rallying Virginia Counties to Form Militias.  TruthOut  

Trump: Making America Dread Again!. CounterPunch/Nader  

'I Made a Lot of Bankers Look Very Good,' Brags Trump as Wall Street Titans Enjoy $32 Billion Tax Bonanza. ... "It looks like Trump just let the six largest banks 'get away with murder' something he promised he wouldn't do as president," said a senior advisor to Bernie Sanders in response.  CommonDreams  

How Corporate Media Feeds America's Bloodlust.  TruthDig     Related:  Violent Chaos Is Practically American Foreign Policy.  TruthDig  

Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and the Rewriting of Iraq War History.  Intercept  

'Hobnobbing With Billionaires in Davos,' Trump Admits—If Reelected—He Will Seek to Cut Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. 

A Christian Nationalist Group Is Quietly Shaping Bills for State Legislatures.   TruthOut 

Trump’s Unprecedented Attack on Iran and the Rule of Law  TruthDig  

Truth, Lies, and the Democratic Debate.  Intercept  

Republicans push to weaken court that caught them rigging elections . ... Proposal overhauls how court justices are elected in Pennsylvania, and could offer a roadmap for undermining state courts elsewhere.  Guardian  

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